Welcome Back, Aunt Flow…

After 82 weeks sans period, my bitchy Aunt Flow has returned. 

I was really enjoying my time without her… But I guess I can’t complain too much. 

Not that I won’t… But at least I recognize that it’s not really justifiable to complain. 

That has to count for something…

You’re Going to Eat What??

I’ve had a lot of requests to write a blog post about placenta encapsulation, so, here it is. I’m not going to lie… I didn’t do a TON of research on this topic. I definitely researched it, but not for days on end. I will include some benefits, but after speaking to my doctor and others, I determined that consuming my placenta (I know, I know… totally disgusting thought) via pills wouldn’t hurt me and could potentially offer some pretty big benefits.

Here are the potential benefits:

  • Help to balance your hormones
  • Replenish depleted iron levels
  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Reduce post-natal bleeding
  • Increase milk production – this has been proven in a study
  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable post-natal period
  • Increase your energy levels

The cost to have my placenta encapsulated was $250. I went back and forth on the whole idea and ultimately, decided to go for it. It’s gross, but come on! That’s not the only gross thing I’ve ingested via medicine. For example, the cervadil that was inserted into my lady parts to help induce labor has bull sperm in it. Literal bull semen.

Anyway, I ended up deciding to do it. I went to a woman I was referred to by my doula and really, it was all quite simple. We provided a cooler and ice pack and the surgeons and/or nurses packaged it up, gave it to the doulas who delivered it to the encapsulation lady and voila! Three days later my giant, nasty looking organ was transformed into pills.



The pills weren’t a big deal to consume… although they had a funky burp taste… not far from Echinacea. Anyway, I ate them. So, the big question is, did it work?

Well, I really have no idea. But here’s what I know… I didn’t have any postpartum depression… not an ounce, I have milk for days, my bleeding was way manageable and I’ve had a great recovery. Would I have had the same recovery without the pills? Who knows! But in my mind, no harm, no foul.

I guess the big question is whether I’d do it again… And honestly, I don’t know? I honestly don’t feel any more passionate about it now than I did before I did it. I guess I’d do it again… No harm, no foul… Right?

As a sidenote, I have to share some hilarity that came with my placenta pill purchase. So, at my postpartum visit with the doulas, they brought my placenta pills and a couple other “gifts.” Gift number one…


Yes, that is a blood imprint of my placenta. Hang that one up in the nursery… huh?

Gift number two…



No big deal, that’s just the umbilical cord dried and shaped into a heart. The gift that every mother wants… Well, actually, it’s the gift that every pet wants. When we first received the gifts, we clearly did not know what to do with them – because who the… heck… wants a placenta-blood painting or umbilical cord jerky – so we decided to leave them in the nice little neon green gift bag and keep it on the fireplace ledge (aka… The I don’t know where else to put this spot).

One afternoon while Marky was reading to our sweetie pie, Oliver the Kitty got curious. He stuck his nose in the bag to check things out and got his head stuck in the handle. I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous. He lost his shit. He went running all the way down the stairs, jumped on top of the work bench and on the cabinet before the dang bag fell off of his neck.

Meanwhile, Toby struck gold. When we got back upstairs, we discovered that the umbilical cord must have fallen out of the bag in Ollie’s frantic dash, as it was clinched in Toby’s jaw. We grabbed Tobes, but he would not release. He clenched that thing for dear life growling all the way. I can’t remember how we ended up getting the cord back, but it was seriously hilarious.

Here’s a video of story time turned kitty nightmare (the silliness begins at about 2 minutes)…

The Labor Story of Our Sweet Charlotte

Let me start this by saying that I had such plans for my childbirth experience. It was going to be this beautiful and natural experience. I was going to labor at home for as long as possible. Maybe take some walks. Spend time outside. Take a bath with candles and soothing music. Be with my husband. In my head, it was perfect. Now, I still believe this type of labor experience is very possible for some, but here’s what I will say… 1) That was not my experience… at all… although there were definitely elements incorporated. 2) I could not have planned for the childbirth I experienced if I tried. Even if someone told me what was going to happen specifically, I wouldn’t have been able to prepare. Now, that’s not to say all my efforts were in vain… my workouts and meditation and mindset were essential. I just had no idea what it was going to be like, how it was going to transform me, and how much of a test I would be putting my mind through. So, with that, our birth story…

To give you a preview… despite what I had researched about labor, I thought labor would be like this…

Look at me all pregnant and giant in my new little nightgown...

Look at me all pregnant and giant in my new little nightgown, hair and makeup done…

And this is what my labor actually looked like…

Yes, this might be TMI, but it makes a point, right?

Yes, this might be TMI, but it makes a point, right?


Night 1 in the Hospital – Doula Drama

After literally trying EVERY natural induction method, every which way, it was finally time to turn to medicine. So, on the evening of July 14th, we went into the hospital to begin our medical induction process. We got into our room very quickly, which was nice. The nurses told me to change into the gown, put on the belly band and buzz them when I was ready. I was pretty slow moving, as it was my first hospitalization in my life, and I was a bit overwhelmed. The nurse on staff that evening had a different pace and, before I buzzed, waltzed in to check me and put in my IV plug thing. I immediately felt a little on edge, but tried to relax as much as possible.

Once hooked up, they could see that I was still having somewhat regular contractions. Not very strong ones, but definitely contractions. Because of this, they had to check with my doctor before administering the cervadil, as I was on the border of not being a candidate for the drug. While the nurse waited to hear from the doc, she decided to stir up some drama. She had reviewed our birth plan and recognized the name of our doulas. She informed us that it was her understanding that our doulas had been banned from the hospital due to a post-birth situation a few months back. We were aware of the situation, but had heard nothing from our doulas regarding a ban or any lasting issue with the hospital. Of course, Mark and I are immediately uncomfortable, stressed, worried, etc. These women that we had hired to bring us strength and guidance and peace during our experience seemed to be hated by the hospital. Not a great start.

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to call my acupuncturist, who is also a doula and who is familiar with our doulas, to get her opinion of the situation and to see if she might be available if we needed to let our doulas go. She encouraged us to call our doula and talk through the situation with her. In conjunction with that, our nurse informed us that there was not actually a ban and that our doulas are welcome as long as they do not cross the line of trying to provide medical advice (THANKS A LOT, Nurse Lexi, for stirring shit up for no reason). So, we called our doula and explained the situation. We told her that whatever happened is in the past and that we need her there to support us – everything else was irrelevant. First crisis averted.


Medical Induction Time

After the doula drama, we finally heard from the doc and upon her recommendation, had the cervadil inserted (it’s pretty much a shoelace shoved up in your lady parts, against the cervix, to help soften and sometimes even induce labor). Then, it was time to rest, which we were somehow able to do. We were woken up at around 6 or 7 in the morning on July 15th to have the cervadil removed and to get a cervix check by my doctor. While I was no more dilated, effaced or lower, things must have softened because during my exam, my doctor accidentally ruptured my water bag. We had discussed the possibility of her rupturing my waters as an option and had opted against it… oops. Because of that, my doctor decided to hold off on administering the pitocin until 9:30 to see if that would be enough to kick me into labor. During the next couple hours, we climbed up and down the 4 flights of hospital stairs and walked all over the hospital. While I was contracting, it was nothing to write home about, so at 9:30, we started the pitocin.

We had spoken with our doctor ahead of time about how we wanted to administer the pit. While it is typical to start at a level 4 and increase every 15-30 minutes, we would begin at a level 1 and increase only once per hour. So it began.

My acupuncturist came to work on me at around 10 am and already at that point, I was pretty inside myself. The pain was increasing quickly and honestly, my memory of her being there is so faint. BUT, it really was a perfect way to start. I was nervous and it was just what I needed to find some peace from within. And here is where things get really blurry for awhile…

From about 11 when our acupuncturist left until around 1:30 when our doulas arrived, I had the most intense/horrible/excruciating/nonstop/terrible contractions. Pitocin is the biggest bitch ever. At that time, I was only at a level 3, but because of the intensity of the drug, I was having nonstop contractions. Most women get a 5-15 minute break between their 1-5 minute contractions during active labor, but I literally had 40 minute contractions. I thought I was dying. I was screaming and grunting and swaying and just in total agony. Terrible. The pain is definitely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.


Natural Labor

When the doulas arrived, I was checked and was only at 3 cm, 90% effaced, and baby in -2 position. Are you kidding me??? This is about the time I started BEGGING for the epidural. We had talked about this moment and I had told my husband not to give in and to just keep redirecting me. But holy shit. I was in so much pain. As he suggested other things, I tried to look deep in his soul and beg, but he stayed strong. Either Mark or the doula suggested turning off the pitocin, as it seemed as if my body had kicked into labor on its own, which they assured me would help. But, at this point, I was SO tired. I just kept begging for a break. I think in their attempts to distract and redirect me, I went in the tub to try and labor there, which I absolutely hated, and tried some other birthing positions. Maybe on the toilet, too? Mind you, my eyes were closed and I was pretty much a zombie holding on for dear life. I was also walking around stark naked… except for the belly band holding my monitors in place. Now, I am a pretty modest lady, but I was ass out, boobs hanging, and lady parts leaking all sorts of amniotic fluid and blood and such all over the room. I can only imagine I was quite a sight. (Not quite the cute pregnant lady in the new nightgown anymore.)

At this time, they decided to give me Nubain, a pain medicine that would last about 45 minutes and wouldn’t change the pain or intensity of the contractions, but would just allow me to relax during the breaks (which I was now having since stopping the pitocin). So, I laid in bed on my side and moaned through each terrible contraction and closed my eyes during the breaks. And honestly, this was so necessary. After some amount of time, the doulas helped me up and Mark and I went to the shower. My little Nubain break definitely gave me strength to continue. In the shower, Mark applied pressure on my lower back and rocked with me for 2-3 hours. Ugh, he’s amazing. Towards the end of our shower, I was starting to feel a lot of pressure. The doulas suggested I move to the toilet to take a few contractions there before heading to the bed. They thought I might be ready to push.

I sat on the toilet as both Mark and our doula in training, Jenissee, knelt down to see what they could see (bye bye, shame! Later modesty… you want to take a peek? Sure, I’ll straddle the toilet and just feel free to have a looksy).

They both seemed so optimistic that this was it! I could feel such a wave of relief. Soon, I would be pushing. This was it! So, I very slowly made my way to the bed (changing positions was absolute hell… so painful) to get checked. This time, I was at 7 cm. While this was great progress, I was SO disappointed. I wanted to be done. The pain was so overwhelming and I was already so tired.

I believe we went back to the toilet after that. Contracting there was terrible. It was so much pressure, but I was in it to win. I wanted this shit to be over with… or maybe I didn’t have the strength to put up a huge fight… but regardless, I obeyed. Over the next couple of hours, I had progressed to 8.5 cm, then it was 9 and then 9.5. We were getting so close. All the while, I labored in every position and in every inch of the room. I was on all fours on the bed, I had the ball on the bed, I was on the toilet, back in the shower, back in the tub, leaning up against the wall, on the ball on the floor… I was everywhere.

This position changing game lasted for another 9-10 hours, during which I remained at 9-9.5 cm. Towards the later hours, I remember it getting so calm in the room. The lights were very dim and it was somehow very peaceful in there. I had Mark applying pressure to my back, and I was squeezing the thumbs of our doula in training, while our doula gave me water. We were in perfect harmony.


The C Word

At around 1:30 or 2 in the morning on July 16th, my doctor finally came in and said she thought it was time for a c-section. I was so tired, so deprived of food and energy, so in a different world, I couldn’t even think. I just looked at my husband with desperate eyes – as I swayed with him through a contraction – and asked him what I should do. I wasn’t ready to be done trying. My doc gave us a half hour and came back for another check… still no progress. Then, Mark went out in the hall with the doc. He asked her if we NEEDED to do the surgery right away or if we could keep trying. He did not want either of us (baby or I) to be in harm’s way. The doctor assured him that we were both fine and they agreed to give me another 2 hours.

Upon hearing the news, I immediately demanded more nubain. I needed another break. I was 17 hours of very HARD labor in and I was so exhausted. So, with another dose of nubain, I was able to take another short rest. Mark let me “rest” for an hour (remember, the contractions don’t stop). When it was time to get up, Mark suggested that we take a short walk to gain a little perspective (life was bigger than our room) and help to start fresh. He also had the nurse clean up the bloody, fluidy mess that had taken over our room. So we walked to the family visitation room (this was like a weird dream).

When I got back into the room, Mark and I spent some time in the shower. We rocked, I drank juice (throughout my labor, Mark and the doulas were constantly trying to get me to take small bites of granola bars or apple sauce or drink some juice for energy – all I wanted was water), and I labored. Then, we went to the toilet (TERRIBLE) and the worst of all, we did the Walcher‘s position. Mark and I had done this before labor, but during labor, in hour 20 something of hard, horrible labor, this was pure torture. I think I made it through 1 or maybe 2 contractions in this position before I just couldn’t. It was too much pressure. So, we went back to the toilet. At that time, it was just Mark and I and again, things were so quiet and dim. During a break, I looked at him and told him, “if I still haven’t progressed, I have to be done.” I think with a bit of relief, he agreed, and our doulas came in and agreed as well.

Unfortunately, the check had shown that not only had I not progressed, I was starting to backtrack. Along the way, one of the nurses had said I could start pushing a little (as my body kept pushing automatically anyway). This, in combination with all the labor and the status of my cervix, was making my cervix swell… aka, I was backtracking. It was time to call it.

So, over the next 30-45 minutes, they prepped us for surgery.

Okay, Okay, I know I did this before, but this is going to have to be a To Be Continued… C-Section details to come later this week!


My Newborn Must Haves

Since I’m definitely going to forget, I thought I’d take the time to blog about my favorite, must-have newborn items. As the days go on, I can see this list changing, but these are the things that totally saved me over the past three months.

1. The swing! OH magical swing. We received ours as a hand-me-down from my sister and this thing is a godsend. Judge away, but sometimes, I’ve gotta put baby girl down and get some stuff done. Not-to-mention the fact that she really loves hanging out in the swing. We put it near a window so she can look at the light or wherever really. It definitely calms her and me. This is an item she still loves (thankfully!!).

This isn't our exact swing, as ours is at least 5 years old, but it's Fisher-Price and looks pretty darn similar to this one.

This isn’t our exact swing, as ours is at least 5 years old, but it’s Fisher-Price and looks pretty darn similar to this one.

2. The Maya Ring Sling. So, I was all about the baby wearing. It’s the perfect way to get babes to chill out and take a napski while mom finishes dinner. At first, I tried the Moby Wrap, but when your baby is howling and you’re trying to get dinner ready, there’s no time for fabric origami. I also tried the Ergo Baby with the infant insert, but a) that thing is so big and bulky, we’d both be sweating bullets and b) it was a whole ordeal to get her in the infant burrito insert, then in the carrier. Long story short, neither option was quick enough. Then came the maya ring sling, which my sister found for me at a garage sale (best $20 spent EVER). It was so simple to throw on and totally calmed the nugget. Whether I was making dinner, walking around the house, or enjoying a 3-4 hour bridal shower, this thing REALLY came in handy.

The magic sling.

The magic sling.

3. The Bob Motion Travel System. I really wanted a bugaboo stroller. Yes, I’m talking about that $1000+ piece of equipment. After a few (understatement of the year) arguments with my husband, I decided that it made more sense to spend $1,000 on a bazillion baby necessities than on a baby luxury. SO, I went to BuyBuy Baby and tested out all of the strollers. I fell in love with the BOB and have been so happy with it. It’s easy to use, so easy to maneuver and not too giant.

The BOB.

The BOB.

4. Aiden & Anais Swaddle Blankets. I use these things for everything (except swaddling). I have at least one in every room. They’re perfect for wiping up spit up or drool or milk if I decide to spray my babe in the face, they’re great to drape over the car seat to protect C from the sun, they’re a nice blanket to lay on or keep the little one warm. They’re the perfect all purpose blanket.

I probably have at least 12 of these.

I probably have at least 12 of these.

5. The Boppy Nursing Pillow. The Boppy was such a godsend in the first couple months. For the bazillion hours spent nursing, it was perfect to prop baby up on. Not to mention the fact that I was so dang nervous with her in the beginning. The Boppy made me feel like my fragile little nuglet was safe and supported without giving me a total dead arm. Now that I’m working with Charlotte, the Boppy is once again one of my “must haves.” It allows me to work while she eats… And when she’s not using it, it’s super comfortable as a back rest.

Tiny babes sleeping on the boppy after a good snack.

Tiny babes sleeping on the boppy after a good snack.

6. Trail mix and my giant water bottle (with a straw). This is something I didn’t know would be so crucial. If you’re breastfeeding, those first few weeks bring a hunger and thirst like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m talking about a lightheaded, dizzy hunger. Your body is working hard and with all the baby care, it’s not always easy to go make a snack. I kept trail mix next to my bed, in the nursery, in my purse, in the diaper bag. Any place I might suddenly be attacked with a surge of hunger.

7. My nursing cover. Mine was the bebe au lait, which I thought worked very well. This thing allowed me to leave the house and provide 24/7 flood service to my babe. In not going to like though, I really do not enjoy breastfeeding in public.

8.HALO Sleepsack Swaddle. Our hospital gave us this as a little gift, and we really loved it. Not to mention, the little one loved it. And she was such a cute little burrito in it. We had a Summer Infant one and it SUCKED… velcro never stayed together and got caught on everything… and an Aden + Anais one, which we returned because it had snaps instead of velcro… that makes no sense at all.

Tiny person in the Halo sleep sack swaddle thing.

Tiny person in the Halo sleep sack swaddle thing.

9. Comfy yoga or maternity pants, hospital undies, nursing tops or stretchy tanks, and button downs / cardigans. This was so important. I had a c-section, so any low or even normal rise anything (underwear or pants) were an absolute no way. I literally took about 30 pairs of the free hospital undies they give you. They’re really not that bad… except they look like a diaper. But man were they crucial for avoiding the scar. Same story with the pants. As for the tanks, I lived in nursing tanks for a month, but then I started feeling more confident and was able to just wear nursing friendly shirts… mainly, stretchy tanks with a cardigan or button down over it.

10. My husband. Holy crap, I would not have survived without him. Beyond just those first couple weeks where everything hurt and I needed help lifting her, etc. But just everything. I mean, I literally did not change a single diaper… not a one… for just about 2 weeks. That’s at least 140 diapers, people. And he’s still just so amazing and helpful and hands-on. He takes her in the mornings, we switch off night feedings, he does research when I’m so tired I can’t think straight, he still changes diapers without complaint, he takes her on walks, he listens to me gush about her every night and watches every single video I take of her. Best of all, he loves her to pieces.


Our Attempt at Natural Induction

Our sweet girl is already over 5 weeks old and I am finally getting the time/energy to write down our story. Hopefully it hasn’t been so long that my memory of the experience has been too diluted.

For anyone who followed our pregnancy journey through this blog, you know that my body was just refusing to go into labor naturally. From my first check at 36ish weeks, there was worry because my progress was minimal and our girl was hanging out quite high in my belly. Because of our desire to have an all natural childbirth experience, we were determined to do everything possible to avoid an induction.

In fact, I was scheduled to go into the hospital on July 10th to begin cervadil and then be administered pitocin the next morning… HOWEVER, on July 8th, it was seeming like things were going to happen. I had been seeing an AMAZING acupuncturist all week and after a morning session and a nice bath, my contractions were much more regular than they had been. My entire family (parents, brother and sister) came over that day to hang out and I just bounced on my birthing ball, secretly thinking this was it. Around 3 or 4, I saw a little mucous when I went to the bathroom. I wasn’t totally sure if it was my plug or part of it, but by 9pm, another more obvious glob came out. In fact, I was so excited, I called my hubs into the bathroom to inspect my toilet paper (at which point we high fived). Well, long story short, the contractions stopped that night.

Regardless, I was excited that there seemed to be some progress, so I called my doctor to see if she would allow us to take a few more days before resorting to an induction. She agreed reluctantly (because I would be past the 42 week standard), so, our new induction date was Monday, July 14th (at which point I’d be 42 weeks, 4 days). We would go in that night, get the cervadil and start the pitocin the following morning if needed.

So, with a few more days on our hands, I kicked up my natural induction trials into high gear. I was walking a minimum of 3 miles each day, listening to my meditations, seeing my acupuncturist daily, having sex, doing perineum massages with evening primrose oil, taking primrose oil, eating pineapple, howling at the full moon… pretty much everything you could think of.


Howling at the super moon...

Howling at the super moon…

Bring on the baby...

Bring on the baby…

By the Sunday before our induction day, I was desperate. I spent about 3-4 hours with my acupuncturist doing hip opening body work, electro-stimulation acupuncture, stress release, you name it. We even took a break mid-way through for Mark and I to take a walk in this really nice woodsy trail path in hopes of loosening things up. I left with no contractions. So, we went to Trocadero (a yummy restaurant) to eat my “last meal” before attempting our final natural induction method… castor oil.

If you’ve never heard of the castor oil method, it’s pretty much used to severely mess up your insides and stimulate some crazy bowel movements… and, in the process, irritate the uterus and induce contractions.

At around 2:15 pm, I drank a castor oil concoction that still haunts me. The recipe – provided by my doula – was as follows: Castor Oil (maybe 4 oz?), one shot of vodka (my first lick of alcohol in over 10 months), a couple drops of lemon oil, apricot juice and two tablespoons of almond butter. It was so sweet… ughh. I’m gagging just thinking about it.



The fix-ins

The fix-ins… check out the oil globs on top…

Looking tasty...

Looking tasty…



Almost instantly, I was feeling nauseous. Maybe thanks to the vodka, I was able to nap until about 4, but with no visible symptoms, I took a second dose (this time castor oil and orange juice only). As the oil was working its magic, I chatted on the phone with my sweet friend, Marci, and tried to laugh about the sickness I was exposing myself to. Then, it was once again nap time. I woke up at around 8:30 pm just in time to projectile vomit all over the place… WITH CONTRACTIONS. By around 10:30, the contractions were getting stronger and actually stopping me in my tracks. I could still talk through them, but things were seeming pretty good! In fact, at 11:30 that evening, we had my parents come and pick up Toby the puppy,as they would be watching him while we were in the hospital… we were that sure. I even had what I thought was my outer water bag breaking. It was a mini gush that left a plum-sized wet spot. My husband took these stats… Color: clear, Time: 11:35 pm, Amount: about a TBSP, Odor: Smelled like vagina (nice, huh?).

The next morning we had our last non stress test (of about 6) and check before checking into the hospital that evening. Of course, by the time we went in, things had slowed down yet again. I had dilated to 1.5 cm (a .5 increase) and baby had come down a smidge. Regardless, our last ditch effort to poison me into labor was unsuccessful. So, we went home, took a walk, and packed up for the hospital.

En route to the hospital

En route to the hospital

Then, it was time for the real fun to begin…

Protecting Me

Turns out, after leaving our appointment in tears and explaining to my hubs how much I didn’t want to face all of the inquiries about my progress or post-due status, Mark emailed our families and my close friends asking to be a little sensitive and give me a little space. While I didn’t know what he did until after my tears had dried, I am so incredibly grateful. I was able to wallow in the exact way I had hoped… In peace.

Now, it’s not that I don’t love how much everyone cares and how excited everyone is…. It’s just yesterday, I needed to sort through my emotions. I know baby girl will come when she is ready, and if she is unable to reach that decision on her own, come Thursday night, the doctor will help her to make her journey.

It’s interesting, when Mark spoke to my mom yesterday, she mentioned that the babies in our family tend to be born within a few days of other family members’ birthdays. This coming Wednesday would have been my Grandpa’s 88th birthday. Maybe she really is showing us the circle of life. Maybe, already in her infancy, she wants to bring us peace and remind us to be happy on that day. Or maybe she’s just a stubborn little gal like her momma.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Mark and I took a 1-2 hour walk down to and through this nature preserve and back to the house. It was a beautiful day and a great way to spend it… Although my feet and back were a little sore afterwards. Then, it was time to head out to my bride-to-be’s house to help her set up for her wedding this weekend. Mark and I helped from about 5 or 530 until a little after 11pm. The place looks absolutely amazing. Her vision really came to life and looks perfect.

On the other hand, my back is killing me. We have to be back out there today for the rehearsal dinner at 2… Until then, I’ll be resting.

5 Days Post Due Date

Last night I woke up at 11:30 or so from my first “painful” contraction. I put the word painful in quotes because I know it will get worse and really, it wasn’t terrible. Anyway, I had the thought of, “this could be it,” but thankfully was able to get back to sleep. Alas, this was not it and here I am on day 5 post due date.

Today I am back at work after having Monday and Tuesday off, which has been nice. I’ve been trying to get as much done as possible and really tie up loose ends. My productivity was interrupted; however, by an appointment to go see my friend’s momma who has SO GRACIOUSLY offered to attempt to fix my dress for the wedding I’m in this weekend.

I had been putting off getting the dress tailored until I had a better idea as to what my body would look like. As you might imagine, I did not think it would look like it does today, which is ginormous. In fact, I was hopeful that I’d have a 2-3 week old baby by the time the wedding hit. Clearly not the case.

Anyway, I didn’t think it was going to be a huge job because last time I tried on the dress, it seemed like everything fit but the chest portion. Turns out, this is not the case anymore. My friend’s mom is adding in 5 inches of fabric from top to bottom in attempts of making this dress fit. The challenge? I only have extra fabric for the top, chiffon layer, not the bottom layer of fabric. So, while we did the best we could to match, the underlay fabric is a bit darker. Oy. I’m going to be a fat, sweaty, disheveled mess. Hopefully it will magically turn out perfectly.

As a little pick me up, I did grab an ice cream cone form Baskin Robbins on my way back to work. So that was nice… maybe not what I needed, as I’m clearly pretty giant, but helpful… from a mental standpoint. I’m feeling great again 🙂

Minus my feet that is. Holy smokes. Yesterday I spent about 6 hours sitting at our kitchen counter and when I finally looked down at the damage to my feet, it was too late! They were SO swollen… like, I’ve never seem them look worse… they’re flippers.

I'm sorry, but what is that limb? I don't recognize it...

I’m sorry, but what is that limb? I don’t recognize it…

Oy. They’re a little better today, but I can literally feel them jiggle when I walk. That’s just not good. Other than that, check out these fun pics I rediscovered yesterday from our honeymoon…

Swinging in Fiji

Swinging in Fiji

My hubbers.

My hubbers.

Perfection in a single sunset.

Perfection in a single sunset.

Pre-Honeymoon Cali Goodness... Look how agile I was.

Pre-Honeymoon Cali Goodness… Look how agile I was.

Me & my guy.

Me & my guy.

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

So, I’m now 4 days post due date and still feeling pretty good… HOWEVER, I’m a little anxious. Honestly, not totally horrible, but definitely a little anxious. My remedy for such anxieties is simple… 1) stay super busy and 2) try anything and everything. So, here’s what I’ve been trying…

Of course, I’ve been continuing the regular natural induction methods I’ve been employing for the past few weeks. These include

  • bouncing and rolling my hips on the birthing ball
  • squats & pelvic tilts
  • sex
  • spicy food
  • tons of walks
  • Perineal Massage with almond oil

    As strange as this whole concept is, I think it's actually working. If nothing else, it's teaching me how to relax the right muscles during discomfort in the region.

    As strange as this whole concept is, I think it’s actually working. If nothing else, it’s teaching me how to relax the right muscles during discomfort in the region.

But, I’ve added some additional ones. Now, before you go off trying all of these, I am no doctor and have no idea if they work or if they’re safe for you. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing:


Obviously, this babe is going to come when she wants, but in the meantime, I’ll keep doing all this weird stuff that likely has no effect on when my body and baby will be ready.


Yesterday I went in for my first Non-Stress Test. The test was pretty darn easy… I laid on a recliner chair and relaxed while hooked up to two monitors. One measuring baby’s heartbeat, one measuring contractions of the uterus. Then, I had to push a button every time baby moved.

All hooked up.

All hooked up.

Baby has no stress, which is great. I figured as much… she seems to be happy as a clam.

As for me, I think I’m doing pretty darn well. Sleeping isn’t amazing these days, as my hips get pretty sore and I’ve had a little insomnia, but I can’t complain too much. And my mood, it’s been pretty good I think. Maybe double check with my husband on that one??  But really, I think I’ve been staying pretty positive. I find that I get crabby or down when I’m not doing anything.

As for how I feel the baby is progressing, it’s so hard to say. I definitely feel more pressure in my pelvis, but I don’t know if it’s much different than it was last Thursday. And I don’t think my belly looks much different. So really, I don’t know. I’ll be back at the doctor on Thursday, at which point, we’ll do another Non-Stress Test and schedule an induction if she hasn’t come yet. I really hope that if she doesn’t come this week, I’ll be able to keep my calm. As time ticks away, I can see the anxiety building up.

But, at least it will be a VERY busy weekend if she doesn’t come. My friend, Ashley, is getting married and I’m in the wedding. So, we’ll have rehearsal dinner all afternoon/evening on Friday and then wedding on Saturday. It’s such a hard struggle. On one side, I REALLY want her to arrive right now, but on the other side of things, I REALLY want to be at and be a part of my friend’s wedding. Definitely a very strange mind struggle going on… not that I have a choice either way. So I guess there really is no struggle?



Post-Due-Date Weekend #1 Update

It feels a little cruel to have neglected my blog for the 4 days post-due date. I’m sorry to say, it isn’t because I’m sleep-deprived with a new baby. While I might be a touch sleep deprived, baby is still inside.

So, here’s our weekend:

On Friday, I had lunch with this hot momma! Only 3 months post-partum and she looks this good! And check out that little man... such a cutie!

On Friday, I had lunch with this hot momma! Only 3 months post-partum and she looks this good! And check out that little man… such a cutie!

Baby Phoenix!

Baby Phoenix!

Momma & Baby!

Momma & Baby!

Friday evening, Marky and I went out for a delicious seafood dinner (complimets of my aunt and uncle who gifted us with a very geerous gift card!) to celebrate the big due date. After, we stopped by Mark's mom's house to say hi and visit with this cute little lady pup.

Friday evening, Marky and I went out for a delicious seafood dinner (compliments of my aunt and uncle who gifted us with a very generous gift card!) to celebrate the big due date. After, we stopped by Mark’s mom’s house to say hi and visit with this cute little lady pup.

Saturday morning I went for a mani/pedi with mom, sis and my sweet niece. I chose a salmony pink.

Saturday morning I went for a mani/pedi with mom, sis and my sweet niece. I chose a salmony pink.

Gabbers drying her nails.

Gabbers drying her nails.

After nails, Marky and I went for lunch with Pop, Mark's 97-year-old gramps! (And Toby of course.)

After nails, Marky and I went for lunch with Pop, Mark’s 97-year-old gramps! (And Toby of course.)

It was humid... check out those feet... and it was only 1pm (ish)

It was humid… check out those feet… and it was only 1pm (ish)

Hence, while Mark fixed some wires at Pop's house, I rested my ogre feet.

Hence, while Mark fixed some wires at Pop’s house, I rested my ogre feet.

After Pop's, Marky and I relaxed a bit, went for a nice walk with pups, and then went swimming. I swam laps for a little over an hour. It felt amazing. And my feet even recovered a little. Temporarily of course.

After Pop’s, Marky and I relaxed a bit, went for a nice walk with pups, and then went swimming. I swam laps for a little over an hour. It felt amazing. And my feet even recovered a little. Temporarily of course.

Big Belly Selfie. After swimming, we had dinner with my parents and then Mark and I went to the park to catch the local fireworks!

Big Belly Selfie. After swimming, we had dinner with my parents and then Mark and I went to the park to catch the local fireworks!

After such a busy day/night, ice was a requirement for those feet.

After such a busy day/night, ice was a requirement for those feet.

Sunday pretty much looked like this or the inside version of the same position.

Sunday pretty much looked like this or the inside version of the same position.

While hubs worked on our financials.

While hubs worked on our financials.

At some point during the weekend, we had our chair delivered. And... I don't like the color. Urgh.

At some point during the weekend, we had our chair delivered. And… I don’t like the color. Urgh.

My attempt at a panoramic of the room.

My attempt at a panoramic of the room. The chair is too similar in color to the walls. And I don’t know that I like the fabric.