Charlie @ 27 Months

I haven’t done an update for poor Charlie in AGES! Not to mention, I literally had to count months to remember just how many months she actually is now. Oy. Where is my brain? Where has the time gone?

Anyway, over the past couple months, Charlie has really grown up. And not just compared to Henry… she’s losing so much of her baby and becoming this talking, opinionated little lady.

Size: I can’t remember how tall C was at her 2 year check up, but she’s literally so tall that she can wash her hands in the kitchen sink by herself by standing on the little stool. (YES! No more awkward lifting!) As for weight, at 2 years, she was 27 lbs.

Clothing/Shoes/Diapers: Charlotte is wearing 24 month / 2T clothes. I still don’t totally know the difference, but she’s solidly in those sizes. She does still wear some 18 month pants and PJs, but probably more so because I haven’t cleared them out of her drawer. Also, she has one button-down, sleeveless denim tank that’s 12-months that she still wears. I refuse to let it go. It just looks SO perfect underneath a sweater… or a shirt… or anything.

As for shoes, she’s wearing a 6 now. She still has some 5.5 or big 5’s that work. But 6 is definitely her size. Also, it’s official that she cannot wear the brand, Umi. Girlfriend has wide/chubby feet.

Charlotte is in Size 5 diapers. Yes, she’s still in diapers. To be honest, I really haven’t tried to potty train her even a little.

Potty Training: We talk about the potty, read books, let her sit (and read excessive amounts of magazines) on it, etc… but haven’t actually started training. With the arrival of Henry, it just seemed like too much to tackle until recently. We have a meeting set up with C’s teachers at school to talk and strategize. I think we’ll start soon. But diapers are so easy.

Honestly though, I think she’s ready. Or at least getting there. She tells me before she poops and sometimes lately even when she’s peeing (or about to).

I should probably get all up to date on laundry in preparation for the daily sheet washing that’s in my future.

Teeth: Charlotte has never really been affected by teething. I don’t know when she got her 2-year molars, but I know they’re there, as I saw them while she was laughing a few months ago.

Sleep: Like her daddy, Charlotte is an amazing sleeper. She started regularly sleeping through the night at 5 months and never turned back. She sleeps from around 6:30-8pm (depending on how much playing she does in bed) until around 7-830am.

When C wakes up, she will stay in bed playing or laying or chatting or singing until we come in to get her. She’s very obedient like that. Sometimes, (just like her daddy) she’ll get bored of playing in bed and will just go back to sleep.

As for naps, C naps for about 2-3 hours every day.What can I say? The girl loves her sleep.

It should also be noted, that she often will say to us, “I’m sleepy” or “I’m tired” and will request an early nap or early bedtime.

Bedtime Routine: We begin bedtime routine at 6:30pm. We change her into her night diaper and jammies, then heat up a bottle of milk (it has a sippy top). Charlie insists on putting the “top on ma milk.” Then, we take the milk to C’s room for stories. C will drink her milk on the way to her room, hand us the bottle as she climbs in, remove her bunny/blanket/teddy/pillow from the bed – for some reason, they’re not invited to story time, and then take her milk back.

Typically Henry is asleep at this point, so Mark and I both get to read with her. If Henry is still in the process of his nighttime routine, Mark does this part alone.

We read two stories and then it’s time to brush teeth.

Brushing teeth is a pain in the ass, but we give C her toothbrush and we have one that we use to brush her teeth (this preserves the bristles… she chomps on “her toothbrush”). Mommy or Daddy brushes her teeth first through a series of “Ahhhhh’s” and “Eeeeeee’s” and then C gets to brush aka chew on her toothbrush. When she’s done, she rinses and sucks the water off the brushes.

If it’s a bathnight, we blowdry her hair, as her skin is so sensitive that the dampness makes her break out on her neck. She always needs to take a turn drying her hair.

Then it’s the best time of night. C looks at Mark and I and says, “Wanna snuckle?” AKA “Wanna snuggle?”

9/10 nights, Mark and I are both with Charlie for snuggle time. I climb on the right side, Mark on the left, and Charlie alternates climbing/sitting on each of us and sometimes lying down in the middle.

We play games: I interlock my hands/fingers and Charlie tries to get my hands open. She interlocks her hands/fingers and Teddy tries to get her hands open… etc.

We talk about our day – what she did with Nana, what she did at school. We talk about what’s coming up tomorrow. We laugh. It’s perfect.

Then, the best part, is the singing. Charlie loves to sing songs with Mommy & Daddy. We sing Twinkle, Twinkle; If You’re Happy & You Know it; the ABC’s (she’s actually pretty good!); and recently The Wheels on the Bus. Her little voice… it’s just adorable.

Then, we count! Charlie can legit count from 1-14ish. We’ve been working on 15-20.

After singing and counting, it’s time for Charlie to lay down so we can tuck her in. She politely says, “‘scuse me, Daddy,” which has been adjusted from, “Daddy, move.” So Mark and I get off the bed, I crank her music box and do 1-2-3 with her blanket. I swing the blanket once over Charlie & Daddy’s head, then twice, and on “3,” I nicely tuck Charlie and Teddy under the blanket. We get our last hugs and kisses and say goodnight to our girly.

It’s the best.

Language: I couldn’t even count how many words Charlotte has. Every day I’m surprised at the new words in her vocabulary and the ways in which she uses them. She absolutely amazes me.

My moments of, “I’m so sorry, but I don’t know what you’re saying” are becoming less and less.

She also seems to be entering a “why” phase. Ohhh the why phase. So far, she seems to cap out at 2 “why’s” per topic, which isn’t bad.

We’ve also been working on asking nicely for things (saying please) and asking using a full sentence.

Next step: always respond when an adult (you know) asks you a question.

Personality: Charlotte is all personality. She’s this unique blend of timid and observant with a big side of adventure, humor, and leadership. The first 5-10 minutes of soccer, which she does every week, are spent clinging to mommy/daddy and being so quiet. Once she feels comfortable, she’s a crazy person running all over the place, being goofy, and hopping around.

She seems to be a leader with her school friends and is no bullshit. If she doesn’t like what you’re doing, she’ll tell you. She’s for sure going to boss poor Henry around. No doubt about it.

I like to describe her as a sour patch kid. She’ll do something crazy and then a minute later, comes at you with open arms, apologizing.

All in all, she’s pretty fricken’ amazing.

Activities: Charlie is currently in swim class on Wednesday’s at the YMCA, Gymnastics on Saturday mornings and Soccer on Sunday mornings. She seems to absolutely love them.

Favorite Foods: I have literally heard Charlotte say, “I want apple sauce” over the monitor, randomly at 2 am. Then, she’ll go back to sleep. The girl LOVES the stuff. Just plain, organic, no-sugar added applesauce.

Cinnamon. She eats SO MUCH and doesn’t mix it in. It’s enough that I would guess probably tastes spicy.

Expensive fruit. Berries, mango, etc.

Ketchup. She dips everything in ketchup (eggs, chicken/any meat, etc).

Yogurt/Cottage cheese

Favorite Toys: Charlotte’s “inner circle” consists of her teddy, bunny and blanket. Besides her “crew,” she loves her baby and stroller. Her play kitchen/food. Her picnic set. Coloring and play dough.

She’s decently easy to please on the toy front.

Favorite Things: Charlotte LOVES helping. Helping to clean or cook, take the garbage out, pick up dog poop, etc. And she LOVES helping with Henry.

She loves Henry, too. She calls him, “my Henry” and literally just loves the shit out of him. Obviously, sometimes she wants us to put him down and ignore him, but I think she really just deeply loves the little guy.

Charlotte loves to play outside. Whether it’s a ride in the wagon or her Cozy Coupe or a nature walk with Nana, she loves being outside.

Trucks. C loves seeing trucks while we’re driving. However, she happens to be terrified of the garbage truck that picks up the trash at her school. Imagine that!

Henry at 4 Months

I’m a little late with the update, but here it is! Also, can we just acknowledge the fact that my second baby is already 4 months old!? That’s just crazy. Time is literally flying faster than I can handle!

Weight: Henry went to the doctor on Tuesday of last week for his 4-month check up and HOLY MOLY. He’s HUGE! A whopping 18 lbs, 5 oz (91st percentile). I mean, little Charlie (who is also on the average to big side of things) only weighs 27 lbs. img_1626

Height: Henry is 27″ long (97th percentile)! Come on, guys. That’s bonkers. He is literally a hair less than half my height at four months old! img_1647

Health Updates: Thankfully, besides a runny nose and some teething here or there, the little guy has been great.

Sleep: For the most part, Henry is a very legit sleeper. He’s been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks now and actually sleeping until around 7/8 am. Prior to this, he was waking once around 5/5:30 am.

His schedule:

7/8 am: Henry wakes up (typically by making silly noises or you just happen to look at the monitor and he’s awake. Such a good boy.) Usually within 30-40 minutes of waking up, he eats a milk snack.

9/10 am: Henry naps (his morning nap is anywhere from 45 minutes to 3.5 hours). The rest of Henry’s day is dictated by this nap, as he goes down for a nap (most often for about 45 minutes – 1.5 hours) for every 1.5-2 hours of awake time.

430/5: Sometimes Henry will take a little night nap.

6/630: Bedtime for the H pie.

As the day goes on, naps get more difficult; although, his night nap is usually an easier nap and bedtime is a sinch.

All in all, he’s a great sleeper (and baby).

Clothes/Diapers (Sizes): Henry is still in 3-6 month clothing. He might be able to swing 9 month, but we haven’t switched him or even started using any 9 month stuff yet. As for diapers, he’s moved up to a size 3 as of a few weeks ago. Dude’s big.

Diet: Still a milk monster. While we were away, Henry was drinking about 34 ounces of milk per day. Some days, I feel like it’s gotta be more than that. But who knows? At his bedtime feed, the tap runs dry (aka I run out of milk before H is satisfied) and we supplement with a bottle of pumped breastmilk (I pump before bed and first thing in the morning). SO, sometimes he legit drinks everything I have to offer, plus 5-7 ounces of pumped milk.

Henry also enjoys shoving hands/arms/shoulders/necks/shirts/knuckles/etc in his mouth. You can always tell who was just holding Henry, because their shirt is SOAKED.

Paci… still a no go. He likes it for a second, then just gnaws on it until it falls out of his mouth.

As a side-note, I’ve been a little unsure about feeding Henry pumped milk via a bottle versus feeding him directly from the source. I feel like he can eat more when he’s nursing from a bottle (he falls asleep at the boob, sometimes I run out of milk, etc). I’m thinking that a combination of our trip and my 3-night a week workouts (which are now over) screwed up my milk supply. I still seem to have more than enough milk in a 24-hour period, but the problem seems to be that I don’t always have enough at any given time.

Teeth: I feel like Henry has been teething since he was born. In the past few weeks, it feels like he’s gotten closer to his gums actually showing signs of teething and he definitely sucks his whole face into that little mouth, but still no teeth… thank god. Let’s just say he’s a bit of a chomper.

Baby Gear Love: Still loving a lot of the same items. Henry also loves his Little Giraffe lovey blanket. Oh! And his swaddle. We’d be lost without his swaddles. I think the best ones are either the Ergo Baby or the SwaddleMe. The Ergo is nice for nighttime because he can get his arms out, which allows him to self-soothe throughout the night. The SwaddleMe is nice for naps because it keeps him very nicely contained.

Henry also LOVES his play mat. I don’t remember Charlie loving it as much, but MAN does he get into it! And he can play with it for awhile! He loves swatting the little hanging guys and squeals the whole time.

Also, have I mentioned the NogginStik? That’s our fancy shmance rattle, which I actually really love. I bought it on Amazon and had to return the first one I got because it was broken, but since receiving one that actually works, it’s awesome. Perfect size and weight for Henry to hold onto. Lights up and changes colors when he hits it. Makes a rattle noise. Has a mirror on the bottom. All in all, super entertaining.

Milestones/Firsts: Supposedly, Henry rolled from his back to his belly while we were in Nashville, but really, does it actually count if I didn’t see it? No. The answer is no.

His head strength is getting SO good and he’s really discovering his voice, which gets SO high sometimes.

He is still the most smiley, happiest little dude I’ve ever met.

​He’s improving his ability to fall asleep on his own! The other day, I had him sitting in the stroller awake. When I looked back, he was asleep. All on his own. No movement or anything.

Henry gives hugs. He holds onto me like a koala and just gives the best, happy little hugs.

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Charlie (loves Charlie… except when she’s being a jerk), Rodolfo, smiling, reading books with Mommy, being rocked, being tickled, being held.

Charlie lays with Henry and gives him such hugs and snuggles. Oy. It’s the cutest.

Dislikes: Being put down when he’s not ready. And being overtired. Ugh. That’s the worst. Picture the happiest baby on earth screaming his tiny head off…

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Just everything. I love my little bumpkins. He has such an incredible personality and is just such a happy love. Even when he’s crying, I can still get him to laugh. He’s just a love.

Also, it’s been so special watching his relationship with Charlie develop. She’s gotten to be so good with him. Every day when we get home from work (Henry and I), Charlie RUNS to the door with a huge squeal and screams, “HENRY!” as she gives him a big hug. The other day, she had set up a blanket on the floor in anticipation of his arrival.

​When she wakes up, the first thing she does is ask about Henry.

And Henry… he just adores her. He’s fascinated by her silliness. He loves watching her jump. He loves being on the receiving end of her hugs and kisses. It’s all very sweet.

Melts my little heart.

3 Years

Yesterday was my three year blog-a-vers ary! All the way back in the day, when I was 25 (6 years ago), I wrote a bucket list. One of my bucket list items was to write down my stories. 

While I haven’t gone back to rewrite the stories of my many shenanigans, I’m happy to have done a decent job keeping up with the present. 

It’s so fun to have an outlet to share and preserve this beautiful, hilarious and sometimes downright ridiculous time in our lives.

So, thanks for reading and enjoying the ride 🙂

Besties in the Making

It’s starting!! They’re becoming friends and it just makes my heart explode. Tonight when Henry and I came home, Charlotte exploded with pure excitement as she ran over to Henry, threw her arms in the air and lunged toward him to give him the biggest (yet gentle) hug ever.

So. Dang. Cute.

Then, this… This video is everything:

​Then, as Charlie and Mark left for swimming, C gave Henry a big hug and said, “bye Henry! I love you!”


Living the Dream

I am currently standing in a public restroom stall, attached to my breast pump… I’m literally living the dream.

I know that sounds sarcastic, but I’m totally serious. The hubby and I left our babies in the care of our parents and are currently living it up in Nashville, TN with 17 of our closest friends.

I will do a full post about the amazingness that is my trip, but for now, just a few photos…

Final Weigh-In

As I’ve mentioned before, about 6 weeks ago, I very hesitantly joined a 6-week, ass-kicking challenge. It entailed (3) 1-hour crossfit workouts per week (18 total hours of crossfit) and a paleo diet (no dairy, no soy, no sugars, no processed anything, no gluten/wheat)… so pretty much meat and vegetables. Can you see why I was so hesitant?

I knew that for $250, if I signed up, I had to be seriously dedicated.

Well, today was my final weigh-in and I lost 8.4 lbs and a little over 10″ throughout different areas of my body (arms, thighs, etc).That puts me 2.6 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight!

I feel absolutely great about the results and even more so, great about the habit that’s begun. My neighbor – who is in the challenge with me – and I have a great workout routine, which we plan to continue.

Working out has been a great outlet for me and something that’s helped me keep my head on straight during these crazy few months with our family of four.

Ya know how they say, “happy wife, happy life”?? Well, Mark must agree with that statement because he’s been incredible in facilitating my journey over the past 6 weeks. He has literally put both kiddos to bed alone three times per week, for 5 weeks now! Pretty great, huh? Thanks for your support, lovey.

Can’t wait to continue on this path and continue watching my body transform.