Weekend Snapshot

I have to get to bed, as Henry is already snoozing, but wanted to share some photos from our weekend! We took Henry to his first parade, which he slept through! 

And in full Charlotte fashion, the girl was totall straight-faced throughout the entire parade, until we got in the car and she was all smiles and chats about what we had just seen. Such a shy and timid little dear. 

Are these not two of the most sullen faces you’ve ever seen at a parade??

The dancing grannies (so silly)

Finally, some smiles!

After the parade, we dropped C off at my parents’ house so she could nap while we went to little Bailey’s first bday party with Henry!

C was excited to reunite with her brother!

The cutest little Henry pie in his denim romper. I could just eat him up.

Miss C was excited to head back to camp this morning.
Henry and Mommy snuggled at home… ALL day 

Another Stomach Bug

Remember when I thought having the stomach flu while pregnant was the worst thing ever? 

New verdict… Having the stomach bug while having to nurse and care for an infant and simultaneously trying to recover from major abdominal surgery is way worse. And unfortunately for me, I got to discover this first hand yesterday.

I don’t know what I ate (although there were a number of possibilities… Why did I think eating a turkey and ham jimmy johns sub that was thrown from a JJ’s parade float in 80 degree weather was a good idea?), but I woke up yesterday and was totally down for the count. 

I’m talking can’t even keep down water… Nothing says motherhood quite like having to interrupt a breastfeeding session to uncontrollably throw up Gatorade. Finally, by around 4 that afternoon I survived some water and a cracker. By evening, I had eaten three whole crackers and by bedtime, I even had some noodle soup.

Today has been way better. Still a bit rocky and filled with crackers and soup, but way better.

I’m hoping tomorrow is even better and that my body stops catching every f’ing illness. But, as my gf said, I’m helping Henry build up immunities… So there’s that.

Three Weeks Old

It’s crazy that it’s already been three weeks. Or maybe it’s crazy that it’s only been three weeks? Who knows…

Either way, we’re settling into our new life as a family of 4. Seriously, I know I’ve said this before, but we would be lost without my mother in law. She’s been absolutely invaluable in helping care for Charlie during the transition… And just provide all around help and support at home. Not to mention all the help from the other grandparents (picking C up from school, bringing dinners, picking up things from the store, etc). We are very lucky.

Anyway, little man is definitely way more alert this week! He’s been having more awake times and seems to be way more aware during those awake times.

He also seems to be entertained by his sister… Or comforted or something. Despite the fact that she appears to be all over him and shoving paci’s in his mouth or just “loving him too hard”… He seems to be at peace with her… Until he isn’t! Haha I mean, let’s be honest, there are only so many 26 lb hugs an infant can take before he’s had enough. 

Henry had 4 or 5 nights in a row of sleeping 5-6 hour spans followed by 2-3.5 hour spans; however, last night was only 4 hours. So, we’ll see what happens tonight.

He is still eating like a little monster and getting G some good naps in during the day.

He also seems so dang strong. He pushes off on me with his legs and hangs out in a standing position. He also sits upright in my arms with his head totally self-supported. He’s a tough cookie.

Other than that, it’s business as usual. Lots of eating, peeing, pooping, spitting up… Ya know, the fun stuff!

2-Week Check

On Tuesday, Henry had his two-week check up with the Doctor. Before his appointment, the little guy and I spent nearly 3 hours at work.

He was SUCH a good boy. He slept the full 2.5 hours at work until I woke him for a milk snack before his doctors appointment. Then, at the doc, he was great! No screaming… Just dealt with the pokes and prods. 

As for his stats, brace yourself… He’s our little giant!

Weight: 11 lbs, 10.5 ounces!! Woah! – 98th percentile

Height: 23″ (up .75″) – 100th percentile

Head Circumference: 38.6 cm – 98th percentile

Who would have thought a 5’1″ (if I’m being generous) momma and 5’9″ daddy could create such big babies?

Two Weeks & 23 Months Old

Time is flying! Sweet Henry is already two weeks old and our spunky toddler is just one month shy of being a two year old. How is that possible?

I need to do a full Charlie update, but for now, she’s doing great. This past month, her language has just exploded and I swear, she’s just become a little girl. And seriously, such a big helper. 

As for Henry pie, he was SUCH a little love last night and decided to do his long awake time at 930pm instead of 2am! We were up together until 1130ish, at which point, I put him in bed awake (but sleepy). 

Little man didn’t wake up until after 4 am! 5 hours!! We were up for a little over an hour and then he slept another 3 hours. Such a good boy.

We’ll see what happens tonight… I’m not holding my breath. 

Otherwise, life with two has been great so far! With the help of my MIL (I would not survive without her here every day), our amazing family and friends and of course the hubby, we’ve had a pretty seamless transition.

Of course, there are hard and tiring days, but overall, things are happy and good. Loving our incredible family of four.


We’ve survived the first 11 days! And honestly, it’s been going really well. There have been moments where the exhaustion sets in, but really, it’s been going well! 

Mark just went back to work today, so we’ll see what tune I’m humming come Friday… But for now, things are going well.

Charlotte is still LOVING her brother (aka “my baby”). She loves to hold him and give him hugs and kisses. She’s been a great helper and is even making improvements in terms of being more gentle. Progress! 

As for Henry… The boy loves his milk. LOVES his milk. He sleeps 2.5-3.5ish hours at a time during the night, which isn’t too bad! I think I get up 2-3 times per night? Maybe more? Honestly, I have no idea. I try to pay attention, but never seem to remember. I haven’t been tracking his nursing, which I think is part of it. But whatever it is, it doesn’t feel too bad. Although, tonight, he’s literally been nursing nonstop. Maybe he’ll sleep a longer stretch? Haha I’m not getting my hopes up.

 He also has reflux. Poor cookie. He’ll howl out cries when his tummy hurts. Mostly it affects him at night. I’ve been trying to nurse him in an upright position and then hold him upright for 10-30 minutes after. 

Regardless, he’s a super chill little man. Such a lovey. Also, he has the softest head and is just a total sweetie pie.

Anyway, here are some photos from the past week or so…

Photos from Henry’s Bris

A couple preview pics from Henry’s newborn photo shoot

Fun at home…

Our little ice cream outing

First Family (of 4) Outing 

Today we packed up and made it out of the house for the first time with all four of us (and Milly for added support!!). It was Charlie’s end of the school year picnic.It felt great to get out and enjoy the day and little Henry was perfect (he just slept in the ring sling). 

As a side, It’s lucky that we went, as we were informed that C is now off of school for the next two weeks! Shit… How did I not know this?! 

Here are some other photos from our lovely day together…

Cutie pie eating breakfast…
Charlie trying to give Henry “baby milk”…

Charlie & Henry Playtime 💛

More sibling playtime…

Henry’s First Doctor’s Visit

Today we took Henry to the doctor for his first post-hospital visit. Henry was such a good little man. He was well behaved and lovely and adorable.

Our little Mr. Moo is already back to his birth weight of 10 lbs 5 ounces… can you believe it? They said this is particularly impressive, as big babies tend to lose a bit more… but not our Henry! His non-stop milk snacks have really done well for him these past few days.

Other than that, it was business as usual… nothing too huge to report.

Henry’s stats are literally off the charts! He’s over 100th percentile for height (22.25″) and head circumference and is 98th for weight.


(Henry hates three things: 1) being naked, 2) being hungry and 3) having his balls wiped… FYI)

Tiny mits 💙

Henry got caught ugly crying

All tuckered out.

My Sweet Boy

Before Henry arrived, I was worried. As cliche as this sounds, I literally was concerned about being able to love him enough. I have spent the past 2 years falling more and more in love with Charlotte. Would there be this noticeable disparity between my love for Charlotte versus Henry? I was feeling so many levels of guilt. For Charlotte who would no longer be my one and only… for Henry who might never know the full capacity of my love… just guilt..

Fast forward to today, four days later. There is no worry left in me.

I am four days in and instead of stressing over being up all night, I’ve been loving every night time feeding with my guy. Taking advantage of the time I have alone with him… every cuddle, every kiss. I am absolutely smitten.

And during the day, I’m trying my best to share the moments with my sweet C. I am literally blown away by the love I am feeling. Watching Charlotte love Henry, watching my husband be this amazing father and husband, just everything. I’m blown away.

I’m sure this honeymoon period will fade into reality, but for now, I’m simply enjoying every moment.

Plus, how cute is this little man???