The Constantly Thrown Off Schedule

On a typical day, we follow a decently set schedule (or at least Charlotte does)…

6:30/7:30    Wake Up

9:20    First Nap

11:30/12    Wake up

12/12:30    Lunch time!

2:20    Second Nap

4:30/5    Wake up

5:30/6    Dinner time!

6:30    Bath time (every other day)

7    Bed time

Obviously there is playing and other sorts of activities in between all of that, but that’s been our general schedule for quite some time now. Well… kind of.

The past few weeks (or maybe it’s been longer?) have been such a whirlwind of activity. From visiting with family, seeing friends, doing fun summer activities, etc, I feel like we are constantly throwing off Charlotte’s schedule or skipping a nap or keeping her up way too late.

I’ve got some serious guilt going because some mornings, this baby just wakes up tired.

I’m hoping that we’re on our way to quieter days and nights for the babes to really get back on track, but until then, the poor baby continues to get thrown off. And her poor parents continue to pay the price.

Let’s just say, Charlotte isn’t her sweetest self when she’s tired. She’s not terrible… just way more mini outbursts, whining, etc. All the good stuff.

Of course, tonight after work we are headed to Chicago (1.5 hours away) for dinner with our family. We’ll bring the pack and play, but even if she sleeps on the way home, it’ll be interupted sleep.

I guess we’ll start back up with the schedule tomorrow…

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