I know, I know… can I talk about anything else?

Apparently, no. I’m all naps all the time.

This weekend was another couple days of weird schedules. Charlotte has been waking up at around 6/630 every day for the past weekish. Every morning, her little baby diaper is totally soaked through, as are her clothes. After 4 mornings like this, we started to think, “hey… I think she’s ready for the next size!”

Duh, right?

Anyway, I think that might be why she’s been waking up so early, which could also be throwing off her whole schedule. Bad sleep perpetuates bad sleep.

I’m not 100% convinced, but it’s something to try.

I bought her new (bigger) night diapes that we’ll try tonight!

So anyway, on Saturday, Charlotte took a 3-hour nap, from 11-2. This was her only nap of the day and it worked great. She was a little doll the whole day. Only trouble? 11-2 is not a sustainable nap time and I don’t think she’s ready to push it back until 1.

On Sunday, we went back to trying for two naps. Charlotte napped from about 940-1140 I believe… or something like that. Then, we put her down for her second nap at around 330/4. She fell asleep at around 5p and we ended up having to wake her up for dinner at 6:45. Ugh. Needless to say, she didn’t fall asleep until about 10:30 pm last night. Unsuccessful.

BUT!!! And here’s where things start looking up… today, Charlotte napped from around 10-1130 AND AGAIN THIS AFTERNOON! It’s currently 4:30 and she’s been asleep since at least 3 pm! I’m so excited. Hopefully it’s not just a fluke. But even so, I’m feeling relieved. This tiny person was definitely in need of a little rest.