Guess Who Pooped in the Potty!?

Yep! It was this girl…

Before you start thinking things like, “are you f’ing nuts!? Potty training 4 weeks before your due date!?”… Settle.

It was a complete accident.

Charlie has had a bad diaper rash for a week now. Last night we decided to give her some naked time (after dinner), so I simply said to her, “if you have to go pee pee or poopy, tell mommy and we’ll go to the potty.” Mark added that she could point to her lady bits.

Then, she ran to the bathroom. 

Me: we don’t have to be in here. Do you have to go potty?

C: yah!

So I put her on the potty and she immediately started pushing out her FIRST toilet-bound turd.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! She pooped in the toilet!! 

She was so proud. I let her look at the poop and then flush the toilet.

After that point, she seemed a little turned off by the toilet, which is just fine! As mentioned, I’m not prepared to potty train right now.

But, I’m proud of her tiny turd!

36 Weeks, 3 Days

Taken on 4/22

How far along: 36 Weeks, 3 Days! Well sheesh! I’m over 9 months pregnant… To say that this milestone has hit hard would be an understatement. I’m all sorts of anxious and feeling a lot of pressure to get things squared away from a lot of angles: work, home, nursery, bris, general new baby stuff, labor/hospital stuff, etc. I feel like my to do list is miles upon miles long and I’m just feeling a lot of pressure.

While I don’t anticipate this little guy arriving early, I’d like to be prepared just in case. That means I’ve got a LOT of shit to do and pretty darn quickly. Oy.

With all of that said, I’m sure we’d be fine without a hospital bag or without the nursery finished or the house cleaned out… but it’s just not ideal. At all.

Total weight gain: As of last week, my weight gain was at 29 lbs. I think I’m starting to get used to my big, giant belly, because it doesn’t seem that shockingly large to me lately. However, I definitely still feel clunky and feel like the little man would like a bit more space. Or maybe I’d just like him to have a bit more space.

Maternity clothes: I’m done buying maternity clothes. However, there are a few postpartum items I need to buy (pair of fold over shorts from Old Navy – mine have a hole in them, fold over yoga pants, and a couple more nursing tanks.)

Stretch marks: The bod is still holding on strong. We can do this!!

Sleep: Ugh. So. Much. Tossing. And. Turning. I hate sleeping on my side. It’s just not good for you. I mean, I don’t know that for sure, but my shoulder seems to think it’s pretty terrible. My whole body feels crushed and my shoulder gets soooo achy. I’ve been trying to sleep on my back or in a weird side/belly position, but it all just leads me to toss and turn and get up to pee all night. I’m tired.

Best moment of this week: Mark made some good progress on the nursery wood working projects, which is always good. And baby hugs.

Changing table topper

Board that will hang over the crib with the first letter of the tiny dude’s name on it (metal patina letter)

Oh! We got all the baby clothes from my sis and ugh I just love, love, love them! So cute. I want to hug our little man.

And this past weekend we had two really nice Passover celebrations (technically not in my 36th week of Pregnancy, but whatever). Mark’s sis and her fam is in town… it’s been really silly watching Charlotte interact with her cousins. We’ve also discovered that her voice is SO SIMILAR to her cousin Audrey.

Best moment by far: my bestie had her sweet baby girl, Miss Josephine (Josie) 💕

Did I mention the C and I wore matching outfits?

Miss anything: Just general comfort.

Movement: This little guy is a cutie. No, I can’t see him, but his little pokes and movements are silly and cute. He does a lot of poking. IE: foot poking out of my side, knee jutting out of my belly, arms pushing on my pelvic bone, etc. Unfortunately, when he finds a “comfy spot” and just rests his little leg or knee on my innards, I get a tingly, numbing pain in my belly, which typically leads me to pushing him to a different spot. But I love feeling his tiny pokes.

Food cravings: I don’t think this week has been a big craving week…

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still struggling with the acid reflux this week, which is lovely. And my back and belly are sore.

Have you started to show yet: I think I might be showing…

Gender: Mister man.

Labor signs: Continued Braxton Hicks contractions. Hopefully they’re doing their job.

Belly button in or out: Oy. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I need to get the courage to take a picture, because it’s a strange little disappearing act.

Wedding rings on or off: Still on! For the most part, I feel pretty good. Every so often, towards the end of the day, things get a bit tight.

Happy or moody most of the time: I would probably say crabby; although, I do think it’s been more of a split. I lean towards crabby because those moments have definitely been more memorable.

I’m stressed and anxious and anyone who’s adding to that and/or not helping is in my war path. I think that’s a legit position to have, so I’m standing by it.

Looking forward to: I’m looking forward to making some VERY GOOD progress on my to do lists this week and weekend. I’m determined to check things off the list, so I’ll be working hard to do so. Wish me luck!

Oh! And this weekend, we’re taking C to her first baseball game!

21 Months of Lovely

Somehow I never got around to posting C’s 20 month update and now she’s 21 months old! I cannot believe our baby is now considered, “almost 2.” When did that happen? Once they turn 2, do you officially stop counting months and they just become “2”???? Oy.

The past two months have been filled with increased skills and SO MUCH PERSONALITY. Charlotte is most definitely her own person and has such character. She absolutely LOVES to laugh. She’s sweet and loving, but also spirited and goofy. She adores babies. That feels understated. She has a severe obsession with babies (can’t wait to see how that translates when new baby moves in for good). She really enjoys coloring… especially with markers.

Being outside and everything nature just tickles the girl. She literally screams with glee when she sees a bird. She loves to take walks (she walks and holds our hand).She gets a huge kick out of carrying or pushing things that are bigger than her.

She LOVES music. She loves to sing and dance and play (piano, harmonica… with her nose, etc), and listen.

New Words: Charlotte’s vocabulary continues to grow and she now strings together 2- and 3-word sentences. I’m constantly surprised. Here’s a list of what I can remember; although, I’m sure I’m missing many.

  • Mama, Mommy, Mom
  • Daddy, Dada
  • Nana or NANNY!
  • Daby, Taby (Toby)
  • Itty (Oliver the Kitty)
  • Peees (Please)
  • Teeee (Tree)
  • Birdije (Bird – she loves to point out the birds)
  • Cheeesss (Cheese)
  • Ide (Outside)
  • MORRRRRR (More – this is C’s most common word)
  • I wan da moooorr (I want more – this is C’s most common phrase)
  • Baby, Bebe
  • Baa (sheep)
  • Die/Tie (Bye)
  • Wan (want)
  • Shhh – lotion
  • Liii – Lights
  • No
  • Yah (Yes)
  • Eyeeee (Eye/sunglasses/sun – a word with many meanings)
  • Head
  • Ball Ball (Ball)
  • Ba Ba (Bowl)
  • Spp (Spoon)
  • Me (Me/Charlotte)
  • Mia (Milk)
  • Chee (Cherrios)
  • Hat
  • Teddy (her teddy bear)
  • Ba (Balloon)
  • Haaa (Hug)
  • Hiii!
  • I’m sure there are more new ones, but I’m blanking.

New Tricks:

  • She sings songs on her own
  • She can put her pants and certain shirts/vests and mommy’s embarrassing undies on by herself
  • She’s a zipper master
  • She buckles the carseat on her own
  • She can climb into the car on her own
  • She’s a master swimmer (the girl blows bubbles and kicks and scoops)
  • She did a flip on the bar in gymnastics (assisted of course, but she held onto the bar the whole time)
  • She can open and close just about every door and cabinet in the house
  • She knows even more songs and nursery rhymes (thank you, Nana and Pandora!)
  • She can climb up steps unassisted
  • She loves to cut things… give the girl a knife (butter of course) and she’ll cut for days
  • She has a serious passion for frozen berries and will literally drink every last bit of the juice.
  • She helps check out at the grocery store
  • She can put her sunglasses on herself
  • She can put her hat on by herself 
  • She LOVES playdough
  • She’s mastered the sassy, “no” face
  • She STILL LOVES to carry items that are entirely too big for her to carry (little person chairs, push toys, her baby stroller, etc)
  • She’s working hard on patience! We’re making progress 🙂
  • Aint nobody better get in the way of her and a baby
  • She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses
  • She loves to twirl and dance
  • She can climb onto the couch by herself
  • She loves the outdoors
  • She’s mastered the, “I wan da mooorr” phrase/look
  • She’s actually making great progress in the quality of her teeth brushing
  • She loves balloons
  • She can jump
  • She loves the piano
  • Charlotte is really well behaved. I mean, don’t get me wrong… she definitely has her toddler moments, but she’s a really great kid. She does a lot of testing, but is generally responsive to our feedback and/or discipline. She’s so easy going and SUCH a joy to be around. She brings happiness and light and love and laughter into every day.


Book: Corduroy (the girl loves anything teddy)

Toy: Still Teddy & Baby (both of her babies)… and probably her stroller.

Food: Berries, Cheese… hmm. Milk? She’s definitely gotten way better with food, but these are her faves.


Clothes: In the process of transitioning to 24 months / 2T – they’re definitely a bit big, but her 18 month stuff is getting small

Diapers: 5

Shoes: Moving onto Size 5

Daily Schedule: Ugh! Lately her schedule has been totally off. I feel like she’s been going through a developmental growth spurt, but who knows. She literally gets in bed around 7 and for the past couple weeks, will stay up playing in her crib until 9 or later! It’s so frustrating.

  • 7/7:30: Depending on when she goes to sleep (although today she slept until 9:50 a)
  • 8/830: Breakfast
  • 10: On non-school days, Charlotte has some milk and “quiet time” with Nana, then a snack. On school days, snack time.
  • 12: Lunch
  • 1/2: Depending on her mood, Charlotte’s afternoon nap falls somewhere between 1 and 145. She will typically sleep anywhere between 2-3.5 hours. Usually it’s around 2.5..
  • 5/530: Dinner, Bath (on bath days – she bathes every other day and on swim days)
  • 7: Charlotte goes to bed most often around 7/730 (lately, she falls asleep anywhere between 830 and 10)… oy.

Schedule: Charlotte goes to school from 9-12:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (on these days, she eats a snack and lunch at school and does not nap in the morning). Charlie is with Nana (at our house) on Monday morning, Wednesday all day, Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon.

35.5 Week OB Check

This weekend, we met with our Doula to talk about where we are at, what our goals are for labor, and activities/exercises that will help me to physically (and mentally) feel a little better.

One thing that I decided was that I have to let go of my labor with Charlotte. What I mean by that is that I need to stop comparing and (over)analyzing everything. My pregnancy and labor with C were completely independent of my pregnancy and upcoming labor with this babe.

In starting this process, it was time to write up a big long list of questions for my doc to make sure we were on the same page. Which also meant I needed to bake. I can’t grill her without simultaneously bribing, right?

In case you were wondering what I baked, only the BEST brownies ever. They were so tasty. I found this recipe on Epicurious. It was a little weird, but really easy and simple clean up. Not to mention, the best damn brownies ever.

Now, back to my appointment. My stats were all good…

Weight Gain: 1.2 lbs over the past 2 weeks, although it feels like more… for a total weight gain of 29 lbs. Considering by the end of my last pregnancy, I had gained something like 55lbs, I’m feeling pretty damn good. About my weight gain that is… physically, I’m feeling quite clunky.

Heart Rate: 99 bpm (I swear, my heart rate increases when I’m there. I can feel it. I don’t know if I get nervous or what, but the nurse said not to worry!)

BP: 98/70

Baby’s Heart Rate: 135 bpm

Belly: Measuring a perfect 35 cm

Now, my questions:

  1. What happens at 40 weeks? A: It’s really no different than first pregnancy at 40 weeks.

  2. I would like to push back cervical checks and start at earliest at 38 weeks, but ideally at 40. A: I don’t see a reason why we couldn’t wait until 39 weeks if that’s what you want. At that point, we can strip your membranes if you’d like. **NOTE: my intention here is to avoid the negativity, stress and anxiety that my weekly cervical checks brought in my first pregnancy. Ultimately, they’re completely unnecessary (it’s true, there’s NO medical purpose for them at this point) and don’t actually indicate labor.
  3. What types of things would prevent me from having a VBAC? A: The same things that would prevent you from having one the first time… if the baby is breech, etc. Also, I might call it sooner if we get into a situation similar to your first.
  4. Was Charlotte facing the correct way (posterior or face down)? A: I’ll have to check your file. I’ll let you know at your next appointment.
  5. Will monitoring be different this time? A: Yes. We will have to do continuous monitoring due to the increased risk. Sometimes we need an internal monitor if the outside monitor is not working; however, you don’t have the typical body type for this.
  6. Are there any minimum amount of cervical checks that need to take place during labor? We’d like as few as possible. (Ladies, I don’t know about you, but I HATED these during labor.) A: We will check only as-needed.
  7. Our doula recommended that we call the hospital on our way in and ask for a nurse who is interested in or enjoys working with unmedicated VBAC’s. Do you think that’s a good idea? A: Yes! That’s a great idea.

So, there you have it! Our 35.5 week appointment! Next appointment is in two weeks, at which point I will get my Group B Strep test. Joy.


35 Weeks

Well shit. I officially only have 35 days until my due date. That’s just crazy.

How far along: 35 Weeks – can you believe that? While it’s super hard to grasp, I’ve got to admit that I’m grateful to be solidly in my final stretch. This baby is officially taking over my body. It’s getting harder to breathe and more importantly, harder to carry little Charlotte around. Poor gal hardly has any lap left to enjoy.

Total weight gain: No update since my last doc appointment. Will know Monday when I’m back in there. I’m sure it’s glorious. I’m feeling all sorts of sexy… in that waddle-into-a-room kind of way.

I haven’t taken my photo for this week, but here’s one from last week (taken 4/13):  

Maternity clothes: Today I bought two non-maternity tank tops for my post-partum body. Can you tell I’m a little excited? I caught some woman judging as I held a tank up to my bulging bod.

Stretch marks: I’m afraid to say it out loud, but so far, so good.

Sleep: I’m a zombie. I just cannot catch up this week. At all. Oy.

Best moment of this week: Marky started building the baby’s new changing table topper last night and it looks great! This excites me. I’m ready to have the room all set up so I can focus on other things… or just lay and relax.

Miss anything: Curling up. Sitting cross-legged. Being able to see all parts of my body without a mirror.

Movement: Today I literally JUMPED out of my chair. I swear, the kid scraped my insides with his toenail or something. Otherwise, he continues to be a wiggler.

Food cravings: I have been craving soda a lot, which sucks because I’ve REALLY been trying not to drink it. That might be it…

Anything making you queasy or sick: My acid reflux is going all sorts of crazy. I’m talking barf burps and all. This is what I was referring to when I mentioned feeling sexy. I’ve got my glam going.

Have you started to show yet: The inquiries about how many children I’m carrying and whether I’m ‘about to pop’ have increased… so I’m guessing that I’m showing just a bit.

Gender: Maybe a little mini Mark! With those freckles… oy. Please be a mini Mark.

Labor signs: Last night I felt like I was having a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions. Maybe I was dehydrated? But no real signs. Baby is still quite high. Although I do feel as if he’s trying to rearrange my pelvic bone.

Belly button in or out: We probably shouldn’t talk about it. It’s really goofy looking. ANYTIME C gets a glimpse of it, she chuckles and pokes it.

Wedding rings on or off: Still on!

Happy or moody most of the time: I can’t remember really? I had a GREAT day with my tiny girl yesterday. I mean, GREAT. DAY. She was just so sweet and lovely. Now, don’t get me wrong, she also had a few really useless meltdowns AND had the worst night of sleep ever (which in turn meant we did as well)… but other than that, it was the best day. I just wanted to eat her up. She was so sweet and delicious.

But I totally digressed. My mood… probably a bit on edge, but not too bad. Sleepy Melissa isn’t the best version.

Looking forward to: SO much! I’m excited to see the progression of the changing table topper. We’re also meeting with our Doula tomorrow morning, which will be good. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m excited. AND my brother will be in town, so we’ll get some family time in tomorrow night.

AND the most exciting of all is that we’re headed to pick up all of the amazing hand-me-downs from my sister. YES! This means I will soon fill the closet and drawers with tiny little man outfits and I will hug them and be so excited.

Breakfast with a Toddler

I love oranges!



What do you mean, “no more oranges??”


But I want da morrrre…


I heard you… but I want mooooorrre??


Oh! That looks tasty!

Did you know I’m cute?

Ooo, ooo, ooo!




Did you see the birdie??


I love birdies.




Maybe I’m all done… maybe not.


Okay, Momma… Photo shoot over.


MARKch: A Celebration of Mark

My hubby turned 30 on March 30th. In celebration, I showered him with gifts throughout the month of March, which ended in a finale celebration a couple weekends ago.

It was nothing too crazy, but we will continue the celebration this October in Nashville! We’re headed there with 15-20 of Mark’s closest friends and their spouses.

Yes, our new babe will only be about 5 months old. Yes, I am insane. No, I don’t want to discuss.

Anyway, here are some photos from the many celebrations!

Celebrating with Milly
The best video ever:

Daddy Went out with Friends While Mommy & Charlie Played at Home

Mommy / Daddy Birthday Celebration Date Night

A surprise get together with his favorite boys.

Picking Up Mini C from Grandma & Grandpa’s After her Sleepover
 Family Walk to Round out the Weekend

The Aquarium!

This past weekend we went to the aquarium with my brother and his new gf. They live in Chicago, about 2 hours from us.

So, we got up early on Sunday, waited for C to wake up and the hauled ass to leave the house as early as possible. 

We got on our way at around 830, for a 1030 arrival in Chicago.

The aquarium was great! Charlotte has never been to the zoo… I know… Insert <gasp>! The husband is anti zoo. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there… We will make it to the zoo. 

With our lack of animal exposure, we were pretty pumped to see all the fish! And honestly, it was great! Charlotte was definitely a bit overwhelmed at times (she preferred stroller time for the first two hours), but loved pointing out the fish and other animals.

All in all, we spent about 4-5 hours trekking around the aquarium and saw all sorts of fish and even got to see beluga whales, dolphins, penguins and otters! Plus, as a bonus, my brother’s gf was great and it was so nice to see him! 

With that said, the ride home after no nap all day was not so fun. Charlotte slept for about 20 minutes, but woke up when we stopped for my husband to get a coffee (I think he’s learned the importance of stopping before we get on the highway). Post 20 minute kitty nap, Charlotte cried at hyperventilating levels on and off for the remainder until I finally moved to the back seat. 

It was lovely.

To say I was tired when we got home would be an understatement. 5 hours on my feet (many of which I was lugging a toddler) + 4 hours in the car (many with a crying toddler) + 34 weeks pregnant = bad. Just bad.

Today is Wednesday and I’m still not fully recovered. 

But look how much fun we had…


33 Weeks, 3 Days Update & Ob Check


Like that im wearing the same shirt/blazer as last week?

 How far along: 33 Weeks, 3 Days – Another week has flown on by and I can officially say that I’m having my little babes NEXT MONTH! Can’t wait to meet you, little man.

Total weight gain: Over the past 2 weeks, I gained 4 lbs… this puts me at a total weight gain of 27.8 lbs. Not too shabby… especially after the foodie weekend I had!

Maternity clothes: I think I’m done with maternity clothes. I mean, clearly not done wearing them because every non-maternity shirt I sport rocks a little midriff, but I’m done getting new stuff. I’m just going to tough it out with what I’ve got and move on!

Can you tell that I feel like I’m in the home stretch? Hopefully I’m not too premature in feeling this way. I mean, 6.5 weeks is a long time, but not.

Stretch marks: Nada! What I do have is a VERY splotchy belly. There is just so much pressure on the skin that my blood vessels are out in full force.

Sleep: This weekend I took TWO 2-hour naps. Heck yes. But seriously, I’m exhausted. Definitely don’t have that second trimester spring in my step these days. It’s third tri sluggishness all the way.

Best moment of this week: This weekend I took Marky out for his birthday, which was a blast. Really, any amount of time that I get alone with this man is wonderful. We ate a delicious dinner and met his boys out for drinks. It was a lot of fun! 

 Miss anything: I could go for a cocktail… and I would just LOVE to put my socks on without thinking… or struggling.

Movement: The little bugger continues to move all over the place. Doc thinks he’s head down, which is great. I absolutely love feeling him. Even more than the kicks, I just love when he butts a little foot or knee or limb up against the front of my belly. I take the opportunity to give him a nice little massage. 

So sweet, my little guy.

Food cravings: I feel like I’ve been indulging a decent amount lately… Not really feeling the NEED for anything lately.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Remember last week when I said I recovered from my cold? Well, the damn thing came back! I’ve had tightness in my lungs and just yuck. And I’m exhausted and foggy. Dang it! I’m ready for it to pass.

Also, tonight we had fish for dinner. COD to be exact. It was good, but simultaneously made me a little queasy.

Oh! And last week I ate a jimmy johns sandwich with extra hot peppers. I’m literally still regretting it. Ever since, I’ve had terrible pain in my esophagus. The first couple days it literally felt like I swallowed a jolly rancher. Now it’s just a little sore. Stupid hot peppers.

Have you started to show yet: a little.

Gender: Mister, mister.

Labor signs: Still having a decent amount of Braxton Hicks contractions. I’m hoping that they’re helping my body to prepare and not the cause of dehydration or something like that. Come on body, we can do this!

Speaking of, I went to an ICAN meeting this weekend. ICAN is a c-section support group. I went hoping to hear positive vbac stories or meet other women who are trying for a vbac.

There were three other women there and honestly, it wasn’t totally my thing. Not sure I’ll go to the next meeting.

Belly button in or out: The belly button just keeps getting weirder. Now it’s a weird little line that protrudes a bit. It’s slowly disappearing. 

Wedding rings on or off: Still on!

Happy or moody most of the time: Last week I had some crabby moments. I’m definitely feeling much happier, but I definitely wasn’t myself last week.

Looking forward to: This weekend we’re headed to Chicago to go to the aquarium with my brother and his new gf! I can’t wait to show C all the fishies and to meet the new gf. 

Should be a blast!

33.5 Week Check Up

Bp: 100/60

Heart Rate: 96 bpm (high again)

Weight: up 4 lbs

Baby’s heart rate: 145 bpm

The fun stuff: I asked my doc if she could please be at my labor and she assured me that she’s going to do everything she can to be there. She said she really thinks I’ll do a lot better with her and that her partners will likely appreciate her being there… Aka: her partners might not appreciate an extremely stubborn vbac patient.

I left feeling really happy about that. In fact, I should bring my doc a dessert treat next appointment.

Oh! I also asked her if I’d get checked next appointment (at 35.5 weeks or if we’d wait until 37.5 weeks – typically cervical checks begin at 36 weeks)… She said that I could get checked next appointment if I’d like, but that we can look at our schedules at my next appointment and schedule an additional appointment for 36.5 weeks. I think waiting until 36.5 weeks is probably a good thing for me mentally. 

Those appointments have the potential to be so frustrating.