I know, I know… can I talk about anything else?

Apparently, no. I’m all naps all the time.

This weekend was another couple days of weird schedules. Charlotte has been waking up at around 6/630 every day for the past weekish. Every morning, her little baby diaper is totally soaked through, as are her clothes. After 4 mornings like this, we started to think, “hey… I think she’s ready for the next size!”

Duh, right?

Anyway, I think that might be why she’s been waking up so early, which could also be throwing off her whole schedule. Bad sleep perpetuates bad sleep.

I’m not 100% convinced, but it’s something to try.

I bought her new (bigger) night diapes that we’ll try tonight!

So anyway, on Saturday, Charlotte took a 3-hour nap, from 11-2. This was her only nap of the day and it worked great. She was a little doll the whole day. Only trouble? 11-2 is not a sustainable nap time and I don’t think she’s ready to push it back until 1.

On Sunday, we went back to trying for two naps. Charlotte napped from about 940-1140 I believe… or something like that. Then, we put her down for her second nap at around 330/4. She fell asleep at around 5p and we ended up having to wake her up for dinner at 6:45. Ugh. Needless to say, she didn’t fall asleep until about 10:30 pm last night. Unsuccessful.

BUT!!! And here’s where things start looking up… today, Charlotte napped from around 10-1130 AND AGAIN THIS AFTERNOON! It’s currently 4:30 and she’s been asleep since at least 3 pm! I’m so excited. Hopefully it’s not just a fluke. But even so, I’m feeling relieved. This tiny person was definitely in need of a little rest.

Apple Picking & Other Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend! I’m going to start with apple picking because it really was a blast. We went with two of our friends and their 2 year old babe. Charlotte absolutely loved mowing on apples and literally had one in her mouth at pretty much all moments of the day.

Family pic at the orchard! C wouldn’t put down her apple for the picture 🙂

That tiny face and those smooshy paws… I’m such a sucker for this girl.

Gotta taste all the different apple varieties!

She couldn’t actually get the apple off of the tree… but she’s cute in her attempts!

Madison going for the highest apple!

My happy little pumpkin! So much love for this little chiquita.

Future BFFs.

Dang pumpkin got in the way of this adorable mid-photo hug.

Seriously… they’re SO cute!

Mommy & the Pumpkin

Charlotte eating the pumpkin…

I like her a little.

Hanging in the truck

“Now what kind of trouble can we get into….”

MORE HUGS!! Melting.

I ended up making crock pot applesauce with all the apples. Mmmm! Recipe here:

Next time I’ll probably try a sugar-free version!

Some other fun from the weekend:

Charlotte discovered dipping… aka drinking sauce off a chip.

She’s not gross at all…

Mommy & Charlie took a 3+ mile walk to the park (mommy is still sore and feeling pathetic!)

Girl time!

Hanging out at Grampie’s house in the Sukkah!

Helping with the potatoes

Family pic on Grampie’s deck


Even a play knife looks frightening in those squishy paws.

Frosting cookies.

Connect Four is the BEST game for this age… great for dexterity!

Cool cat.


Hanging in the Fort

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge online shopper (and returner). That means that our entryway looks like this from time to time: 

This morning, we decided to make use of some of the boxes by making a fort. Let me just say… Best. Activity. Ever.

So much fun 💛💛💛



Help!! The Afternoon Napping Strike Continues

I don’t know what to do… Charlotte has missed her afternoon nap at least 3 times this week…

I honestly don’t really think she’s ready to drop her morning nap yet, but I don’t know what the dang deal is. I’m going crazy.

Is (or has) anyone going through this right now? Suggestions?


Mornings with Milly

For at least a few months, Charlotte has been spending 1-3 mornings (or afternoons) with Mark’s mom (aka Milly or Nana) at our house. With Charlotte becoming even more playful and curious, we thought it would make sense to up the number of these weekly visits.

So this week, Charlotte spent 4 mornings with her Milly and then afternoons with me at work.

Pretty crazy, huh? My little toddler baby is growing up and spending time away from mommy… and doing SO well! She absolutely loves her time with Nana and it’s been super helpful for me to have the non-baby time at work.

We’re definitely SO lucky to have had such amazing childcare options.

I think eventually, we’ll put Charlotte in day care or montessori school for a few mornings a week and then maybe the rest of the time with Nana… but we’re going to wait until she drops to one nap. I think she’ll love going to “school”… doing art projects, playing with other kiddies. It’ll be really good for our sweet girl.

It’s just so crazy how the time flies…

Schedule Adjustments

With all of the nap issues lately, we decided to try something new with Charlotte’s schedule. Normally, we’d let her wake up when she pleases. If she sleeps until 7, great… if she sleeps until 9, no biggy! The issue we were having is with her napping for the rest of the day. If her schedule was pushed back too far, she’d end up skipping a nap and being super tired and cranked out or spending a lot of time in bed trying to fall asleep before naps.

So this week, we’ve been waking her up at 7 am, then down for her nap at 8:45 (she tends to fall asleep at around 9:20) and then second nap at 1:30/1:45 (she was falling asleep anywhere between 2:30 and 3).

That sounds good, right?

Well, the problem came in with her bedtime. We’d put Charlotte to bed around 7 and no matter how tired she was, she’d take until at least 8pm to fall asleep. That means that instead of getting her full 12 hours of night sleep, she’s only getting 11 because we were waking her up at 7.

Last night she fell asleep at 8 again, so we decided that we’d try to adjust her schedule. 8pm bedtime, 8am wakeup, 10am nap, then 2:30/3 nap. Voila! Right?

Well, in theory.

Unfortunately, Toby woke the entire house up at 6am to alert us that Mark had gotten home from the gym. Dang it!

I guess we’ll try again tomorrow!

Playing Dress Up

Charlotte has been fixated on dressing herself lately. She’s constantly taking headbands and lifting them up over her head, around the back of her neck and then letting them snap off. Clearly she hasn’t mastered this art yet.

The other big one has been shoes. Whether it’s her shoes or someone else’s, the girl just wants to tote them around, put them on her feet and take them off. 

Daddy seems a bit concerned that she has my love for shopping and clothing. Could be worse, right? 


A Great Communication Day

For the past week, Charlie has been searching for opportunities to throw everything. Water cup? Overboard. Paci? See ya later! Food? Go fetch! 
It’s been non stop and super obnoxious. Every meal, we’ve been telling her, “if you don’t want it just hand it to mommy/daddy”… Usually, she confirms her understanding by chucking one more piece of food on the floor.

Anyway, this morning was the opposite. It was a glorious, wonderful, peaceful morning.

Charlie signed for more food. More food she got. Charlie signed for water, water she received. And then, like it was my birthday, she just held out the cup and patiently waited for me to collect it as I crossed the kitchen. When I reached for the cup, she just handed it to me… Gently… Instead of half throwing / half shoving it at me.

She ate a little more and then looked up as she signed all done. 

We cleared her plate, cleaned her up and she was off.

I literally just stood in the kitchen for a moment or two just soaking in the glory. No frustration, no bending over to pick things up, no ending mealtime early. Just a nice, peaceful meal.

What more can one ask for?

That Second Nap…

Charlotte has been having some big issues with her second nap the past two days. Both morning naps ended up at about 3+ hours, which is great! BUT, when it comes time for the afternoon nap, she fights sleep like a ninja. I know she’s tired… she’s yawning, rubbing her eyes like crazy, and acting… well, a little less than pleasant.

But for some reason, when I put her in bed, she’s just not going to sleep. She should have been sleeping 40 minutes ago, but instead, I’m hearing peeps.

Charlotte, PLEASE GO TO SLEEP! Please… pretty please… please.

Yesterday, after playing in her crib for nearly 2 hours, I finally gave up and took her out of her crib so we could go home.

It’s crazy because her morning schedule was perfectly on point.


The Constantly Thrown Off Schedule

On a typical day, we follow a decently set schedule (or at least Charlotte does)…

6:30/7:30    Wake Up

9:20    First Nap

11:30/12    Wake up

12/12:30    Lunch time!

2:20    Second Nap

4:30/5    Wake up

5:30/6    Dinner time!

6:30    Bath time (every other day)

7    Bed time

Obviously there is playing and other sorts of activities in between all of that, but that’s been our general schedule for quite some time now. Well… kind of.

The past few weeks (or maybe it’s been longer?) have been such a whirlwind of activity. From visiting with family, seeing friends, doing fun summer activities, etc, I feel like we are constantly throwing off Charlotte’s schedule or skipping a nap or keeping her up way too late.

I’ve got some serious guilt going because some mornings, this baby just wakes up tired.

I’m hoping that we’re on our way to quieter days and nights for the babes to really get back on track, but until then, the poor baby continues to get thrown off. And her poor parents continue to pay the price.

Let’s just say, Charlotte isn’t her sweetest self when she’s tired. She’s not terrible… just way more mini outbursts, whining, etc. All the good stuff.

Of course, tonight after work we are headed to Chicago (1.5 hours away) for dinner with our family. We’ll bring the pack and play, but even if she sleeps on the way home, it’ll be interupted sleep.

I guess we’ll start back up with the schedule tomorrow…