Miss C

Caught some great photos of Charlotte watching the baby monitor, waiting for her “bruddy” bestie to wake up this morning…

This afternoon, C came with me to pick up Henry from school. When he saw her, he grabbed her and said “Charwe, i miss you today!” And gave big huggies.

They walked out hand in hand.

Such sweet little loves.

Wearing Blue

c and mommy

Today, a mother in Buffalo, MN is burying her nearly-5-year-old boy after a heartbreaking battle with brain cancer. I went to high school with this mom. We weren’t close friends, but school acquaintances. She was kind then and kind when I reached out 2 years ago to ask for pointers after she had a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section).

I’ve been following along this past year and a half as her entire family took on this crazy/unfair/heartbreaking/fucked up fight for the life of her baby. A week ago, he lost that fight, in the arms of his mother.

There is so much distance between this sweet boy I’ve never met and myself and there is so much distance between this kind girl I haven’t seen in 15 years and myself. Yet, I feel so much sadness surrounding me. It makes me shudder to think about what it is like in the actual eye. I just can’t begin to fathom the pain this mother must be experiencing. Or, in her words, “enduring.” My heart aches for them.

Today they have bravely chosen to celebrate his life instead of mourn his death. So, today, my sweet C and I are wearing Andrew’s favorite color – blue – to celebrate his life and savoring extra moments that we are lucky enough to share together.


Summer Lovin’

We have been having the best time this summer. The weather has been hot, sunny and perfect for playing. And, only having an afternoon nap to work around (instead of multiple naps) has made it so easy to fill our days with amazingly fun summer activities.

This week/weekend was no expection! We even got some kidless time with friends, and the kiddos had their forst non-family babysitter!

Js championship baseball game

Impromptu pool day


Dinner picnic & a movie on the deck

Queen B

For whatever reason, Charlotte seems to replace the first letter of quite a few words with a “b”… when in doubt, tack on a b!

I’m not going to lie, I find it pretty darn adorable.

Bchantress – Enchantress

Bchanted – Enchanted

Bfraid – Afraid

Bttach – Attach

Bmember – Remember

Bgina – Vagina (thanks for the reminder, nan!)

Another funny word enunciation… yose… aka those. Love yose.


Today, in honor of Pop and what would have been his 101st birthday, we went to dinner at his favorite restaurant… Nan even ordered his favorite meal.

While the kids made fine dining a bit of a joke, they redeemed themselves during our post-dinner ice cream stop!

Most importantly, the whole experience would have really been something to Pop. He would have just melted over the kiddos. He was something special… hopefully, smiling down at our messy attempt to honor him.

Oh How I Love the 4th

We had such a blast yesterday… despite the intense humidity and heat. We paraded in the morning, visited with some friends, then took the crazed kiddos home for nap.

Check out Hem’s dance moves! That boy loves to wiggle his rump! Haha

After all of the sun, we decided to switch up the plans from taking the kids to a party after nap to letting them nap late while I went to the party briefly with my neighbor.

The party was great, right on Lake Michigan! It would have been amazing for the kids and I started feeling guilty about changing the plans… until it started monsooning! My friend and I made it back to the car with only mild dampness, but the ride back home was a bit crazy.

I was happy to get home to the kiddos who were watching the Lion King!

Thankfully, the storm blew over and we were able to execute the final part of the plan: late night sparklers and smores with the kids. We had a great time!