Day 1 – The Pick Up

Okay, so that was WAY better than the drop off. Although still far from perfect…

Mark met me at the school so he could see Charlotte before his 1pm meeting. (I made him promise not to go in without me because I really wanted to see her in her “natural setting” before she saw either of us.)

When we got in, we peeked in the window to find little Charlotte sitting like a cutie patootie, listening to the teacher read a story.


All of a sudden, Charlotte looked up and caught my eyes. Cue the puckered lip and tears.


“Oh no! Really now? I swear she was happy all day!” -C’s teacher

I went in and picked up my little bunny and gave her BIG hugs. The administrator had printed out the following papers to go in C’s classroom memory book (and one copy for us). C and I read it together and she started to calm down… although I was not permitted to put her down.

 Not even Daddy was allowed to hold or hug her yet.

Today was gym class. Charlotte supposedly had a blast playing with the balls. She collected a handful and handed them out to her tiny friends.

Then, the kids went outside to play. Charlotte played in the Cozy Coupe… anyone else not surprised? She also played AT the slide… although did not go down it.

Charlotte’s teacher said that from across the playground, she pointed at her teacher and waved. Such a sweet pie.


As we left Charlotte’s classroom, we made a mandatory stop at the piano that’s in the lobby. C played us a little tune. Man does this girl love music.

From that moment on, she was ALL smiles and chats and cuteness. I really do think that she had a fun day. It almost seemed as if us coming back to pick her up confirmed that she had a good day. Like, “okay, now that they’re here and I know they’re not leaving me here forever, I can admit that I had a blast.”

Ya know, if she could talk… I’m sure that’s what she would say 🙂

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow’s drop off goes a bit smoother and doesn’t take such a toll on this momma.

Wish us luck!

Day 1 – The Drop Off

All dressed and ready for school.

After last week’s perfectly executed “Preschool” orientation, I had really high hopes for Charlie’s first day of school and our first drop off.

Let’s just say, the word perfect didn’t come into play this morning.

Right off the bat, the morning was off. Charlotte woke up about 45 minutes early and was a bit cranky/sleepy/VERY clingy with mommy. Breakfast was a cluster. She picked the cheese off the top of her quiche and refused any other part of it. She wouldn’t drink more than 1/2 of her veggie shake. She took three sips of milk and was done.

Finally, I broke down and gave her cereal. I was desperate for her to eat something to help her make it through the day today. She ate it… kind of.

Marky was supposed to join me for the first drop off, but because he’s amazing and was busy slaving in the kitchen (prepping dinner for tonight), he wasn’t able to make it.

So Charlie and I headed off on our way. She whined on and off the whole way to school, which is totally out of character.

That’s a pretty apprehensive face…

When we got into the classroom, she stood frozen in the doorway, staring blankly. Finally, after a good 5 minutes, that lower lip puckered and some tears came. I called her name and she came running towards me, arms wide open.

The teacher called Charlotte and another kid over to show them a big bag of puppets she just received. Charlotte reluctantly watched as we showed her all sorts of puppets. She was on the edge.

FINALLY, the ice melted a bit when the other teacher brought over a bucket of dominos and corks and an empty juice container. C immediately jumped in and started taking the corks from one container and putting them into the empty juice container.

This was my time to exit. I looked at my little buns and said goodbye and told her I’d see her in a little bit. She stared and stared and stared… and then the lip puckered out and the tears began.

Her teacher told me not to worry and said they would handle it.

I walked out of the room. Tears welling up in my own eyes.

The administrator stopped me on my way out. She told me that C’s tears are her way of asking a question.

“Mom, is this okay?”

Immediately, I started feeling guilty for not turning back to her when she started crying and reassuring her that I would be back and that she’d be great. Instead, I just left.

The administrator peeked in at C and let me know that she was already tearlessly playing.

I left, got in my car, called Mark and started bawling.

I’m not talking about tearing up. I’m talking full-on, unable-to-speak-through-heavy-sobs crying. Of course, once I got enough words out to let Mark know that everything was technically okay, he started laughing at me.

I knew (know) that she’ll be great and that it’s so good for her to go to school, but for some reason, it felt so overwhelming. I can’t even pinpoint what specifically was so overwhelming. I definitely had guilt about not turning back to her when she started crying… but I had felt teary before that.

Thankfully, I received a text from Charlotte’s teacher before I had even gotten to work telling me that she was doing well. She also sent a cute little picture of Charlotte playing with the classroom play kitchen.

The photo from Charlotte’s teacher.

Regardless, I’m really happy that I get to go and pick her up in just 45 minutes. I can’t wait to see her and am hoping that pick up goes better than drop off.


THE Shoes

Remember how I mentioned that my cousin made Charlotte THE cutest shoes that have ever existed? SO amazing that they would require an entire post dedicated to their greatness?

Well, this is that post.

My cousin, Stefanie, is a very talented lady.  If you’re interested in your own fancy shmance pair of the cutest converse sneakers EVER, let me know and I’ll connect you with her greatness. 

Without further ado… The shoes:


Yes, she even bedazzled the adorably mini converse box and the converse label on the shoe (on the back and the tongue)!

Here’s the pair she made for my niece (as if making one pair with HUNDREDS of magical crystals wouldn’t make you crazy)…

This is what it looks like to receive shoes of such greatness:

Charlie’s shoes are still a little too big (thank goodness – with her being a new by walker, she’s constantly falling, etc.). I’m hopeful that right after our nasty winter, when things are nice and dry, Miss C will fit in her glamorous kicks!


How is my baby 16 months old?

Charlotte is officially a toddler. All hints of baby seem to have disappeared. She’s even stopped drinking milk from a bottle as of the past week or so. My baby is a big girl. 


  • Walking Update: The tiny one is officially a real walker / runner. She still looks like a drunk when walking, but she’s pretty consistently on her feet… or standing up after stumbling to her butt. Her speed has definitely increased as well. The girl is everywhere at all moments, with her hands in and on everything. Can I just say right now that I’m grateful for the late walking.    
  • This past week has brought a LOT of chatter. She is nonstop talking (primarily nonsensically) about everything. In fact, on Saturday, Mark gave C the phone when I called and we literally had a 10 minute conversation. I would ask her question and she’d holler some crazy gibberish back at me. I was shocked at how long it (and she) carried on. Not going to lie, it was a highlight. So sweet.  
  • I’m trying to think of new tricks or updates… I don’t know. She’s such a sponge. She is constantly doing new things…
    • She loves to give Toby treats
    • She opens the trash cabinet and throws away garbage on her own and on command
    • She can help clean up (wipe the counters or her high chair tray)
    • We’ve been making progress with drinking out of a regular cup
    • She signs “thank you”
    • She does the hand motions for “Patty Cake” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”
    • She’s the toughest child I’ve ever seen. She literally rarely cries from pain and she’s so accident prone (aka she’s a toddler). The other morning she was whining during breakfast. She was drinking her veggie shake with one hand, but on and off whining. Then, Mark held the cup for her and she was fine. Finally, he said, “okay, Charlie… just hold the cup with two hands” when he noticed that her tiny finger was pinched in her high chair, which was why she was doing everything one-handed (and whining). TOUGH GIRL!  (her poor face after falling into the kitchen cabinet handle – she cried for less than a minute)
    • She can blow bubbles in the pool!  
    • She tells us when she poops.
    • She officially stopped using a bottle! Oy. That was a tough one for a night or so, but she seems to have adjusted.
  • Her schedule hasn’t changed much; although with preschool starting on Thursday, I’m anticipating a change:
    • Between 7-8: Wake Up
    • 10/10:30: 1 hour nap
    • 1130/12: Lunch
    •  1/2: Nap
    • 5:30/6: Dinner
    • 7/8: Bedtime
  • Favorite Foods: Quiche, Berries (always berries), Oranges, Grapes, “Egg Bread” which is essentially my quick version of french toast, veggie shakes, cottage cheese & yogurt (usually mixing one of these two foods with other foods is enough to convince C to eat whatever she originally rejected), dip… the girl LOVES to dip. Yes, one night she essentially ate ketchup for dinner.  
  • Favorite toys: She’s on a “Teddy” Kick, her piano… oh does she love the piano, my keys, she still loves the sugar bowl, any calculator she can get her hands on  
  • Size: She is still wearing Size 4 Huggies Little Movers & Huggies Overnite Diapers and is pretty solidly in 18-month clothes
  • Shoe Size: 4

Girlfriend Loves Quiche

I had to fill out a form for daycare the other day that asked about Charlotte’s favorite foods. I’m not going to lie, it felt weird and almost awkward to write that at the top of our 16-month old’s list is quiche. But man can she put away a piece of quiche.

Here she is, hard at work on a piece fit for a large man…  

Slowing down, but still making progress…

Diapering Our Toddler

One of Charlotte’s new skills is her understanding of pooping. It’s probably more exciting than it sounds.

When she is making or has just made a poop, we can say, “Charlie, did you make a poop?” And, when she is or has pooped, she will reply with a “yup” (usually in the form of a dramatic head nod) and confirm by pointing to her butt. (I find it impressive.)

The next question is always, “should we go change your diaper?”

Sometimes she says yes and walks to her room… Tonight, she literally ran away and hid under the table…  

I should clarify that even if she walks her little tush to her room to be changed, changing her is pretty much never easy unless she just woke up and is in a daze.

The girl hates the changing table. There are so many better things she could be doing. She will scream and twist and cry and attempt to escape. Most times, we can tame her by singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider 75 times or giving her a new random object to distract her… But let me just say, she is not the only one who dreads diaper changes.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about potty training…

Charlie’s Preschool Orientation

Guys, remember last night when I was having a mega dramatic mom meltdown over Charlie starting preschool? Well, today was the big day and Charlotte did SO well! We left feeling giddy and excited and just good, good, good.

When we got to the school, the administrator took us right to Charlotte’s classroom. Some of the kids were painting and some were playing with clay. There were kids from C’s new class in there, in addition to some of the older kids from the K2/K3/K4 classes. The Administrator explained to us that the kids are encouraged to intermingle. They may ask their teacher to spend some time with another class and their teacher then gives them a set amount of time, and off they go. I love how independent they’re allowed to be… and how trusted they are.

Anyway, the teacher immediately walked over to us with a couple of the little girls in the class to introduce themselves and welcome little Charlotte. They took her on the tour of the classroom, which got totally hijacked by the fish tank.

Charlotte LOVES fish tanks. A bunch of the kiddies stood by the tank with C and her teacher and pointed out different fish and other items in the tank. It was awesome watching her little head shift from the kids to the tank and back to the kids.

Then, it was snack time! Charlotte sat at the mini table with all of her little friends. They took turns taking crackers and apples from the plate and were all served a little bit of milk in “big kid cups”… AKA cups without sippy tops. Charlotte spilled hers all over the table… but whatever!

After snack, the kiddies sat together on the carpet and sang songs with the teacher. Charlotte was ecstatic. She joined in with the hand motions and of course, clapped and demanded more after each song.

Then, it was a big moment. It was time for Mommy and Daddy to fill out paper work and leave Charlie to play with her new tiny friends. I reluctantly walked out and turned around to see my little one’s reaction to us leaving… surprise, surprise, she didn’t even notice. She was too busy playing.

After we filled out some paperwork and talked to the administrator a bit more, we went to retrieve Charlotte. At this time, she had moved with the class to the Music Room. We stood in the window and watched Charlotte as she sat on her teacher’s lap, playing the double piano thing. She looked up and saw us, smiled, and continued playing.

I mean, could you make up a more perfect reaction?

We literally had to carry her out of there, she didn’t want to leave. It was SUCH a good and relieving feeling. I have a feeling that she’s really going to love it there.

And of course, Charlotte got home and was zonked. Nana held her and she just kind of melted into Nana’s arms. She also took her nap pretty early. Sleepy bunny with the big day.

Don’t worry, she had enough energy to throw her hair bands all over the floor and chase the kitty…   


The Next Chapter

Tomorrow is a big day for our little love. Tomorrow is Charlie’s meet and greet at her new preschool. She will meet her class and her teachers… She’ll get to check out the school. It’s a whole new world for this little lady… 

So maybe I should just be honest and say that tomorrow is a big day for mommy. I keep thinking about my little love being at school all morning without mommy or daddy or nana or grandma or grandpa or grampie or Grammy. None of her peeps. 

What will that be like for her?

Will she connect with her teachers? Will she make friends easily? Will she love school? Will she hate it? Will she cry when I drop her off? Will I cry?

Oh my goodness. 

(Here comes the pep talk…)

I know this will be so good for her, but I can’t help this pit in my stomach. The thought of her looking around for her family. Mommy? Daddy? 

Woah. Okay. This will be good for her. She will get over any initial hesitation (as will I). She will love it… Right?

All we have to do is have fun (together) tomorrow and then I’ll… Errrr… We will have the rest of the week and weekend to prepare. Not too bad. We can do this!

Swim Class – Week 2

Charlotte really took strides in swim class this week! Whatever, I said it. I’m that mom. But really, she did so well (relatively speaking)! She was LOVING the water, splashing like a goon, kicking her little feet, and blowing bubbles in the water!

I decided to stay out of the water this time so I could take pictures. So, enjoy!

Mark attempted the water slide again… This time instead of whiplash, he dunked our tiny girl! Haha They’ll master it some day 🙂