Finally, an Epic Nap!

It’s currently 5:39 pm and Charlotte has been sleeping since a few minutes after 1pm. Holy crap.

This is SOOOOO needed. The poor girl has had such crappy naps over the past week. I’m talking 1-2 hours of nap total per day versus her normal 3-4 hours per day. I guess it’s a good thing she went to school this morning (she’s usually with Nana on Tuesdays) and ran around like a crazy woman in gym class.

Granted, I’m sitting at work waiting for the sweet princess to wake up (of course her long naps aren’t on days where I’m comfortably lounging on the couch at home).

Regardless, I’m pretty happy. The poor pumpkin is fighting ANOTHER cold, so she really needs the rest. Hopefully she’ll wake up feeling some improvement.

OH! She’s starting to wake up… final sleep time: 1-5:42.

Gotta run!


Back on Track

Apparently publicly bitching about C’s night wakings was all it took to get the tiny one back on track!

THANK GOODNESS whatever was going on has (hopefully) left and we’re back to good sleep. Now if only Toby could get the memo and stop waking up at 4am for water chugging and backyard jaunts.

Make the night wakings stop!

Last night was terrible. I kind of figured it would be because Charlotte barely napped yesterday. She had a delayed 40 minutes in the AM and then didn’t fall asleep for her PM nap until about 430. 

Then, she didn’t get to bed until a little after 8.

The stage was set.

Beginning around 5 am, she was on and off screaming/whining until Mark finally went in there after 6.

Of course I was up until 1 am (a time I didn’t know still existed) working on some stuff for my friend’s baby shower this afternoon.

Anyway, the crying and whining is so bizarre. Charlotte is literally asleep. When we actually go in there, it takes a bit of back rubbing to actually get her to wake up, which is always followed by sobbing.

It’s literally the worst.

Please make this phase end. I miss my great sleeper. 

On a positive note, at least she’s catching up. Baby girl is still sleeping currently (it’s nearly 930 am).

On a negative note, we were supposed to have our family pics this morning, but cancelled because there was a 70-90% chance of rain. Guess what? Not raining.


Schedule Adjustments

With all of the nap issues lately, we decided to try something new with Charlotte’s schedule. Normally, we’d let her wake up when she pleases. If she sleeps until 7, great… if she sleeps until 9, no biggy! The issue we were having is with her napping for the rest of the day. If her schedule was pushed back too far, she’d end up skipping a nap and being super tired and cranked out or spending a lot of time in bed trying to fall asleep before naps.

So this week, we’ve been waking her up at 7 am, then down for her nap at 8:45 (she tends to fall asleep at around 9:20) and then second nap at 1:30/1:45 (she was falling asleep anywhere between 2:30 and 3).

That sounds good, right?

Well, the problem came in with her bedtime. We’d put Charlotte to bed around 7 and no matter how tired she was, she’d take until at least 8pm to fall asleep. That means that instead of getting her full 12 hours of night sleep, she’s only getting 11 because we were waking her up at 7.

Last night she fell asleep at 8 again, so we decided that we’d try to adjust her schedule. 8pm bedtime, 8am wakeup, 10am nap, then 2:30/3 nap. Voila! Right?

Well, in theory.

Unfortunately, Toby woke the entire house up at 6am to alert us that Mark had gotten home from the gym. Dang it!

I guess we’ll try again tomorrow!