A Great Communication Day

For the past week, Charlie has been searching for opportunities to throw everything. Water cup? Overboard. Paci? See ya later! Food? Go fetch! 
It’s been non stop and super obnoxious. Every meal, we’ve been telling her, “if you don’t want it just hand it to mommy/daddy”… Usually, she confirms her understanding by chucking one more piece of food on the floor.

Anyway, this morning was the opposite. It was a glorious, wonderful, peaceful morning.

Charlie signed for more food. More food she got. Charlie signed for water, water she received. And then, like it was my birthday, she just held out the cup and patiently waited for me to collect it as I crossed the kitchen. When I reached for the cup, she just handed it to me… Gently… Instead of half throwing / half shoving it at me.

She ate a little more and then looked up as she signed all done. 

We cleared her plate, cleaned her up and she was off.

I literally just stood in the kitchen for a moment or two just soaking in the glory. No frustration, no bending over to pick things up, no ending mealtime early. Just a nice, peaceful meal.

What more can one ask for?

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