Mornings with Milly

For at least a few months, Charlotte has been spending 1-3 mornings (or afternoons) with Mark’s mom (aka Milly or Nana) at our house. With Charlotte becoming even more playful and curious, we thought it would make sense to up the number of these weekly visits.

So this week, Charlotte spent 4 mornings with her Milly and then afternoons with me at work.

Pretty crazy, huh? My little toddler baby is growing up and spending time away from mommy… and doing SO well! She absolutely loves her time with Nana and it’s been super helpful for me to have the non-baby time at work.

We’re definitely SO lucky to have had such amazing childcare options.

I think eventually, we’ll put Charlotte in day care or montessori school for a few mornings a week and then maybe the rest of the time with Nana… but we’re going to wait until she drops to one nap. I think she’ll love going to “school”… doing art projects, playing with other kiddies. It’ll be really good for our sweet girl.

It’s just so crazy how the time flies…

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