Help!! The Afternoon Napping Strike Continues

I don’t know what to do… Charlotte has missed her afternoon nap at least 3 times this week…

I honestly don’t really think she’s ready to drop her morning nap yet, but I don’t know what the dang deal is. I’m going crazy.

Is (or has) anyone going through this right now? Suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Help!! The Afternoon Napping Strike Continues

  1. What worked for is is to do 1 mid-day nap for 2-3 hours. Nealia has been doing that since before a year old and it’s been great for her. The older they get the more awake time they need anyways! Awake play time is good for their brain development!!

  2. Thanks! I’ve been doing a ton of research on dropping the morning nap and pretty much every article I read points to her not being ready (at least by about 70% of the qualifications). Awake play and sleep are both super important at this point… I’m just not sure. Her schedule has been so off that it’s hard to tell what’s natural and what’s inflicted by us not sticking to a schedule.

    • Yeah it’s tough to figure it out when they get out of routine! When we travel it’s so hard to get back on a normal routine. We have a pretty loose schedule though and even then it’s tough. We’re usually good just as long as she takes a long nap at some point during the day! These tiny humans are hard to figure out haha! Just go with your instinct and maybe try to push a later morning early afternoon nap and see what happens! Never hurts to try! Good luck!!

      • Yeah, I hear ya. Charlotte has fallen asleep for bedtime at pretty much the same time all week, but literally every other sleep time has been different. One day she wakes up at 6, one day at 8. One day she falls asleep for her first nap at 920, one day at 11. One day she naps for 2.5 hrs in the am, one day 1 hour. It’s been ridiculous. I’m hoping we can use the weekend to get back on track, but really, who knows! I think I’m going to give the “get back on track” technique at least through the weekend (if not a few days longer) and if that doesn’t work, start trying some nap dropping techniques. Wish me luck!

    • Thank you!! That actually makes sense… Charlotte still isn’t walking… She takes steps, but isn’t actually walking. Maybe that’s reason to keep pushing two naps. I’m so torn. We had a good day with one 3-hour nap on Saturday, but it was at 11am. That’s way too early for her only nap of the day. Anyway, I think I’m going to keep trying two naps throughout the week and if it totally fails, maybe I’ll try out the one nap thing later this week/this weekend. Thanks for the help!!

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