A New Approach to Napping

Things have continued to be a little nutso with Charlotte’s sleep schedule. Today and yesterday, she slept from between 7/8 pm to 8 am.

This morning, we decided to try to go back to our original sleep bible, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” for some advice on handling the nap debacle. The book confirms that this transitional period sucks… surprise! But it also suggested putting the babe down for a 1-2 hour “rest” in the morning and then a nap in the afternoon.

The “rest” is essentially quiet crib time. If she sleeps, great. If not, no biggy. But regardless, you limit the time. Charlotte did not fall asleep during her rest time today, but she was quiet (after she screamed for the first 2 minutes) and happy for the full hour.

Then, we played a little, had lunch and hung out and started the wind down/bottle/book/pre-nap routine at aroud 1:10. By 1:30, Charlotte was totally out. Now, it’s 4:30 and she’s just waking up.

Not too shabby!!

I think tomorrow I’ll try to start the pre-nap routine closer to 12:45, but otherwise, I think things worked really well.

Fingers crossed that bedtime goes well tonight and she manages to sleep until 8 again tomorrow.

That Second Nap…

Charlotte has been having some big issues with her second nap the past two days. Both morning naps ended up at about 3+ hours, which is great! BUT, when it comes time for the afternoon nap, she fights sleep like a ninja. I know she’s tired… she’s yawning, rubbing her eyes like crazy, and acting… well, a little less than pleasant.

But for some reason, when I put her in bed, she’s just not going to sleep. She should have been sleeping 40 minutes ago, but instead, I’m hearing peeps.

Charlotte, PLEASE GO TO SLEEP! Please… pretty please… please.

Yesterday, after playing in her crib for nearly 2 hours, I finally gave up and took her out of her crib so we could go home.

It’s crazy because her morning schedule was perfectly on point.