A Great Deal!

I know, I know… More shopping? But seriously, this one I just couldn’t resist. 

Yesterday as I was stalking… Err… Casually reading one of my favorite Buy, Sell, Trade pages on Facebook, I came across a great deal! Someone had posted that Michael’s had a wooden art easel on clearance (hello 80% off!!) for only $13.99! 

Crazy, right?? Originally, this sucker was $80 and if you’ve ever priced wooden art easels out, you know, they’re expensive.

So anyway… Enough of my spending justification.

Today, I dragged my very tired butt out into the literally freezing weather and got the best deal ever! 

I picked up the easel (it has a chalkboard, whiteboard and a holder for a paper roll, in addition to two storage baskets), a paper roll (duh), Crayola Washable Non-Toxic Paint (inspired by my friend Jenny), and paint brushes… All for $30! 

Awesome deal, huh? I love after Xmas sales!

Take that, puffs!

The tiny one is really starting to master picking up food with her little fingers. She’s not amazing at it, but she’s making progress.

Tonight, for the first time, not only was she able to get the little sweet potato puffy things into her mouth… BUT she actually ate them! She’s only ever had them in her mouth once or twice and it’s always ended in throw up. Poor little gag reflex.

But, again, tonight she did it! She ate at least 10 of the dang things! And, not only that, but she ate little Apple pieces, too! I had steamed apples for applesauce and gave her a little before blending it up.

All in all, a good meal… FINALLY! And, on top of it, she ate some of my oatmeal today, too! Yay for food progress.





I should also mention that leading up to tonight, I have been in a major food power struggle with C. She literally just does not want to be fed. She wants to be a big girl and hold the spoon herself.


To overcome the power struggle, I decided to try a homemade “pouch.” Now, before you yell at me for letting my baby suck on a ziplock bag, it must be said that I was regulating the whole time. Anyway, I decided to make a “piping bag” our of a ziplock, which actually worked.


So, I ordered some Squooshi refillable pouches to try. They haven’t arrived yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

My Newborn Must Haves

Since I’m definitely going to forget, I thought I’d take the time to blog about my favorite, must-have newborn items. As the days go on, I can see this list changing, but these are the things that totally saved me over the past three months.

1. The swing! OH magical swing. We received ours as a hand-me-down from my sister and this thing is a godsend. Judge away, but sometimes, I’ve gotta put baby girl down and get some stuff done. Not-to-mention the fact that she really loves hanging out in the swing. We put it near a window so she can look at the light or wherever really. It definitely calms her and me. This is an item she still loves (thankfully!!).

This isn't our exact swing, as ours is at least 5 years old, but it's Fisher-Price and looks pretty darn similar to this one.

This isn’t our exact swing, as ours is at least 5 years old, but it’s Fisher-Price and looks pretty darn similar to this one.

2. The Maya Ring Sling. So, I was all about the baby wearing. It’s the perfect way to get babes to chill out and take a napski while mom finishes dinner. At first, I tried the Moby Wrap, but when your baby is howling and you’re trying to get dinner ready, there’s no time for fabric origami. I also tried the Ergo Baby with the infant insert, but a) that thing is so big and bulky, we’d both be sweating bullets and b) it was a whole ordeal to get her in the infant burrito insert, then in the carrier. Long story short, neither option was quick enough. Then came the maya ring sling, which my sister found for me at a garage sale (best $20 spent EVER). It was so simple to throw on and totally calmed the nugget. Whether I was making dinner, walking around the house, or enjoying a 3-4 hour bridal shower, this thing REALLY came in handy.

The magic sling.

The magic sling.

3. The Bob Motion Travel System. I really wanted a bugaboo stroller. Yes, I’m talking about that $1000+ piece of equipment. After a few (understatement of the year) arguments with my husband, I decided that it made more sense to spend $1,000 on a bazillion baby necessities than on a baby luxury. SO, I went to BuyBuy Baby and tested out all of the strollers. I fell in love with the BOB and have been so happy with it. It’s easy to use, so easy to maneuver and not too giant.

The BOB.

The BOB.

4. Aiden & Anais Swaddle Blankets. I use these things for everything (except swaddling). I have at least one in every room. They’re perfect for wiping up spit up or drool or milk if I decide to spray my babe in the face, they’re great to drape over the car seat to protect C from the sun, they’re a nice blanket to lay on or keep the little one warm. They’re the perfect all purpose blanket.

I probably have at least 12 of these.

I probably have at least 12 of these.

5. The Boppy Nursing Pillow. The Boppy was such a godsend in the first couple months. For the bazillion hours spent nursing, it was perfect to prop baby up on. Not to mention the fact that I was so dang nervous with her in the beginning. The Boppy made me feel like my fragile little nuglet was safe and supported without giving me a total dead arm. Now that I’m working with Charlotte, the Boppy is once again one of my “must haves.” It allows me to work while she eats… And when she’s not using it, it’s super comfortable as a back rest.

Tiny babes sleeping on the boppy after a good snack.

Tiny babes sleeping on the boppy after a good snack.

6. Trail mix and my giant water bottle (with a straw). This is something I didn’t know would be so crucial. If you’re breastfeeding, those first few weeks bring a hunger and thirst like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m talking about a lightheaded, dizzy hunger. Your body is working hard and with all the baby care, it’s not always easy to go make a snack. I kept trail mix next to my bed, in the nursery, in my purse, in the diaper bag. Any place I might suddenly be attacked with a surge of hunger.

7. My nursing cover. Mine was the bebe au lait, which I thought worked very well. This thing allowed me to leave the house and provide 24/7 flood service to my babe. In not going to like though, I really do not enjoy breastfeeding in public.

8.HALO Sleepsack Swaddle. Our hospital gave us this as a little gift, and we really loved it. Not to mention, the little one loved it. And she was such a cute little burrito in it. We had a Summer Infant one and it SUCKED… velcro never stayed together and got caught on everything… and an Aden + Anais one, which we returned because it had snaps instead of velcro… that makes no sense at all.

Tiny person in the Halo sleep sack swaddle thing.

Tiny person in the Halo sleep sack swaddle thing.

9. Comfy yoga or maternity pants, hospital undies, nursing tops or stretchy tanks, and button downs / cardigans. This was so important. I had a c-section, so any low or even normal rise anything (underwear or pants) were an absolute no way. I literally took about 30 pairs of the free hospital undies they give you. They’re really not that bad… except they look like a diaper. But man were they crucial for avoiding the scar. Same story with the pants. As for the tanks, I lived in nursing tanks for a month, but then I started feeling more confident and was able to just wear nursing friendly shirts… mainly, stretchy tanks with a cardigan or button down over it.

10. My husband. Holy crap, I would not have survived without him. Beyond just those first couple weeks where everything hurt and I needed help lifting her, etc. But just everything. I mean, I literally did not change a single diaper… not a one… for just about 2 weeks. That’s at least 140 diapers, people. And he’s still just so amazing and helpful and hands-on. He takes her in the mornings, we switch off night feedings, he does research when I’m so tired I can’t think straight, he still changes diapers without complaint, he takes her on walks, he listens to me gush about her every night and watches every single video I take of her. Best of all, he loves her to pieces.


Birthday Celebration with my Ladies

As I mentioned earlier this week, my birthday is tomorrow… the big 2-9. And while this number is getting a little high for my comfort, I have to admit, I feel pretty good being able to say I’m still in my twenties. It sounds so youthful, right?

Plus, besides being pregnant, I pretty much look 18, so that works!

Anyway, I digress. Last night I celebrated my birthday with two very special little ladies… my very close friends, Erica and Carrie. We went to this Southern Italian restaurant and ate some good (and some okay) food. The restaurant is new to my area… Salotto Zarletti. What I can say is that they make a VERY good pizza. My favorite was the prosciutto con rucola. It had arugula and a delish tomato sauce… very tasty. The salad – an asparagus salad – was tasty, but tiny. All-in-all, dinner was good, but not amazing!

So the ladies crowd this year was a little small, as my sweet friend Kate is officially moved away and living in Seattle <TEAR> and our other friend, Ashley, was unable to make it. Regardless, we had a great time. After dinner, the ladies took me to go see “The Other Woman,” which was perfectly stupid and entertaining. Definitely a movie you can wait to watch on TV, but it was $5 movie night (with free popcorn) at the theater, so who could resist? It was really fun! I haven’t been to a movie with my girlfriends since I was… I don’t even know? Back in high school? Middle School?

Either way, it was a great little date night with my gals and felt like an evening that would be harder to pull off once baby girl comes. I’m lucky to have such great friends.

In other news, poor little Toby got his first tick… and it was nasty. He was licking his paw a ton last night, so we thought he had some sort of allergic reaction to something (we didn’t see anything on him). We gave him half a children’s Benadryl (a secret remedy our vet clued us in on) and went to bed. This morning, he was still licking, so I checked out his paw again and found this…

Honestly, at first, I didn't know what it was. My instinct was to grab a kleenex and pull the thing out... then I thought, hmmm... might want to wait on that.

Honestly, at first, I didn’t know what it was. My instinct was to grab a kleenex and pull the thing out… then I thought, hmmm… might want to wait on that.

Close-up of the NASTY, giant tick.

Close-up of the NASTY, giant tick.

That's his, "Mommy, I have an owie" face.

That’s his, “Mommy, I have an owie” face.

I decided to take Tobers to the vet so he could make sure the entire tick was removed and didn’t do any damage to our little guy. I love our vet. He’s really awesome. He removed the tick, which was dead, and suggested a monthly flea and tick treatment that works better than Frontline. While Frontline kills fleas and ticks once they bite your pet, this other drug – Vectra – repels them and burns the sh*t out of them if they land on your pup. Anyway, we’ll bring Tobers back in three weeks for his regularly scheduled heartworm blood test, at which point they’ll test for any tick-related illness that could have been transferred.

Until then, hopefully Toby stays tick-free.



My back is not comfortable. Some moments are better than others, but it’s really not great. Especially if I have to pee or am feeling bloated… which is probably about 50% of my day. I swear, I literally pee every 45-60 minutes. It’s insane. And for some reason, I’m SO bloated. My diet hasn’t changed, so it shouldn’t be that, but oofta. Not fun.

While I recognize that was a lot of bitching, I must say this, even on my worst of days (in terms of symptoms), I think I’ve had a pretty dang easy pregnancy. I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories. Plus, relatively speaking, I’ve managed to keep the vast majority of my pregnancy weight gain in my belly (and some in the boobs), which helps me to miss my old body a LITTLE less. Although, I really do miss it.

Okay, I’m done complaining. It’s a good day! My baby is playing around as I type and we’re both happy as can be!

I’ve Gained 26 Pounds… And Counting

I just had my regular doctor’s visit and holy smokes… I was shocked when I stepped on that scale. While I only gained 1.5-2 pounds last month, I gained 5 lbs in the past 2 two weeks, pushing my grand total to 26 pounds gained. Ugh…

Despite the fact that my doctor is not concerned even a little, I can’t help but feel a little bad about how high that number is getting. I will admit that with all the family in town, we did a lot of eating out, which translates into not-so-healthy eating. BUT, for the most part, we eat really well and I’ve still been working out. I think I really just need to buckle down. Even when I go out to eat, I need to be sure to pick healthy options. Oy.

Why couldn’t I be one of those people who gain like 16 lbs? I would have really appreciated that. Oh well I guess.

Between that and getting in a fight with my parents this morning – always so fun – I was just about in tears at the doctor’s office. I think the moral of the story is that I need to avoid mean people and scales. That will likely help.



Besides the shocking weight gain, things are looking good. My big ole’ Buddah belly is measuring at about 31 cm, which is perfect. You’re supposed to measure in centimeters the number of weeks you are… ie: I am 31 weeks and my belly is 31 cm.

In more fun news, we’ve officially received most of our packages in the mail from our big Kohl’s purchase (and maybe a couple others). This is what we came home to last night:

Just a few packages!

Just a few packages!

Take that, Christmas!

Take that, Christmas!

The packages contained TONS of 65% off goodies (I love having friends that work at cool places), but the best were obviously the baby monitor and stroller! The baby monitor is currently being charged, so we weren’t able to play too much, but the stroller is put together and even got a little usage!

Baby Toby testing out the new ride.

Baby Toby testing out the new ride.

Oy. I can't handle it... he's just SO cute.

Oy. I can’t handle it… he’s just SO cute.


Holy Packed Weekend

Ya know those weekends where you need a weekend from the weekend? Yup! That’s where I’m at. Although, I can’t complain too much because it’s in the 70’s and sunny today. Too bad i’m back at work.

Anyway, the crazily busy weekend…

Friday night we went to Mark’s dad and step mom’s house for a nice dinner and to hang out with Mark’s sister and her girlies. They played with Toby the Wonderpup and we all brainstormed baby names. No conclusion was made except for the fact that I have a lot of name rules and names I just don’t like. The struggle continues.

On Saturday morning, I went with my mom and sis for manis. I chose a nice, easter-egg-inspired look.

On Saturday morning, I went with my mom and sis for manis. I chose a nice, easter-egg-inspired look.

Post-mani, it was time to head to my brother-in-law's work to go through THREE PALLETS worth of baby gear...

Post-mani, it was time to head to my brother-in-law’s work to go through THREE PALLETS worth of baby gear…

First pallet coming off the shelf...

First pallet coming off the shelf…



The guards.

The guards.

More gear coming down...

More gear coming down…

Mini bassinet!

Mini bassinet!

Our official tester...

Our official tester…

Gabby approved!

Gabby approved!

Once we packed up about a pallet and half's worth of gear into the conversion van, it was time to bring it to the house and unload...

Once we packed up about a pallet and half’s worth of gear into the conversion van, it was time to bring it to the house and unload…

Baby gear takes over.

Baby gear takes over.

That's a lot of stuff...

That’s a lot of stuff…

And of course, once it was in the house, we had to unload! Thank goodness for my sis, who helped me weed through a bazillion boxes of baby clothes!

And of course, once it was in the house, we had to unload! Thank goodness for my sis, who helped me weed through a bazillion boxes of baby clothes!

Once my sister and her fam left, we had our second set of visitors for the day! Mark's sis and nieces came for a slumber party. NOTE: These faces are a direct result of the captivating movie, The Last Unicorn.

Once my sister and her fam left, we had our second set of visitors for the day! Mark’s sis and nieces came for a slumber party. NOTE: These faces are a direct result of the captivating movie, The Last Unicorn.

Sunday morning snuggles before the kids and Mark headed to the zoo and I went to make returns and purchases at BuyBuy Baby!

Sunday morning snuggles before the kids and Mark headed to the zoo and I went to make returns and purchases at BuyBuy Baby!

That evening, Marky and I went to dinner at my mom and dad’s house and then we all (Mark, his sister, the nieces, and I) met up again at our house for more play time and organization time.

This morning, the girls helped Mark give Toby an impromptu foot cleaning in the sink. It's still a bit muddy outside.

This morning, the girls helped Mark give Toby an impromptu foot cleaning in the sink. It’s still a bit muddy outside.

Marky, Babyboo and I with Emily this morning!

Marky, Babyboo and I with Emily this morning!


I’ve been feeling pretty great. The little babe has been in the head-down position for the past couple weeks; however, yesterday she seemed to have flipped into the breech position. HOWEVER… this morning it really seemed to feel like she was flipping. I’m not 100% sure at this point. I know she still has a couple weeks before it actually matters, but even from a comfort perspective, it’s way more comfortable when she’s head down. I don’t love those tiny feet tapping on my bladder.

Other than that, I’m pretty much all done with all the purchasing. I found some awesome nursing bras from Target that seem to fit really well. They’re supportive without being restrictive and have no wire. Here are the bras. I got the black and white polka dot one… because it’s adorable! I also picked up a couple of these nursing tanks. So, I think I’m pretty much set to pack my hospital bag this week.

Also, I think I mentioned last week that my AMAZING friend works for Kohl’s Corporate and was able to get us a SERIOUS discount on just about EVERYTHING left on our registry. Everything from swaddles and bibs to our stroller, baby monitors, diaper pail and hamper. And here’s the fun part… There happened to be a special going last week, so she got 65% off! Our total spent from $660 and total saved was around $930! Talk about a deal! We ordered 25 items ranging in price from $9.99 to $519.99 (full price). Woo! I love deals.

Needless to say, I will be running home from work daily to check for packages. SUCH excitement.

One more little tidbit… tonight we have our childbirthing class at the hospital. We are taking this class (6 hours total, split between two days) and a private class at our house with our Doula (8 hours total, split between two days). Hopefully we’ll learn a few things 🙂


The Changing Table Dresser Situation Resolved

For those of you who don’t remember the dresser debacle, the long and short of it is that in the process of building the dresser, my husband and I messed up the dresser table top. We called the company and told them the piece was broken (among other pieces) and thankfully they had no problem sending us some new pieces.

So, after waiting at least a couple weeks to finally finish our dresser, the top arrived and the dang thing was finally finished. THEN… I could focus on decorating. So I used the 3M Command “Damage-Free” Hanging Strips to hang some picture frames above the dresser and one came crashing down right on top of the damn thing. The result…

A big (relatively speaking)  old dent on my brand new dresser!

A big (relatively speaking) old dent on my brand new dresser!

I called 3M to give them a piece of my mind, which honestly has not gone very far. I’ve sent them photos and before they will do anything, I have to send them back the actual failed hanging strips. SO… that’s still a work in progress.

Meanwhile, I called South Shore, the maker of the dresser and told them that the replacement table top I received is dented. Not untrue, not totally forthcoming. Either way, the woman was SO wonderful! She put me on hold for a minute and let me know that she had issued a replacement order for the piece, which will be wrapped extra well! So HECK YES! Even if 3M continues to put me through the runner, we have a new tabletop on its way. The sanctuary is preserved another day.

One more little thing, I have to say, the dresser was NOT expensive. I want to say it was about $300. So, not garage sale cheap, but still, not expensive. We ordered the thing from WalMart. When we placed the order and even when we received the broken pieces originally (yes, some items were broken upon arrival… and some we played a hand in breaking), I was not confident in our purcahsing decision. But now, in hindsight, I’m very satisfied and it’s purely based on South Shore’s customer service. While waiting for parts to arrive isn’t fun, at least it was totally easy to keep the process moving. I’d definitely recommend South Shore to anyone looking for inexpensive furniture.



I made it to the gym last night, which was good… although my workout was a little less than enthused. I was definitely a bit sluggish, but got more into it by the end. Then, I came home, ate dinner and relaxed a bit. It was nice. Even got to read and make it in bed by 10. I’m hoping for an exact repeat tonight. I’m still feeling quite tired, so I figure a few more nights of solid sleep and I might start feeling human again.

Plus, it’s Thursday… which means tomorrow is Friday… and that means it’s the weekend! We have another fun-filled weekend. Friday we will have dinner at Mark’s dad’s house with his sister and the girlies, which will be really nice. Then, Saturday I have mani’s with my mom and sis… obviously a highlight! And then after, my sister, her hubs, Marky and I will head over to my brother-in-law’s shop to pick up the INSANE amount of baby stuff my sister has saved for us over the years. We’re talking two pallets worth of stuff. Everything from a crib mattress, baby swing and high chair to clothing in every size and style imaginable. Obviously, I am very excited to pick all the stuff up and organize.

Then Saturday night we will be babysitting for the nieces so my sister-in-law can enjoy a nice birthday dinner with Milly compliments on my hubs and I. And Sunday will likely be more organizing and maybe even a trip to Buy Buy Baby! I swear, I think after this weekend we’re going to be pretty darn set in terms of baby gear.

Which reminds me, it must be mentioned that my friend hooked us up with the best deal EVER. She works at Kohl’s and used her discount to get us 65% off of ALL our remaining registry items (or everything that Kohl’s carried). It was amazing… she is amazing!


The Registry

As with most things involving this baby and pregnancy, I did a lot of research before finalizing my registry. Which car seat is the safest? Glass bottles versus plastic? Cloth versus disposable diapers? Which is the best baby monitor? Which brand carries the most natural skin care products? Which stroller is best for a 5′ 1″ woman? And honestly, it goes on from there. So, after all that hard work, I figured I’d share my final selections. And also, I must comment on a couple choices… but remember, this is only what I’ve heard or read… I’ll follow up once the little princess comes and we actually start using this stuff! 1. The Stroller: This was literally the hardest decision I had to make regarding “stuff”… or at least a tie with the furniture. The first time my hubs and I went to check out strollers, I fell in LOVE with the Bugaboo Chameleon. And honestly, who wouldn’t? It’s got great handling, it’s great for short women, it’s versatile, sturdy, adorable, and… horribly expensive. With all the necessary components, this thing ends up being $1000. Anyway, I was seriously considering the stroller until a little bit of practicality sunk in. $1000 would get us a large percentage of the remaining items on our registry, plus a reasonably priced stroller. So, I decided to reevaluate. I did TONS of research on the best strollers for petite women and after rolling through BuyBuy Baby pushing a dozen different strollers, I ultimately decided on the BOB Motion. This thing is compatible with our car seat, it folds up like a dream, it’s relatively manageable at only 22 lbs, and best of all, it has an adjustable tilt on the handle making it perfect for a shorty like me or someone of a normal height. Best of all, it’s under $300! So, that’s the Bob! 2. The Baby Monitor: We were going between the Motorolla, the Summer Infant Dual View Monitors, and the Summer Infant Wifi Monitor. The Wifi sounded so great because you could see the baby even when you left the house, yada yada. Well, turns out that the apps to watch on your phone totally suck and even more so, would we really want that? If we’re leaving the house, the babers will likely be with one of our parents/family members. They don’t need us hovering and watching and we need to be able to get out and not obsess over the baby. As for the Motorolla versus Summer Infant Dual View, from what I heard, the Motorolla has a crisper picture, but you have to be within about 100′ versus the Summer Infant that has a little lower picture quality, but you can be as far as 500′. That means, we could be outside doing yard work and still feel confident that we can hear/see the baby. Also, it comes with two cameras, meaning when Baby #2 comes, we won’t have to buy another monitor!

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 1

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 1

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 2

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 2

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 3

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 3

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 4

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 4

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 5

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 5

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 6

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 6

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 7

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 7

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 8

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 8

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 9

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 9

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 10

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 10

BuyBuy Baby Registry - Page 11

BuyBuy Baby Registry – Page 11

Registry List _ Pottery Barn Kids_Redacted_Page_1

Pottery Barn Kids Registry - Page 2

Pottery Barn Kids Registry – Page 2

Shades of Grey

For all my family that reads this, DON’T WORRY, I’m not about to get weird. I’m talking about paint shades!

On Monday, I went over to Sherman Williams to grab some grey paint swatches to try out in the nursery. When I got them home, I realized I was way off. Out of the 15 swatches (literally) that I brought home, I didn’t like any of them. So today, I ran over to Home Depot over lunch. I decided to stick with Behr, because I’ve had a lot of success with the paint and it’s cheaper. Plain and simple.

Anyway, at first I was picking colors on my own, and then I decided to enlist the Home Depot paint man. We’ll call him Fred to make the story easier. So, I showed Fred my “inspiration photo” and asked him if any of the 10 swatches I was holding were close and what he would recommend for a small room with moderate to low light. Surprise, surprise… I was way off again. After about 5-10 minutes of discussing colors, I decided to purchase two sample paint jars for $2.77 each. Here’s what I ended up with…

My "inspiration photo"... I just love how warm and simple this looks. While grey is usually considered a cooler color, something about the lighting, the ivory furniture and the white trim really warm it up to be so cozy.

My “inspiration photo”… I just love how warm and simple this looks. While grey is usually considered a cooler color, something about the lighting, the ivory furniture and the white trim really warm it up to be so cozy.

GREY OPTION #1 (the lighter version)

Behr Color 790e-1

Behr Color 790e-1

GREY OPTION #2 (the darker version)

Behr Color 790e-2

Behr Color 790e-2

For the trim, I’m thinking just a plain old ultra pure white…

1850 Ultra Pure White

1850 Ultra Pure White


So, if all goes as planned, I’ll be able to slap these colors on the wall and HOPEFULLY get closer to picking a color by… THE WEEKEND! Yes, I want to paint this weekend. Maybe that’s unrealistic, but I’m up for the challenge, as is my hubs.

As for techniques, I learned a lot from Fred:

  • Unless there is a semi-gloss or gloss paint on our current walls, it is not necessary to sand the walls before painting. If there is a semi-gloss or gloss, a light sand is recommended.
  • For the trim, if there is a high-sheen coating (forgot the name), we will need to sand down to the bare wood. If there is just a stain, a light sand will do. He recommended this sander:
3M Pro Grade 2-1/2 in. x 4-1/2 in. Extra-Fine Sanding Sponge

3M Pro Grade 2-1/2 in. x 4-1/2 in. Extra-Fine Sanding Sponge

  • Fred recommended prepping the trim and walls first. Then, paint the walls, then trim. My husband and I have been debating this, as he things trim first and I think walls first. Fred said walls first… and I swear, I didn’t even prompt him.
  • We have a louvered closet door. I had no idea that was the name, but essentially, it’s a slatted door. The closet door guy recommended that we use spray paint on the door because getting in the grooves is a pain in the rear with a brush. He recommended this spray paint:
    Spray Paint

    Spray Paint

    I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it’s something to explore. We’re also thinking about renting a paint sprayer from Home Depot, but this is TBD.

  • Brush recommendation for the trim:
$12 option...

$12 option…

$6 option

$6 option

  • Roller recommendation for the walls:
    Cheaper version...

    Cheaper version…

    More expensive version.

    More expensive version.


  • Roller recommendation for the main nursery entrance door:



Productive lunch, huh? Hopefully with all this, we’ll be ready to sand and paint this weekend!


Yesterday, I had my first real bloody nose ever. All I can say is, “Woof!” I hate blood. Hopefully that doesn’t happen often. Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good. Still pretty overwhelmed and emotional. The husband and I got into it yesterday (again) about the registry items/expenses/etc. and I’m not going to lie, the “discussion” ended with FULL sobbing. Actually, I was pretty much sobbing the entire time. I can’t remember the last time I cried so hard. I just felt so overwhelmed.

It ended with a good hug and I think we both feel better. It feels like we’re on the same page I think. With all the money being spent and the nerves of having another little life joining our family in 4 months, I think stress levels are just a little high. But, it helped to talk it out last night. Once I stopped sobbing of course. And today, I’m feeling really good. Excited to take on the nursery with my hubs. I’m sure the painting project will take way too long and will suck a bit, but for now, I’m excited to work on it with Mark. He’s pretty fun. AND, for all those worried about pregnant me and paint fumes, the room will be well ventilated. I think we’ll be just fine!

The other notable thing is that this sweet little love nugget is a kicking machine this week, and today especially. Mark and I joked that this is her way of saying, “no fighting or else mom gets kicked.” Or maybe she’s just feeling spunky today. Ugh, I can’t wait to hug her. She’s definitely getting bigger and starting to feel like a mini person moving around in there (versus feeling like gas or just a little poke). There is some full-on movement and I’m not gonna lie, it gets a bit distracting sometimes. Especially when she tries to rearrange my organs while I’m in a meeting… or the vagina pokes. Eesh.

My Anti-Stretch Mark Go-To’s

Since my sister brought me a “pregnancy kit” at 6 or so weeks, I have been religiously applying creams and oils to my growing belly, breasts, hips, and thighs. Sometimes even the tush gets a little lotion. Anyway, I’ve gone through quite a few brands and here’s what I’ve found to be my favorite…

My moisturizing regimen.

My moisturizing regimen.


Basq FRESH Resilient Body Oil (Eucalyptus): ($19.50 from Pea in the Pod or Amazon) This is the most essential item. While it’s an oil, it isn’t greasy at all. It goes on SO smoothly and doesn’t leave any residue on clothing. Also, it leaves my skin feeling soft and totally moisturized. Even better, it smells awesome. And, if you don’t like the eucalyptus scent, it also comes in lavender. I use this at least twice a day.

Basq Milk & Honey Stretch Mark Butter: ($15.00 from Destination Maternity) I’m not SO sold on this body butter. I don’t really have any complaints, but I’m not as die-hard about it as I am the body oil. I will say that between this and the Burt’s Mama Bee Belly Butter, I make sure to “lock in” the moisture from the oil by putting some form of belly butter on top 9 times out of 10. This cream is nice and thick and has a pretty neutral scent. It it definitely moisturizing and I will definitely use it until it’s done. I’m thinking I might try Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue Body Butter once I run out. It’s supposed to help with any stretch marks you may already have and help keep you nice and moisturized.

Mama Bee Belly Butter by Burt’s Bees: ($12.99 from Destination Maternity) I switch back and forth between the Milk & Honey Stretch Mark Butter and the Mama Bee Belly Butter. They are pretty similar products; although, I think the Stretch Mark Butter is a little thicker, which I like in this bitter cold and dry winter. This will likely be a nicer option when things warm up a bit. Like with the other “butter,” I’m not over-the-moon about this product, but I feel like it’s a good and inexpensive option.

Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Scrub: ($41.40 from Skin Care Heaven or FREE from my Fiji trip) I am literally obsessed with anything made by Pure Fiji. Their body butter is unreal and this sugar scrub is awesome. I received it as a little welcome gift from one of our resorts and am in love with it. It leaves your skin feeling so soft. Anyway, a lady at Pea in the Pod recommended using a body scrub a few times a week on your belly/breasts/etc. She said to apply it  in a circular motion going one direction (ie: right to left) and then after your shower, to apply your body oil in a circular motion going the other direction (ie: left to right). I try to do this as often as I remember and really enjoy the results. Note: I believe any scrub will do… I just love this one.



I’m feeling full of love and just plain old excited. I can’t wait to find out the sex and get to start registering and designing the nursery. I’m struggling with ideas and color-schemes, so I’m hoping once we know, I’ll be able to make some decisions. Otherwise, still craving sweets like a fiend. And of course, I got a box of girl scout cookies delivered to my desk today. Oy, lemonades… why must you taste so delicious? Three cookies later, I for sure need to get my behind to the gym tonight.