Happy 15 Months!

Wow does time just whiz on by. I can’t believe our tiny litle love is already 15 giant months old. The past month has been pretty huge in terms of development.

  • Miss thang walks when she wants to! Charlotte is now officially a walker. Now, don’t be confused, that does not mean that she is walking full-time, but it does mean that the tops and bottoms of her feet have equal opportunity to be coated with dirt by the end of the day (YES! My hard wood floors need a deep clean.)      
  • Miss Chatty Pants has many words: this “dis”, that “dat”, Maaaam – a – mom mom mom, DAAAAAD, BAMPA (or something like that… which translates to grandpa), doutdide (Outside), Nana, Yah (yes)
  • Little one has many tricks:
    • What does the puppy/dog/Toby say? “WOOF” which sounds a little bit like “Oooof”
    • What does the kitty/Ollie say: “Meeeeeeow”
    • What does the elephant say: “EEeeee” (any little noise) as she throws her arm (aka her trunk) in the air
    • What does the monkey say? “Ooo Ooooo Ooo” as she puts her little hands to her armpits
    • She can sign: more, water, milk, eat, help, thank you, hello/goodbye
    • She blows kisses, smooches on command and hugs on command
    • She fetches!! “Charlotte, can you pick that up for mommy and bring it back to mommy?” SO helpful!
    • My favorite is anytime I end a sentence/question with “Right?” Charlotte shakes her head dramatically to say, “YUP!” For example, “Charlie, Mommy is your favorite person in the world, right?” It’s such a sharp head nod. I need to remember to take a video.
    • She can climb up stairs/ledges/anything she can reach and knows to climb down by turning around and reaching one little foot back, then the other.
    • She high fives.
    • She polices herself. When Charlotte touches something she isn’t supposed to touch or does something she isn’t supposed to do, she simultaneously shakes her head “no” to let you know she’s doing something wrong.
    • “Ear muffs!” She doesn’t quite get it, but randomly or when she hears a noise, she’ll do ear “muff”… Singular… Only one muff.   
    • That’s all that I can remember for now…
  • Her schedule has been pretty regular, although I think I’m going to adjust it a bit in the coming days.
    •  Current:
      • 7ish wake up
      • 9:45/10 “rest time” for one hour, unless she falls asleep and then we let her sleep an hour from whenever she falls asleep
      • 12 lunch
      • 2-4/5 naptime
      • 7 bedtime
    • New that I’m going to try:
      • 7ish wake up
      • 9:45/10 “rest time” for 30 minutes
      • 11:45 lunch
      • 1-4 naptime
      • 630/7 bedtime
  • Favorite foods: FRUIT (berries… she can literally eat a pint in a sitting with no problem, grapes, peaches, mmm fruit for days), bread, pasta, tomatoes, veggie shakes, applesauce  
  • Favorite toys:
    • The Fischer Price TV Radio… omg how I wish this thing played more than just the Farmer-in-the-Dell. This damn thing is nonstop singing. She loves it.
      tv radio
    •  Her Sugar Bowl from the Play Circle Dishes Wishes Dinnerwear. I swear, she is contantly carrying this little toy around. Open. Close. Open. Close. So goofy. Out of all the toys out there…  
    • The Cozy Coupe – if she could play in this all day, every day, she’d be happy forever.  
  • Other “passions”: destroying the house, emptying out the cupboards, trying to type on mommy’s computer, trying to turn off mommy’s computer, shutting the refridgerator, shutting any and all doors/cabinets, going outside, throwing food, pulling the cat’s tail, petting/harrassing the dog, reaching things she shouldn’t be touching, using the car key remote, pushing anything and everything around the house, emptying containers and filling them back up, putting her hands in the pets’ bowls, knee walking, laughing, causing trouble, being my sweet little babes.                

A New Approach to Napping

Things have continued to be a little nutso with Charlotte’s sleep schedule. Today and yesterday, she slept from between 7/8 pm to 8 am.

This morning, we decided to try to go back to our original sleep bible, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” for some advice on handling the nap debacle. The book confirms that this transitional period sucks… surprise! But it also suggested putting the babe down for a 1-2 hour “rest” in the morning and then a nap in the afternoon.

The “rest” is essentially quiet crib time. If she sleeps, great. If not, no biggy. But regardless, you limit the time. Charlotte did not fall asleep during her rest time today, but she was quiet (after she screamed for the first 2 minutes) and happy for the full hour.

Then, we played a little, had lunch and hung out and started the wind down/bottle/book/pre-nap routine at aroud 1:10. By 1:30, Charlotte was totally out. Now, it’s 4:30 and she’s just waking up.

Not too shabby!!

I think tomorrow I’ll try to start the pre-nap routine closer to 12:45, but otherwise, I think things worked really well.

Fingers crossed that bedtime goes well tonight and she manages to sleep until 8 again tomorrow.

Schedule Adjustments

With all of the nap issues lately, we decided to try something new with Charlotte’s schedule. Normally, we’d let her wake up when she pleases. If she sleeps until 7, great… if she sleeps until 9, no biggy! The issue we were having is with her napping for the rest of the day. If her schedule was pushed back too far, she’d end up skipping a nap and being super tired and cranked out or spending a lot of time in bed trying to fall asleep before naps.

So this week, we’ve been waking her up at 7 am, then down for her nap at 8:45 (she tends to fall asleep at around 9:20) and then second nap at 1:30/1:45 (she was falling asleep anywhere between 2:30 and 3).

That sounds good, right?

Well, the problem came in with her bedtime. We’d put Charlotte to bed around 7 and no matter how tired she was, she’d take until at least 8pm to fall asleep. That means that instead of getting her full 12 hours of night sleep, she’s only getting 11 because we were waking her up at 7.

Last night she fell asleep at 8 again, so we decided that we’d try to adjust her schedule. 8pm bedtime, 8am wakeup, 10am nap, then 2:30/3 nap. Voila! Right?

Well, in theory.

Unfortunately, Toby woke the entire house up at 6am to alert us that Mark had gotten home from the gym. Dang it!

I guess we’ll try again tomorrow!