Finter 2019

Somehow summer FLEW by and it’s suddenly what Wisconsin is calling, “Finter”… aka what should be fall, but is being overtaken by Winter. School has started and my sweet Char is deep into Kindergarten. Full-day school and the beginning of her true “childhood years.” I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Before too much time has flown by and I fall WAY too far behind, I figured I’d post everything from the first day of school until now. SO, prepare yourself for an overload of photos from my sweet crew…

First Day of School:

I don’t know how it’s possible, but despite the crazy, every moment that passes seems to get better and better. The kids are amazing. This summer we switched them into the same room, which has been wonderful and psychotic. They love the shit out of each other, which tends to get in the way of sleeping. Their routine is essentially to stay up late playing one night and then crash hard and early the next night… and repeat. We definitely have to figure out a way to get them more sleep, but I will say, I don’t hate hearing them giggle all night.

Halloween was a blast! Charlotte refused all of my ideas for family costumes with her BIG DREAMS of being a “beautiful princess who is beautiful and fancy with real magic circles on her dress”… I couldn’t seem to find real magic circles on Amazon, but we did the best we could! And, Mr. Henry went from requesting an “Owlette” costume (from PJ Mask) – because she’s so beautiful – to Blippy. In the end, he was transformed into even more of a cartoon character and should never wear anything besides that damn costume ever again.

As a side, it should be noted that we FINALLY let the kids pick some candy to eat from their trick or treat haul… this morning… first time. Let’s just say that Mark and I got busted for eating so much of it. Somehow C seemed to remember specific pieces of candy she had received… oops. Noted for next year.

After the most perfect day for trick or treating (and a weekend FULL of birthday parties for C), Finter kicked in and we had our first snowfall. Literally days later, on Halloween. It was bananas… and magical! The kids loved it!

For Halloween, we made a SPOOKY feast and had the best night!

Other Halloween Highlights (C’s classroom Halloween party & “Bring a Friend to Dance Class” – C picked Henry as her friend)…

& Here are some pics from more fun since the beginning of the school year!

Charlotte’s Fun Run to raise money for school:

Charlotte’s Farm Field Trip (& Mommy’s first time as a field trip chaperone… note: riding a bus at 34 is not amazing):

Henry’s Farm Field Trip:

Apple Picking with Grandma & Grandpa & Public Market Lunch:

Uncle Matt & Aunt Hannah Come to Visit:

Charlotte’s Dance Class:

Henry’s Robot Class:

Mommy & Henry Facetiming:

Fall Backyard Fun:

Family Date Night:

Taste of Mequon & the Color Run (Mommy’s first 5k):

Family Photos – Behind the Scenes:

Miscellaneous Fun with Friends:

Family Love:

Adult Fun:

Apple Picking & Other Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend! I’m going to start with apple picking because it really was a blast. We went with two of our friends and their 2 year old babe. Charlotte absolutely loved mowing on apples and literally had one in her mouth at pretty much all moments of the day.

Family pic at the orchard! C wouldn’t put down her apple for the picture 🙂

That tiny face and those smooshy paws… I’m such a sucker for this girl.

Gotta taste all the different apple varieties!

She couldn’t actually get the apple off of the tree… but she’s cute in her attempts!

Madison going for the highest apple!

My happy little pumpkin! So much love for this little chiquita.

Future BFFs.

Dang pumpkin got in the way of this adorable mid-photo hug.

Seriously… they’re SO cute!

Mommy & the Pumpkin

Charlotte eating the pumpkin…

I like her a little.

Hanging in the truck

“Now what kind of trouble can we get into….”

MORE HUGS!! Melting.

I ended up making crock pot applesauce with all the apples. Mmmm! Recipe here:

Next time I’ll probably try a sugar-free version!

Some other fun from the weekend:

Charlotte discovered dipping… aka drinking sauce off a chip.

She’s not gross at all…

Mommy & Charlie took a 3+ mile walk to the park (mommy is still sore and feeling pathetic!)

Girl time!

Hanging out at Grampie’s house in the Sukkah!

Helping with the potatoes

Family pic on Grampie’s deck


Even a play knife looks frightening in those squishy paws.

Frosting cookies.

Connect Four is the BEST game for this age… great for dexterity!

Cool cat.