Charlie’s First Dentist Appointment

img_20161116_111253083I know, I know… she’s over two years old! Maybe this shouldn’t have been her FIRST visit to the dentist, but regardless, it was. Mark and I totally anticipated a locked-lipped toddler, screaming and crying; however, Charlotte was AMAZING.

Truth: I wasn’t there, but Nana and Mark (who were both there) said Charlie was incredible! Probably a bit shell-shocked, but incredible!

She laid on the exam chair, watched some TV (with Mark) and let the dentists and hygienist clean her teeth. Afterward, she even got a few special little toys, tattoos and stickers for being such a good girl.img_20161116_110340469_burst000_cover

And, the takeaway (compliments to my mother in law for this amazing run down):

  • All 20 teeth are in
  • Molars have lots of ‘mountains and valleys,’ which are good for chewing. They also collect food more than flat teeth so need to be brushed more carefully.
  • Lots of spaces between teeth so food is unlikely to be trapped. Flossing is for training only. (OY! Can’t imagine this will be a welcomed addition to our nighttime routine)
  • Amount of toothpaste on brush: a grain or two, so no prob if she swallows (C switched to THIS toothpaste, which has fluoride)
  • Brush 2x day (we had only been brushing her teeth at night, but have since added a brush in the AM. I was thinking it was time… she officially wakes up with stinky breath.)
  • Tissue above upper teeth should be clear of teeth before braces so teeth align well. Currently, the tissue above her teeth is attached… I’m not sure I totally get this one. Have to get a refresher from Mark (the appointment was actually last week).

img_20161116_110237188_burst000_coverWe actually selected a pediatric dentist who’s a friend of ours and a parent to a child who attends C’s school. Makes checking in easy and it was great for the dentist to be a familiar face for Charlotte.


Tiny Banana Face

Henry’s fourth food experience was with a banana this morning. He was hungry and I was trying to delay his feeding, as I was waiting on a call, so I let him try my banana.

He was SO happy. It was so surprising to me, but he actually took mini bites and then would chew up the banana pieces. After each bite, he’d get a huge smile on his face.

Snacks & Teeth

Guys, I’ve been so bad at documenting milestones. So, here are a couple of updates.

  1. Last week, I whipped up some sweetpotato and breast milk purée. It was hilarious. He hated it. We decided to try out solids at 5 months because Henry is such a little food monster. Well, milk monster… Here’s a video​:
  2. Henry’s also sprouted two tiny, mini, adorable little teefers 💛 Suddenly, he’s just so big. 
  3. Tonight, Henry ate some smushed peas (2 to be exact) from my plate off my finger. He seemed to enjoy this much more than the sweet potato. Such a little cutie pie. There’s something so special about our little dinners with the 4 of us. Pretty in love with my family. 

Happy [Belated] Halloween

Seriously, where the heck have I been?? I totally forgot to post Halloween pics! And, just for fun, I’ll throw in a few from Thanksgiving, too!

I thought long and hard about Charlotte’s costume, and ultimately, “we” decided to go with Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (aka Audrey Hepburn’s character) and Henry was her Cat.

We had a great weekend of trick or treating, partying and fun!

Happy Halloween!

We had such a fun and busy Halloween weekend. Our kiddos were dressed in coordinating costumes… Charlie was Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Henry was her kitty cat, named “Cat.” They were both absolutely adorable.

On Friday, we went to a Halloween party with my family. It’s the same party we attended (and loved) last year and this year did not disappoint. In fact, it reconfirmed Charlotte’s love of a DJ and dancefloor. I’ll let the photos and videos speak for themselves, but let’s just say she had fun.

On Saturday, we took a break from costuming and went to lunch for Grandpa’s 91st birthday. Another great time! AND, that night, Mark and I went on a real date (thanks, M&D for the tickets and thanks to Ivan for babysitting!!) to go see The Book of Mormon. It was literally the funniest thing I’ve watched in a long while. A great show!

On Sunday, Charlie had soccer class and all the kids dressed up. Then, we went to my niece’s 5 year old birthday party, which was trick-or-treat themed. It was a blast! When we got home, it was time to trick or treat in our neighborhood with our neighbors. It was such a great time. Charlotte absolutely loved trick or treating. And honestly, it wasn’t about the candy (she only ate one piece all weekend), but she just loved the exchange.


All in all, a great weekend!