My Momcomplishment


A momcomplishment is a thing, right? It’s like an accomplishment, but even more amazing because you’re a mom and that makes even the slightest tasks more difficult. So, enter, the momcomplishment.

This past weekend, I had a big one (in my world).

Back story… I am not a naturally athletic human. In fact, I still think about the time – in middle school – when I got made fun of for prancing and/or frolicking like a deer instead of running during my B-Team basketball game. Also, I can still feel the dread that would plague the week leading up to the day we’d have to run the mile in gym class. I was always one of the last to finish.

I’ve always been more of a sidelines kinda gal… but not in a cheerleader way, because I didn’t care about sports in any capacity… but in the “I’m here to socialize… is there a game going on?” kind of way.

Now fast forward to my current world. Since October of 2016, I’ve been working out pretty regularly with my neighbor friend. Mostly about 3 times a week, sometimes 4. We’ve done Cross Fit, 9Rounds and Orangetheory (my current obsession). What started out as a way to lose baby weight has transformed into a pretty solid lifestyle change. We now (since the beginning of December) work out at Orangetheory 5 mornings a week and most days just love it.

So, my momcomplishment… last weekend I successfully completed my first Dri-Tri at Orangetheory… a 2,000 meter row, 300 body weight exercises (think burpees, squats, push ups, etc), and a 5k run on the tread ALL in 47 minutes (and 44 seconds)! I wasn’t the fastest, I wasn’t the slowest, but I was extremely proud of myself.

Exercise has become an amazing way for me to start my days with focus, energy, and accomplishment and this was just the first of many personal achievements to come. When I’m sweating my ass off in the morning, I’m not a mom, I’m not a wife, I’m not an employee, I’m just me, working hard for me.


Henry Update

Can we just talk about what a little champ my guy is? SUCH. A. CHAMP.

Henry went in for orchiopexy surgery last Tuesday morning at 8am. Despite not eating anything since dinner, the bugger was a champ. In fact, I think he was actually having a pretty great time for a while there.

That is, until they put the hospital bracelet around his ankle. Let’s just say, Hem was NOT a fan. This is not even a little surprising, though, as he can’t handle a collar touching his neck or any weird laying clothing.


Get this bracelet OFF!!

Shortly after the ankle bracelet, Henry was given an oral medication to calm him and get him all zonked before anesthesia. It worked. He was SO loopy and heavy-headed. He laid on mommy, with stickers in one hand and daddy’s phone playing “Let it Go” (on repeat) in the other hand. Every so often, he’d lift one of his hands to rediscover what he was holding, as if he had no idea.

During this time, the surgeon came in to chat with us and then the anesthesiologist. If I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the anesthesiologist’s bedside manner. He seemed like a very nice person, but just seemed to approach all discussion topics with a sense of drama-building urgency. I asked if he would have a pain block of some sort and he explained that sometimes they give a baby epidural. Clearly, my face grew panicky because he confirmed whether this was something we were comfortable with. Mark and I both agreed that we wanted him to do what was necessary to keep Henry comfortable.

Then, they carried Henry away. While I didn’t cry, I did spiral into a deep, internal panic. On the outside, I was pretty silent, except to mention hear or there how I thought I might throw up.

The doctor and nurses had told us the procedure would take about an hour. At the hour and 10ish minute mark, the Surgery Waiting Room Receptionist came running towards us with a cell phone. She handed me the phone. It was the anesthesiologist. I panicked. “Is everything okay?!?!?” He nonchalantly said, “oh, yeah. The doctor discovered hernias, so he has to make more incisions (4 total). I’d like to give Henry the epidural, but wanted to check with you because you seemed unsure.” Me: “If that’s what he needs, yes. Please give him the epidural.”

In my head: WTF, DUDE? You scared the crap out of me with this running cell phone nonsense! I told you to do what was best for my child!!!!

The surgery lasted about another hour when finally the surgeon came out to tell us that everything had been resolved. They had also tested Henry’s pee stream and ended up having to make a 2mm cut to his urethra, in addition to the removal of circumcision adhesions.

All in all, the buddy was pretty roughed up down there.

When Henry finally woke up, they said he lifted his IV’d arm slowly, looked at them, and called out for mommy. Of course, the second he saw me, he started to cry. I scooped him up and didn’t let go until we left the hospital around 2:30.

When we got home, the most difficult thing right away was trying to wrangle him. Because of the epidural, he didn’t have full control of his jello legs, so he was flopping all over the place… but of course, he didn’t want help walking. After his nap, he was back to his old tricks.

With that said, he was medicated with an alternating cocktail of oxycodone (only at night for the first 2 nights), ibuprofen and tylenol. By Sunday he was totally off the meds (so 5 days total).

Truly, the worst part was diaper changes. I guess that’s obvious. But, oofta. Mark worked from home the day after the surgery, which was nice… but of course, it wasn’t until 2 days after – when mommy was alone – that he really let those poops go. Oy!

Thankfully, he is getting better every moment and will be back at school tomorrow! PHEW! What a whirlwind.


Remember me?

Hey all! It’s been forever since I’ve been here, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. Somehow, life has been operating at warp speed and I never seem to find a minute to purge my thoughts to my trusty blog. 

I’m hoping that a quick resurgence will get the momentum going, so, here I am! 

As I mentioned, life has been crazy. So good, but so busy. From a personal standpoint, I’ve been up at 5am most mornings to workout, beginning my daily hustle. And I pretty much run around like crazy until nighttime, when I spend about 2-3 nights per week making cookies with my neighbor/friend/partner-in-crime. 

Sleep (briefly). Repeat. And, repeat. 

Sometimes it feels a bit like a scene from the movie Groundhog’s Day. 5am again?

But truly, I can’t complain. 

The kids are at amazingly fun ages. Not without their challenges of course, but mostly very fun.

I will say, Miss C has been wickedly spicy this past week. I feel bad complaining because it’s been an amazing few months with little to no spice, but daaaaaaang, gf is testing her parents. And of course, in total sour patch kid fashion. 

<C says/does something crazy. C’s head spins in circles from rage. C takes a time out. C re-emerges from said timeout.>

C: mommy, I love you so much. I’m going to be so nice to you and daddy and hemy every day because I love you so much. 

<Mom gives blank stares and wearily says, “okay”, as if she was just run over by a truck.>

End scene.

As for Hem, he’s been so sweet, too. Boy is still the noisiest human gracing the good earth, but adorbs regardless.

He definitely rivals Stewie from family guy, in terms of how many times one being can say momma (or Some variation) consecutively.

But seriously, life is good! I have so much to share and hopefully will get it all out soon. 

Thanks for not forgetting about me! 

Until next time, ✌️

“Sharing” Berries

Mealtime at our house is usually a bit silly. Why? Because of Miss C. She’s just a goofy little person who LOVES food… kind of like her parents.

Remember this video from December 2015 of her mowing cheese?

Well, I took this video just a couple of days ago of the amazing Miss C enjoying some berries and contemplating sharing with both Daddy & Nana:


Charlie’s First Dentist Appointment

img_20161116_111253083I know, I know… she’s over two years old! Maybe this shouldn’t have been her FIRST visit to the dentist, but regardless, it was. Mark and I totally anticipated a locked-lipped toddler, screaming and crying; however, Charlotte was AMAZING.

Truth: I wasn’t there, but Nana and Mark (who were both there) said Charlie was incredible! Probably a bit shell-shocked, but incredible!

She laid on the exam chair, watched some TV (with Mark) and let the dentists and hygienist clean her teeth. Afterward, she even got a few special little toys, tattoos and stickers for being such a good girl.img_20161116_110340469_burst000_cover

And, the takeaway (compliments to my mother in law for this amazing run down):

  • All 20 teeth are in
  • Molars have lots of ‘mountains and valleys,’ which are good for chewing. They also collect food more than flat teeth so need to be brushed more carefully.
  • Lots of spaces between teeth so food is unlikely to be trapped. Flossing is for training only. (OY! Can’t imagine this will be a welcomed addition to our nighttime routine)
  • Amount of toothpaste on brush: a grain or two, so no prob if she swallows (C switched to THIS toothpaste, which has fluoride)
  • Brush 2x day (we had only been brushing her teeth at night, but have since added a brush in the AM. I was thinking it was time… she officially wakes up with stinky breath.)
  • Tissue above upper teeth should be clear of teeth before braces so teeth align well. Currently, the tissue above her teeth is attached… I’m not sure I totally get this one. Have to get a refresher from Mark (the appointment was actually last week).

img_20161116_110237188_burst000_coverWe actually selected a pediatric dentist who’s a friend of ours and a parent to a child who attends C’s school. Makes checking in easy and it was great for the dentist to be a familiar face for Charlotte.


Living the Dream

I am currently standing in a public restroom stall, attached to my breast pump… I’m literally living the dream.

I know that sounds sarcastic, but I’m totally serious. The hubby and I left our babies in the care of our parents and are currently living it up in Nashville, TN with 17 of our closest friends.

I will do a full post about the amazingness that is my trip, but for now, just a few photos…

Halfway Through the Challenge

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this at all on here, but three weeks ago, I started a bootcamp challenge. The challenge includes (3) one-hour crossfit classes per week and a paleo diet (no dairy, soy, wheat, sugar… Aka none of the good stuff). 

I was really dreading the workouts because a) duh. B) I’m not the cross fit / weight lifting type (I have never lifted weights prior to my class) and C) it felt like a huge time commitment.

Well, let me say that I’ve been absolutely loving it. I’m signed up with my neighbor and it’s just become a fun little escape (during the peak of nighttime craziness) that feels great!

The diet… It’s fine. I can’t eat dairy or soy anyway because of Henry, so it’s not a huge change. I’ve cheated maybe 3 very small times (small bowl of cereal in almond milk, a bite of bread). However, I didn’t give up coffee or wine. That’s just nonsense. 

All in all, I’ve dropped 7 lbs and am way more muscular than when I started. Still a ways to go, but I’m feeling good! Most importantly, it’s a little less frustrating getting dressed every day. 

A Food Miracle

 I’m sure I will regret saying this, as I’m sure to jinx the magic, but we have had three GREAT toddler food days in a row.

Charlotte are veggies. Just picked them up and ate them. No hiding them in anything. No struggle.

She ate chicken stir fry and meatloaf. 

Tonight, was her biggest meal in so long. 

For dinner, she ate:

  • Chicken & sun dried tomatoes (probably at least 2 big slices of chicken) 
  • Green beans
  • Some Indian spiced chicken soup (and she ate more chunks of chicken)
  • 3/4 a vegetarian stuffed grape leaf
  • Cucumber (2-3 slices)
  • A bite of zucchini and brocolli 
  • A couple bites of banana
  • Two bowls of berries
  • A small bowl of mac and cheese

So, before you judge all the randomness, we had a “take out” night, which entails us eating a smorgasbord that my husband picks up from the deli and hot bar at our local co-op. 

While part of me thinks C’s groundbreakingly improved eating habits are likely random, we have also made some significant changes lately.

  1. Only 1-2 small and healthy snacks per day (given around 10 am and after her afternoon nap). We used to let her eat as much of the healthy snack as she wanted. Now, it’s quite limited and we’ve been making it protein based. 

    Snacking on two whole wheat crackers with almond butter.

  2. We all eat the same thing at the same time. As much as I love family dinners, with Charlotte getting hungry by 5/530, it’s difficult to have family dinners, as hubs usually isn’t home yet. However, the past three or so nights have been great. 
  3. Dinner is what it is. We tell Charlotte that she doesn’t have to eat it, but we leave it in front of her and leave her in her chair while we eat. Every night, she’s come around and ended up tasting and enjoying the meal. And ultimately, if she doesn’t want to eat it, we are okay sending her to bed hungry. It’s definitely happened. 

Exciting, right? 

I’m definitely going to enjoy these peaceful mealtimes for as long as they last!

Charlie’s 18-Month Check Up

**I just found this in my drafts. Thought I had posted it, but I guess not! Written 2/4/16**
Remember how I told you that Charlotte was Ms. Monster at our family photos? Well, she totally redeemed herself at her 18-month check up (FYI, C, next time let’s shine for the photos and bring the evil for the doc).

Literally, from the second we arrived, she was the perfect little munch. She got undressed with no fuss… in fact, she even helped!

She sat on the scale like a big girl AND let the nurse measure her height and head circumference… again, no prob!

The doc did her exam… wait a second. Did the doc do her exam? I know we talked a lot… but I’m feeling like she didn’t really look at her. Shit. Am I having a pregnancy moment or did the doc really not look at Charlotte? Ugh my brain. Okay, so I’ll have to check in with Mark on this one…

Regardless, she was well behaved for all 55/60 minutes of our appointment. The last 5 minutes, which fell about 1.5-2 hours into her naptime got a little whiny, but not bad.

First, the facts:

  • Height: 32.5″ (75th percentile)
  • Weight: 23 lbs 8 Oz (60th percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 50th percentile

Other details/questions/etc:

  • Vitamins: We can give C half a Flinstone multi-vitamin (typically recommended for ages 2 and up, but with all her teefers, she’ll be a-ok to munch them down)
  • Food: The doc made me feel like we have no problem in terms of food… even though many days, mealtimes feel like a nightmare. She said you have to look at it from a week’s perspective. I feel like even from a daily perspective, C does well. Just usually has at least one meal a day that she does not eat well at.
  • Sleep: Go C!! Keep it up, gf!
  • Talking: Sounds like C is doing just fine! They expect at least 3 words, which Charlotte has no problem. Can’t wait for them to continue! I swear, every day she shows me new skills that she’s picked up.
  • PACI: OKAY GUYS, this is the big one. Doc said that most dentists recommend ditching the paci at a year, some by 2. With that in mind, we’ve decided that this weekend will be it for Charlie & paci. It gives me a little bit of a sad feeling. Like, our baby is really growing up. I think she will be totally fine with the transition, but I might cry. Our doc’s one recommendation was that when we drop it, we go cold turkey. The wishy washy take it away, give it back scenario makes it much harder on the kidlings. WISH US LUCK!

I think that might be all… but seeing as how I can’t remember if she even looked at my baby, I wouldn’t trust anything I said. Okay, time to call hubs to find out what really happened.

24 Week Bumpdate & Check Up

  How far along: 24 Weeks, 3 Days (OVER 6 MONTHS! That’s insane. Time really is flying by. Some moments I feel like this entire pregnancy has just been a giant blur. When I look down, I have moments of complete surprise. Like somehow I’ve totally forgotten that I’m pregnant. I guess a toddler will do that to you.)

Total weight gain: Oh goodness… I had my 24-week check up today and of course it was at 2:30… right after I downed my lunch. Remind me next time to eat AFTER I have to step on the scale. SO, I’m up 5.5 lbs this MONTH. And 15 total. But I’m going to justify that at least 1-2 lbs was my food baby.

As a side, I had hoped to work out after my appointment. Unfortunately, it ended too early that I couldn’t justify not going back to work. So, what did I do instead? Yes, I stopped at Starbucks for an iced chai and a warm cookie (PS: they heat up your cookie for you…). Shit. That was pretty much the opposite of what I had planned and probably the last thing a rational person does after feeling disappointed by a weight check. Oh well. Tomorrow will be better, right?

Maternity clothes: I need some more basic maternity shirts. Nice stretchy, soft long ones. I was thinking H&M. Any other suggestions?

Stretch marks: Still stretch mark free… which reminds me, I need to buy more vitamin e oil.

Sleep: I’m feeling pretty tired today, so this probably isn’t a good time to ask. This morning I was woken up by the silliest toddler ever. At 4am, the tiny one decided it was meeting time with Teddy & the gang. I’m not sure if it was Teddy or Baby, but someone was cracking jokes that had Charlie giggling away in her crib. Her little one-sided chat (and giggle fest) lasted at least a half an hour until she suddenly got quiet and passed out. Such a strange little babes.

Best moment of this week: Not to make a habit of highlighting the worst parts of my week when answering this question… BUT, can I just mention that we had the worst family photo session ever on Saturday? Oy. Charlotte was in mega beast mode. She was whiney and totally unwilling to smile or even come near us. She kept bursting into tears, wouldn’t put down this damn minnie stuffed animal and a tiny jar of paint (yep, both items – neither of which are ours – will appear in many of the photos), and just didn’t play Mommy’s adorable photo session game.

I was so hopeful that we’d get these sweet photos of Charlie giving us kisses and hugs. Pictures that showed our little family of three (and growing fourth). Instead, it will likely depict two stressed parents and a pissed off toddler. I guess that’s life, huh?

On a positive note, I got to see my friend Erica’s little man last night…  

Miss anything: Vacation. I’ve sooooo been craving vacation. We had talked about babymooning, but ultimately decided that it isn’t really worth it. Traveling pregnant is a bit of a buzz kill. We’ll save our dollars for post-eviction travel.

Movement: I officially saw the baby bumpkins attempting escape through my belly this week. I’m sure I’m wrong, but I felt like I couldn’t see C moving around (aka my belly hopping all over) until later in my pregnancy. Either way, it’s great! He’s such a squiggler. I love it.

Food cravings: See above comment regarding chocolate chip cookies. Damn you, sweets!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Don’t patronize me! I think I need to remove this question…

Gender: A gentleman.

Labor signs: None to speak of!

Belly button in or out: Wide open button.

Wedding rings on or off: Mornings are my fingers’ least favorite time of day.

Happy or moody most of the time: Well, I don’t know. I think happy. I’ve been feeling really good. Energized (except today) and productive. I think that’s kept me in a good mood. I guess if you really wanted to know, we’d have to fact-check with the hubs. He is usually the first to know when I’m leaning towards the moody variety.

Looking forward to: Wednesday I have lunch with my girls and their babies! I’m hoping the snow doesn’t delay us… unless it totally cancels work, in which case, I might be okay with it. Then, this weekend, we have plans with our friends who have two kiddies. We haven’t seen them since New Years, so I’m excited to catch up and see how life with a newborn and toddler is treating them. Other excitements… I don’t know. I’m ready to be home with my hubby. I’ll be happy to get home, smoosh my little baby and relax with hubs.


I was so tired, I literally didn’t ask any questions. So here are my stats:

Weight Gain: see above.

BP: 108/… shit. 60 maybe? I can’t remember now.

Heartrate: 88 bpm (I’m so consistent!)

Baby’s Heartrate: I totally forgot to ask. I was too distracted by the tiny little man punching the doppler every few seconds. Clearly he was enjoying his food coma and did not want to be poked.

Next appointment (at 28 weeks) will be my glucose test and I have to get my tetanus shot. FML. Guys, I hate shots. Nevermind 24 hours of unmedicated labor… I’m terrified of needles.