Baby Sign Language

Over the past month, I’ve started working on teaching the little one sign language. We had used it a bit in the past, but with no real luck, we stopped. Need. Instant. Gratification.

Anyway, we picked it back up and have had SUCH luck! Now that Charlotte actually understands words, it seems so simple to associate motions or signs to them. The easiest sign to teach was “more”… I literally taught Charlotte that sign in a matter of one dinner and it has become a sign that is used constantly.

According Charlotte, “More” means, “Gimme dat”… she literally uses the sign to point out anything and everything that she wants. In a store filled with blown glass figurines? <MORE> Walk into a restaurant… <MORE> Eat just about anything in front on Charlotte… <MORE> – You get the point. This sign has MANY purposes.

The next sign we taught her was for “water.” This one was a bit harder, as the sign requires you to make a “w” using your first three fingers and put it to your chin. This is difficult for Charlie, but she has adapted the sign to essentially just entail her putting her little fist to her chin.

The most interesting one has been “All Done.” This is a sign we use quite often, but Charlotte has literally NEVER done. She never ever made a single attempt to try it until all of a sudden, yesterday she started doing it perfectly. Since yesterday, she’s been using it regularly to let us know when she’s done eating, done with milk, done playing, etc. LOVE “all done”… sure beats her chucking all her food on the ground to give us the “heads up.” Not that she’s totally stopped that… but whatever.

We’ve also been working on the sign for “milk.” The first day I taught her the sign, she used it perfectly and so sweetly. I had fed her one side (yes, I’m still breastfeeding C), and she looked up at me with total puppy dog eyes and made the sign for milk. <MELTY HEART> So sweet.

All in all, I’m really excited about signing. I think we’re going to work on “thank you” and “I love you” next.

Any other helpful signs that I’m forgetting?

Toddler Slaps

This summer has been so crazy, I feel like most of my posts have been simply highlighting our adventures and not really talking about the many developments going on in our lives.

Since our sweet babe’s birthday, she’s developed a little bit of a slapping problem. At her birthday, Charlotte crawled over to her baby friend who had just “stolen” her water bottle and gave him a whopping slap to the head. Thankfully, he quickly gave her a little tap back, because let’s be honest, she deserved it.

But really, I was pretty surprised and not totally sure what to do. I held her hand and said, “No, we don’t hit. Be gentle.” Or something along those lines. Since then, the slap has made quite a few appearances; however, mostly in a much more excited way (and seemingly not out of anger… or at least not as much).

Charlotte gets very excited about seeing someone or playing or whatever, and will wave both hands in the air and ends the gesture by slapping her raised paws onto the nearest person. While about 76% of me believes that she is not hitting maliciously in these moments and is just simply excited and unable to express that emotion, the act still leaves me feeling embarrassed and guilty towards whoever she’s just slapped.

We have been working hard on being “gentle” and I feel like in the past few days, we’ve made a bit of progress… but I will say, when I see my sweet girl start crawling quickly towards another baby, I get nervous.

Anyone else dealing with a similar issue? Thoughts? Advice?

The Girls are Back in Town!

Mark’s sister and our nieces are back in town from NY, which means tons of cousin time for Charlie! She has absolutely been loving her time with the girls. Whether it’s playing at home or at the State Fair or watching the girls run through the splash pad at the mall, we’ve been having a ball!

How cute are they…


Growing Up

My girlfriend, Kate, was back in town from Seattle this past weekend. On Monday, all of “the girls” got together for lunch at Kate’s mom’s house and of course to catch up like old times.

As we all sat around the living room, I couldn’t help but laugh at our “new normal.” Two of my girlies were rocking cover-ups as they nursed their newborns, while Charlotte and her baby bestie, Phoenix, played with toys on the floor.

It’s not exactly what lunches together used to look like, but I literally wouldn’t change it for anything.

I feel so lucky to be sharing the experience of raising my sweet girl with my closest girlfriends. Everything is so much easier when surrounded by people who totally get it. Not to mention the fact that I absolutely love my girls. These are friendships that go back as far as 24 years.

Plus, check out how adorable these babies are:



Cake Smash Sneak Preview

After a solid month since Charlotte’s birthday, we FINALLY got our sh*t together and went for her cake SMASH pictures. My amazing photographer, Nicole Sherman of Pics by Nic, ordered a special pink backdrop for the photos… so nice, right?

Then I sent the following photo to the bakery at Metro Market and asked that they decorate a 5″ double round cake with the flowers from the picture, but in an ivory/VERY pale pink frosting.

The pic I sent:  

The cake we got for $11!!!  

When we got to our photographer’s house, Charlotte got to play (aka: stare and point at) with Aubrey, our photographer’s 3 month old. So cute!

Then, it was time for the smash.

I typically consider Charlotte to be on the rougher side, but that was not the case today. Girlfriend literally ate her cake one pin-prick-sized dollop at a time. I had to shove her hand in the cake and then chunk off pieces for her to eat. Miss Prissy did not want to get dirty.

 But, all-in-all, we had a great time, Charlie LOVED her tasty cake, and I can only imagine how great the pictures turned out.

Check out a few I took with my phone…   


I Do!

Three years ago today, my sweet hubby asked me to spend the rest of my life by his side. I was literally on top of the world… in love and overwhelmed with excitement.

The past three years have been nothing short of amazing. My love for my hubby is beyond anything I could have imagined and our life together is more than a dream. Over the past three years, we have grown so much together. Our weird has gotten weirder, are good has gotten better, and our love has gotten stronger.

I could have never imagined the full extent of what I was getting myself into when I said “yes” three years ago, but man am I glad I did. I literally have the most supportive, affectionate, loving, sexy husband and the most hands-on, caring, sweet, helpful father for my girl. I am lucky today and always.

Happy engagementaversary, sweet love.

Dare I Say She’s Back??

Charlotte has been… out of sorts this past week. Yes, that is my polite way of saying she’s been kind of a jerk all dang week.

I’m not 100% sure what the cause has been, but I’m sure it has to do with the fact that for the past 3-4 nights, she’s woken up in the middle of the night hollering like a banchee and not subsiding without a little love from mom and/or dad. And I’m talking 1-2 hours of hollering per night. I’m tired.

Beyond that, I believe she is working on more teeth… it could be the molars on her right side (she has the top and bottom on the left) or it could be some other set of teeth. Either way, the intense amounts of drool and jamming her fingers in her mouth (and down her throat) leads me to believe that teething is playing a role.

The last little smidge of fun is what I’ll call “toddlerhood.” Miss Charlotte has been exploring the art of whine crying and tantruming. Over the past few days, she’s literally transformed from our sweet babe who barely cries (except during diaper changes) to a little todd-monster who is loosing her shit over everything!

I’m bored playing with this toy… TANTRUM!

I want to eat this piece of food, not that one… <throw everything on the floor> TANTRUM!

Don’t touch me… TANTRUM!

This is fun… TANTRUM!

You’re so funny, momma! <Laughing>… TANTRUM!

Get the picture?

We literally ate dinner last night to the sweet hum of Charlotte’s hysterics. After 3-4 full days of whining and/or spazzing tantrums, we decided it was time to just ignore her. So we ate and chatted while she went from blank stares to tantrum and back again.

However, last night, instead of waking up around 2, the sweet princess slept until 5… whined like a goon and then settled after Mark wound up her music box. I’ll call that progress. We were awake for maybe 10 minutes.

Even bigger progress has been her mood. She has been SUCH a love today. Who knows if it’ll be Jeckyll or Hyde when she wakes up from this next nap, but at least we had half a day with our sweetie pie.



Cute stuff & updates

here are some random updates for you…

  • Charlotte is a chatterbox. Constantly talking (or screaming) about something.
  • Recently, she’s been shoving her dang fingers so far in her mouth, she’s making herself gag. The fingers go in the mouth because molars are the devil, but I think she keeps doing it because we tell her to stop. Defiant little one.
  • Charlotte officially signs “more” whenever she wants anything.
  • Charlotte loves chocolate chip cookies. Aside from her bday, we haven’t given Charlotte anything in terms of sweets… Until yesterday when we gave her a chocolate chip cookie. Needless to say, she was signing a lot.
  • Charlotte continues to be a total berry monster. She can easily eat a pint of raspberries at any given moment.
  • Charlotte’s sleep schedule has been a bit off this summer due to lots of running around, but she still seems to nap like an infant. She probably gets between 15-16 hours of sleep daily. 

That’s all for now!



Weekend Fun

We had another low-key weekend visiting with friends and family! 

I love summer.


Story time at home.


Hanging out in Delafield with friends!


Charlie & her bff Bailey


two generations of girlfriends 💛


Spending time with my bestie and Charlie’s future hubs at his welcome to the world party!


Crazy babe playing with Grampie.


Gentle pets for Lambie.


12-Month Vaccination Reaction

At Charlie’s 12-month check up, she got a handful of vaccines. The two that I believe are leaving her polka-dotted and feverish are the MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) and/or the chicken pox vaccine. 

They said that if she reacts, it will likely show up 10-14 days after the shots and sure enough, come day 10 – this past Friday – the little bunny woke up with a rash.

The rash was bad this weekend and even left her with a fever on Saturday, but seems to be on its way out. Besides the fever, she didn’t seem to be itchy or too bothered; although, she was crabbier than normal.

The biggest pain was that the vaccine warning said that in extremely rare cases, the rash can be contagious. That meant that little C had to avoid her baby besties during our weekend outings.