Two Week Appointment & a Few Other Outings

Today we went to Charlotte’s two week appointment. I can’t believe she is already two weeks old (tomorrow), yet I can’t imagine ever not having her here with us. It’s exciting… I feel like we are just starting to get a little rhythm down. I’m sure it will change tomorrow, but for today, it feels great!

The doc had only good things to say about our sweet girl’s development. She weighed in at 9 lbs, 6.5 oz and is 21.9″… 88% for weight, 99% for height. Her short parents reminded her to cherish her “tall status” because it probably won’t last long. Doc said that her high numbers are likely due to the fact that she was so late and is sooooo developed 🙂 haha okay, I’m not going to be that person who pretends their baby is so advanced. But nearly 20 extra days have her a little leg up. That and she’s a milk monster. Girlfriend loves to eat just like her parents.

After our appointment, my parents happened to be out to lunch, so we met up with them for a bite. Charlotte was perfection at her first lunch outing. Slept like a sweet angel through the whole meal. We ate at a golf club, so after lunch, my mom and I took her into the women’s locker room so she could have a little lunch. She ordered two boobs of milk for lunch, but not before pooping all over 4 diapers, her blanket and the locker room carpet. While that sounds bad, it actually felt somewhat successful.



Two boobs was just enough to keep sweet Charlotte sleepy and dazed for our first trip to the grocery store. Again, not a peep out of the little one. We were even able to make a stop to pick up some makeup for me on the way home AND, after unloading the groceries and transferring her to her bassinet, hubs and I got to nap. This is one very well behaved little lovey.

Cloth diapering day 1… Piss & sh*t everywhere…

As my pre-baby self blogged about, my husband and I…. Errrr… I decided we would become cloth diaperers once our baby arrived. In the hospital, we used disposables and now, a week and a half into our sweet girl’s diapered life, we just got the courage to test out our diapers.

For my baby shower, we were gifted tons of bum genius cloth diapers, but were also given 6 months of a diaper service… So that’s where we started today. The diapers are prefold cloth diapers that require a diaper cover.

Anyway, we had one pretty successful(ish) diaper change; although, the entire cloth was so damn wet. Then, our sweet Charlotte ate and went down for a nap… Maybe 2-3 hours? Anyway, when she woke up from her nap, she had soaked through her diaper, the plastic cover, her onesie, her pants and the fabric on her swing… Sh*t!

She literally had pee all down her back and in her hair. Perfect. Sponge bath time.

After the sponge bath, we were drying her off in her adorable hooded towel, when she shat everywhere. And I mean everywhere. All over the husband’s shirt, pants and toes. On the towel. On the carpet. It was lovely. More sponge bathing.

In the chaos, the husband – who has changed probably 95% of all diapers since Charlotte’s birth – starts ranting about gift receipts to return all cloth diaper “crap.”

We’ve since talked about attempting to figure it out, but in the meantime, he just ran to Target to pick up a jumbo case of disposable diapers.

It’s hard to argue too much since he’s the main diaperer… Not to mention I have no idea what I would have done had I been alone for that diapering experience.

For now, the jury is still out for cloth diapering in our household. Stay tuned.

Breakfast in Bed

Not exactly the picture in my head when someone says breakfast in bed… But I can’t complain! Regardless, I am very grateful for my amazing husband. He’s been working from home since we’ve been out of the hospital and has definitely been taking care of me and the house… And about 98% of all diaper changes. What will I do when he has to go back to work? Thankfully I still get one more week with him home. I’ll start stressing about him leaving me next week. Until then, Charlotte and I will both enjoy breakfast in bed.


She peed, she pooped, she nursed… And she looked adorable doing it!

Today we had Charlotte’s newborn photos. As I had mentioned in a previous post, we hired Pics by Nic and Nicole, the photographer, was great. Totally patient despite the fact that we were at least 10 minutes late and showed up with a cranky baby who needed to be nursed immediately. So, we spent the first two to three hours nursing on and off. In the meantime, Charlotte managed to poop through a towel onto my lap, pee all over at least three props, and – the kicker – pee MY pants. Yes, I was holding her naked to get a cute naked baby pic, and she unloaded all over my lap. I’ve never had someone else wet my underwear, but let me tell you, not that awesome.

Once she was done defecating everywhere, I gave her one more boob and she finally fell asleep. Then, we moved quickly and took as many pics as possible. And oh was she cute.

Here are some “behind the scenes” photos I took while the photographer was hard at work. Note that the adorable hats were made by Lisa of Kiki & Bee… So cute, right?!












Charlotte’s One Week Old Today!

That means one week ago I had the craziest damn day ever (details to follow… I promise).

It also means that this past week has been the best and most precious ever.

Happy one week old day, baby girl!


The one week sign was made by my friend Jenna and I and the headband was made at my baby shower! Cheers to DIY!

Our Sweet Charlotte

She’s home and named and the most perfect thing in this world. She is also a total milk monster! Last night she fed nonstop until around 6 am when my hubs finally just took her to another room and bounced her and shushed her so I could get a little sleep. And actually, she let us sleep quite a bit into the morning (more like 1.5-2 hours between feedings instead of 30-45 minutes).

Regardless, she’s perfect and I’m obsessed. And, my milk came in, which is great! Although my boobs are like 2.5 times bigger than her head and hard as rocks.

Other than that, family and friends have been so supportive and life is grand.

Check out her cuteness, Miss Charlotte Gitel, the love of my life.