So Much Sweetness

I know it’s nothing out of the ordinary for me to be oogling over my child, but this time, it’s serious. She has been such crazy levels of sweet these past two days. It hurts my brain.

She’s chatty and loving and happy and oy. To say I’m over the moon would be the understatement of the year.

For your enjoyment, I captured some of our top moments on video…

Charlie winning over Daddy with her precious little smoochies:

This past week, Charlie started humming along while I sing to her. It literally melts my heart. Don’t mind my terrible voice… Also, don’t mind the black screen. I took this video while I was putting her to bed:

Daddy Smoosh Time:

Rollie Pollie at Work:

                 NOTE: Lunch was not filled with cuteness… it was more along the excessive whining, not very fun line. Can’t win them all!

Letting Go

One thing I will very openly admit is that Mark and I haven’t been amazing at having people babysit Charlie. Up until a few weeks ago, we were so nervous about it. Now, I must clarify, we were not nervous that totally capable adults wouldn’t be able to take care of a baby. BUT, our worry came into play on Charlotte’s end.

Would she freak out with people other than mommy or daddy? Would she cry the entire time? Would she refuse to sleep? Would she refuse to eat?

The list of “what if’s” were endless.

What we’ve come to realize is:

a) we have a really good little babe who’s way more low key than her high-strung momma. While she might get fussy with non-mommy/daddy folks when mommy or daddy is present, she’s pretty relaxed when we are not around.

b) she’ll never get to that next level of comfort with people unless we let go of the what ifs and just let whatever happens happen.

c) every babysitter we’ve had TOTALLY LOVES Charlie… so… IF she were to cry the entire time, it’d be okay. They love her and they’d find a way to survive the crying without going totally bonkers.

d) It’s so dang healthy for us to get out and be adults (not just a mommy and a daddy). It’s also so good for Charlie to have special bonding time with other adults who adore her.

With all of that said, another giant thank you to my Milly (mother-in-law), my parents, and our most recent babysitter… Mark’s dad! Charlie loves her special one-on-one time with her grandparents. From what we can tell, she has the best time with them and we could not be more grateful!

As a related side note, Mark and I were able to go out with my favorite girlies and their husbands last night for a DELICIOUS dinner… with only adults! Our first non-wedding night out with my friends! It was awesome. We had drinks at the bar, a nice and slow, relaxing dinner, and even a glass of dessert wine and a truffle to top off the night.

I have to say, on our way to dinner, we had to laugh (most likely out of fear) at the fact that we’re just now starting to get a little “freedom” back and will likely start discussing the next mini baby towards the end of summer. AKA goodbye newfound freedom… but for now, we’ll enjoy 🙂

In fact, we’ll be enjoying ourselves all the way to Puerto Rico this weekend for a whirlwind destination wedding vacay sans baby. I can feel the sunshine already!

Cyst Removal Day

A few months ago, what looked to be a stye appeared on my eye. I ignored it In hopes that it would go away, but that sucker was persistent.


my old lady eye cyst

I decided to go to the doctor, who informed me that it was likely just a benine cyst and sent me to a plastic surgeon to have it removed.

Today was the big removal day.

When I went in for my initial exam, I asked the doctor for an anti-anxiety pill to get me through the door for my procedure. 

She laughed and denied my request.

So, very… VERY reluctantly, I showed up today, hubs in a very tight grip.

There was a needle that looked about 6 inches long laying on the table.

I started freaking out.

The doc came in and literally within 45 seconds of her being in the room, she stabbed my face (near my eyeball) with the needle. It was shocking but probably necessary. I definitely wouldn’t have ever been ready for that. 

While the feeling part was over (the needle was the local anesthetic), the anxiety wasn’t. This damn cyst was literally on the tip of my eye lid. So she had to cut into my eye. MY EYE!

I laid back and literally shut down. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t do anything. I just laid there squeezing Mark’s hand as the doctor sliced open my eye, yanked this thing out and sewed me back up. All the while, talking a million miles a minute about God knows what.

When we left, I was totally shaken. It all felt so fast and rough. My eye felt so puffy and the anesthetic was already wearing off. I was panicking. 

We had to go back to my office to pick up Charlie who was with my parents. 

Right when I got in (wearing my new uniform: sunglasses all day, every day), my parents came in to see how it went. 

I sent them away. 

I couldn’t talk about it or show my eye. 

I grabbed some ice to put on my eye. When I pulled it back, there was blood on the paper towel covering the ice.

Panic again.

Everyone left and I sat in my office and I let a few tears escape.

We had Charlie’s 9 month appointment in just a few minutes, but thankfully, we decided that Mark would take her and my parents would take me home.

I laid with my animals, with an ice pack bandaged to my face and just decompressed.

When Mark and Charlie got back an hour and a half later, I was feeling better… Mentally. My eye still hurts, but the shock of having someone mutilate my face has subsided.

Now, I’m just sitting waiting for my amazing hubby to return with Thai food and ice cream. The only way to end this day. 

Prepare yourself… My battle scar:

the goober wad is just vaseline to prevent scabbing or something like that… i wasnt listening.


I’m pretty sure our polka dotted bunny has roseola. After having a fever through Sunday morning, she woke up a sweat… The fever had broken! 

Almost instantly, a rash started developing on her tum and neck. It’s since spread to her face.

Besides the rash, her biggest symptoms since yesterday have been exhaustion (she slept most of the day yesterday) and cranky pants.

She is definitely not a happy-go-lucky babes today, which is okay. The crabby face is sick. I get it.

We have her 9 month check up tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll get confirmation then.



Ready to Smooch My Babe

I had such a great time in Seattle. We head home tomorrow morning, so we’re laying low tonight in preparation for our 4 am wake up. 

As I lay here watching all of the videos my husband has been sending of our sweet girly, I’m feeling anxious to be home.

I absolutely, positively cannot wait to hug and kiss my sweet girl… And my amazing husband.

I’m definitely so incredibly lucky to have had this time with my girlies, but I’m ready! 

Charlie & Marky, I’ll see you so soon!

Xox times a million.

Partner in Crime

Charlie and I went to the grocery store this morning to make sure she and Daddy had enough food to sustain them for the weekend (I’m going away with my girl friends!!). I’m very lucky to say that this is the first time I’ve had to take her with me (alone) for a VERY long time. Mark and I have been in a position where one of us can always stay back with her while the other shops.

Anyway, knowing Charlotte’s happy-go-lucky personality, I wasn’t woo worried… despite the fact that we were creeping up on nap time.

To say that my expectations were blown out of the water would be an understatement.

She was happy and excited and smiley and plain old fun to be with. She was waving at people, giving out smiles and laughs… She definitely made shopping way better than it would have been on my own.

And now, an hour later, she’s still excited from our shopping trip.

Looks like I have a new partner in crime.


Weeks 37 & 38

I of course didn’t update the blog last week with all of Charlie’s latest and greatest… And of course, I can’t remember everything.

Here are the highlights from the past two weeks:

  • Charlie started giving kisses more freely. She legit knows what it means when we say, “give me a kiss” or “give so-and-so a kiss”… AND she gives them more willingly. She’s so sweet! 
  • As of this week, Charlie is non-stop trying to stand. She’s also been lunging forward. She gets up on her knees and then flies forward.
  • Charlie has been so mommy-focused. She climbs up me and gives me big hugs. It melts my heart every time.
  • Charlie’s sleep has been nice and solid. Going down easily, sleeping well, and just being awesome.
  • In the past 2-3 weeks, Charlie has expanded her loves to include bread. She’s now eating (and loving) wheat. This week, we gave her pasta with tomato sauce. Another big win!

Here are the pics…