Bruised Shins

At nearly 14 months, Miss Char Char seems to be boycotting walking… or maybe it’s less of a boycott and more of a favoring towards the knee walking. It’s the goofiest thing, but this little chiquita literally clomps around everywhere on her knees and shins. And let me tell you, her knees and shins are paying the price. The poor girl is constantly bruised up… not that it stops her or even seems to bother her. But still… it bothers us!

Here’s a video of the famous knee walk…

I will give her a little credit… on Wednesday of last week, Charlotte finally took those first steps we’ve been waiting to see! She can do about 3-5 steps max without holding onto things. BUT, she just genuinely prefers her knee walking. At least for now.

Her first mini steps:

Today at lunch, Mark attempted to practice walking with her. Notice that we literally have to bribe her steps. This girl refuses to stand unless she wants to and hold your hand and walk? You’ve gotta be kidding! She’ll glue herself to the floor before she’d do such a thing.

I’m sure you can hear the slight level of frustration I’m fighting off in my tone. It’s the most annoying feeling. I feel like because it was my expectation that she’d be walking by 12 months, I feel frustrated or maybe anxious about her not walking. I know it’s a stupid thought and I’ve read in a million places (and heard from our doctor) that it’s not an issue until 15-18 months, but still.

Maybe this is some form of Mom Guilt. Really, I know she will walk when she’s ready and I don’t worry at all about her development… but there is this part of me that just wants her to be walking already.

Sorry, bunny. I hope you don’t feel any sort of pressure… I’m sure once you’re walking, I’m going to wish you were back to crawling.

Busy Summer

Things have been so busy lately and it’s making me feel pretty darned MIA from here. In my attempt to catch up oh what’s been going on these past few weeks, accept this excessive amount of photos in lieu of my regular rambling blog post…


The bunny sporting my new glasses.


Charlie’s play date with Lyric (a month younger), Phoenix (a few months older) and baby Natalie

All the cuties! Charlotte, Lyric, Natalie & Phoenix


She probably deserved that…


Charlie & Cousin Gabby snuggling with Grandpa at dinner


cousin love

Charlie mowwing on pizza at a friend’s party

C loving Connect Four with Grampie and Grammie

Playing with Dad at the party

Weee! Girlfriend loves the Cozy Coupe.  

Dinner time snugs.

Not totally meshing with Uncle Geoff…

Showing off her cute tush with Auntie Jess.

My sweet little messy face at work.

Giving Mommy so much love.

Checking out the garden with Grammie Amy

Visiting Gramps in the hospital again


Charlie giving Gramps a round of applause after her serenaded her.

Stories with Gramps

We were doing so well with that whole no screen time thing…

Learning to drive.

Decorating treasure chests at Charlie’s friend Ellie’s bday party

Digging for treasure!

Having the best time at Ellie’s party!

Sporting her new eye patch from Ellie’s bday party.

My favorite little girl in this world.

Being goofy… or pooping…

Enjoying her first banana!!! Not that she’s never tried one… but all of a sudden, she’s a fan!

Mmmmmm nanners!


The cutest thing in green and gold!

My favorite little mits.

Garden time with Grammie Amy



My sweet grandfather has been in the hospital since last week with what was originally thought to be a mild heart attack and is now being categorized (by me) as the cardiac “ick.” Grandpa has been working with a cardiologist to potentially get a new valve put in via cathetar. However, after doing some exploring earlier this week (also via cathetar) and monitoring his kidneys, it was decided that he’d have to wait for the valve until the state of his kidneys improved. So yesterday, they used a balloon to open up his valve a bit and hopefully relieve some of the strain on his kidneys.

For anyone who doesn’t know my Grandpa, I’m sorry. He’s a pretty awesome and funny man.

Don’t believe me? Trust YouTube… YES! That’s my Gramps with over 1 million views:

I went to see Grandpa on Tuesday of last week and we sat for over an hour talking about his life and his travels. He first started by telling me about how wonderful the hospital staff has been. The night before, one of the nurses sat with Grandpa and he sang to her. Probably after telling her a joke or two… that’s my Grandpa.

He told me about travelling while in the Navy and how he travelled via train from NY to Cali (and back again) something like 4-6 times during his Navy days. The trip took 6 days I believe. Just slightly different than traveling today. I asked Grandpa if it was a rough trip, he said, “Nahh! It was great. I was young!”

As we chatted about all of the great times in his life, Grandpa said to me, “I’d like to make it to Judah’s Bar Mitzvah.” With about 7ish years to go until my nephew’s bar mitzvah, I’d say that’s a pretty good goal.

Grandpa is a fighter. He’s had stints, bypass surgery, and now these latest heart procedures… he fought with my Grandma when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and again when she was diagnosed with alzheimers… but bigger than all of these fights is his love for life and his love for our family. Grandpa’s going to be just fine.

After his procedure yesterday, Charlie was ready with tons of smooches and love for Grandpa. She would whine and lean towards him with her lips puckered, just waiting for us to lean her over to give Gramps more kisses… she loves her Great Gramps.


Surprise Lunch Date

My brother-in-law, Evan, and nephew, Judah, popped into work last week for a visit! We had a blast playing and eating lunch together. Charlotte is one VERY loved little girl and she loves her cousins in a BIG way!

How cute are they??

After lunch, C came back to the office to feed her puppy…


Our First Family Camping Trip

Two weekends ago, we went on our first annual camping trip with our friends Annie, Josh and their sweet 2-year-old, Ellie. We rented a cabin at a cute little campground in Plymouth, WI and gave the kiddies some mild exposure to the great outdoors.

Our cabin was pretty compact, but actually quite nice. It had two bedrooms with a kitchen and private bathroom… we were really roughing it 🙂

Mark and I enjoy tent camping, but could not figure out how we could make it work with Charlotte’s sleep schedule. So, we opted for the cabin!

What was interesting though was the fact that we shared a bedroom with the little one. This is something we haven’t done for at least 6 months, if not longer. We had Charlie in the pack-and-play that literally JUST fit behind the bedroom door. Meaning, at night, we had to squeeze into the room as quiet as can be in hopes of not waking the babes. It did not help that our bed was the loudest most squeaky bed I have ever experienced.

Thankfully, Charlotte was a champ and slept through the night both nights, with only mild stirring when mommy and daddy came in and made a rucous.

The campground had a miniature golf course, playgrounds, two pools and tons of activities. While Charlotte is still way too young to partake in the planned activities, all-in-all, it was a great time!



Charlotte’s hole in one(ish)…