Another Stomach Bug

Remember when I thought having the stomach flu while pregnant was the worst thing ever? 

New verdict… Having the stomach bug while having to nurse and care for an infant and simultaneously trying to recover from major abdominal surgery is way worse. And unfortunately for me, I got to discover this first hand yesterday.

I don’t know what I ate (although there were a number of possibilities… Why did I think eating a turkey and ham jimmy johns sub that was thrown from a JJ’s parade float in 80 degree weather was a good idea?), but I woke up yesterday and was totally down for the count. 

I’m talking can’t even keep down water… Nothing says motherhood quite like having to interrupt a breastfeeding session to uncontrollably throw up Gatorade. Finally, by around 4 that afternoon I survived some water and a cracker. By evening, I had eaten three whole crackers and by bedtime, I even had some noodle soup.

Today has been way better. Still a bit rocky and filled with crackers and soup, but way better.

I’m hoping tomorrow is even better and that my body stops catching every f’ing illness. But, as my gf said, I’m helping Henry build up immunities… So there’s that.

6 thoughts on “Another Stomach Bug

  1. Man, feel better! I had the flue just a few months after Ezra was born and it was horrible. But I wasn’t recovering after a major abdominal surgery so I can’t even imagine how rough it is!

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