Sorry, Henry!

Remember that time I called Henry the worst sleeper EVER? Well, I’d like to retract that statement and apologize to my little, because guess who SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night?

Yup! You guessed it 🙂

My pumpkin Henry slept from 7:30pm until 7am! He woke up once around 4/430, but by the time Mark got a bottle ready, Henry was already sleeping again.

Henry must have known that I had hit my breaking point. I was literally ready to crawl under a rock and stay there for the next two years. 

Hopefully the trend continues!

As a side, little man is also napping like a champ. He’s turned his 30-40 minute naps into legit 1.5-3 hour naps! Such a good boy (and yes, seemingly a great sleeper all of a sudden).

Cheers to Henry pie!

One Proud (& Engorged) Momma

Tonight when I went to put little Henry pie to bed, he was wide awake. I nursed, potched and rocked him to no avail. 

After maybe 30-40 minutes of the “please go the heck to sleep” dance, I gave up.

Okay, Henry. Momma’s just going to put you down in your crib and take a little break. You be good.

I fully anticipated my little guy to throw a big fit and demand I bounce faster, potch harder. But I walked out of the room anyway.

I quickly grabbed the monitor to watch. He looked right, he looked left. He chatted. He moved his feet around. He wiggled in the swaddle. Then, maybe 15 or so minutes later, it happened. He turned his head to the side and closed his eyes. Then, he fell asleep!!!!

No potch necessary. Not crying at all.

This is a big step, because if Henry hasn’t fallen asleep nursing, he is usually screaming the moment I even consider putting him down. He can sense these things.

So, after falling asleep around 830, the little dude slept until 215/230ish! I don’t know why my boobs can’t handle it, because I’ve gone this long before, but holy crap. I think I’m about to pump a gallon of milk (Mark takes the first night feeding while I pump).

Anyway, the moral of the story is that my little man is amazing!! Go Henry! Keep up the good work 🙂

Proud Moment!!

Guys, Henry just slept from 730-300!!!! That’s the longest stretch he’s done since week 3 or so! 

It’s funny because I was just telling Mark that I felt like if he stayed consistent with his two wake ups, we could likely try to drop the first, because he doesn’t typically eat much at that time.

Apparently Henry got the memo!!

Fingers crossed that he does it again 💛

Wide Awake

All of you have heard me complain about how tired I’ve been lately… So why is it 3:45 am and I’m awake while everyone else is sound asleep? 

Little Henry has been sleeping since 8:45!! We haven’t had a 7-hour stretch since all this poop madness started at least a month ago. Hell, we rarely get anything over 3-4.

I’ve been up for an hour now, waiting for him to wake up. Finally about 5 minutes ago, I shined my cell phone in his direction and put my hand on his chest. He’s still breathing.

Oy. Haha So first time mom of me, right? 🙂

Yesterday (I guess it’s technically two days ago), Henry received his first probiotic. Since, all of his poops have been way more normal and now a long stretch of sleep… Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Too bad getting him to take a bottle (which is how we give him the probiotic) hasn’t proven to be easy. 

Wish us luck! And wish me luck in falling back to sleep before little man wakes up!

Two Weeks & 23 Months Old

Time is flying! Sweet Henry is already two weeks old and our spunky toddler is just one month shy of being a two year old. How is that possible?

I need to do a full Charlie update, but for now, she’s doing great. This past month, her language has just exploded and I swear, she’s just become a little girl. And seriously, such a big helper. 

As for Henry pie, he was SUCH a little love last night and decided to do his long awake time at 930pm instead of 2am! We were up together until 1130ish, at which point, I put him in bed awake (but sleepy). 

Little man didn’t wake up until after 4 am! 5 hours!! We were up for a little over an hour and then he slept another 3 hours. Such a good boy.

We’ll see what happens tonight… I’m not holding my breath. 

Otherwise, life with two has been great so far! With the help of my MIL (I would not survive without her here every day), our amazing family and friends and of course the hubby, we’ve had a pretty seamless transition.

Of course, there are hard and tiring days, but overall, things are happy and good. Loving our incredible family of four.

Sleep Training Follow Up

URGH! I just finished this post and accidentally deleted it. Hate when that happens… so, I apologize in advance if this post sucks. The first one was nice and detailed…

Anyway, about three weeks ago, we entered a new phase of sleep training: The cry-it-out-in-the-middle-of-the-night phase. We were inspired to give this a whirl after meeting with our pediatrician at Charlotte’s 4-month check up. At the appointment, she informed us that at 5 months, there was absolutely no reason why Charlotte would NEED to be eating in the middle of the night and that she was perfectly capable of sleeping through the night.

Music to our ears.

From about 3.5-5 months, Charlotte was waking up twice a night (sometimes 3 times, sometimes once). While some parents don’t mind waking up and comforting their babes at 3 am, we just aren’t those people. It was totally fine when she needed to eat, but once given the okay, we were ready to let her figure it out.

So, that’s what we did! As I explained in this post, the first couple of days were a little rough, but really, not even that bad. She fussed and cried for an hour and ended up putting herself back to sleep. After those first few nights, she just got progressively better and better. Most nights, she would wake up somewhere between 10 and 12 and 1 and 4 for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes. After 2 weeks, it was only once a night and now, we rarely hear her at all and when we do, it’s just a subtle little noise and she’s transitioning into the next sleep cycle.

I’m not going to lie, it’s amazing.

Here’s a little snapshot of Charlotte’s sleep over the past week and month from my sleep tracking app. I don’t think the app is the best, but it works. Also, I’d recommend tracking sleep. It really helps you stay on top of baby’s routine and needs.


Last 30 Days



Last 7 Days


Over the past 6ish months, we have worked really hard to sleep train this little being. Whether it was at 2 months when I literally stayed home for three weeks straight to make sure Charlotte was napping every 1-2 hours in her crib, or the MANY nights and naptimes that left me covered in stress hives brought on by the screams and howls of our baby, we made sleep a priority. Now of course, we can’t take all (or likely even the majority) of the credit. Charlotte is a good sleeper and has a very independent side. I am positive that plays a role in this journey.

But, regardless, we are so proud of our little sleeper. Charlotte goes to bed every night between 5 and 7 – most often around 6p. She sleeps 12 hours THROUGH THE NIGHT. And even better, she’s an expert napper. She has finally consolidated her countless 40 minutes naps into some really nice long naps. In fact, over the past few days, she’s been taking 2 naps and sleeping 4-5 hours total during that time. It’s really awesome.

And it’s not just crib sleep, our little bunny can sleep in any pack n’ play or on any blanket (well, not anymore since she’s a rolling, scooting machine), as long as it’s in a dark room. It’s so convenient.

Way to go, Charlie!! Mommy and Daddy appreciate it. Now, if we could only get our bums in bed earlier, we might actually feel rested.

Also, I know I’ve mentioned the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby before, but I want to mention again that this is the book we use to guide us in our sleep training journey. I really recommend it. It didn’t always have the answers we were looking for, but it seemed to keep us focused.

A Not So Good Night… Err… Morning

While our little princess slept 5 hours consecutively again last night, she didn’t follow up with any additional sleep. We woke up at 4 am and since then, missy miss has been quite demanding. She’ll eat for 4 minutes, fall asleep, then I’ll put her down and she’ll be up demanding more milk (aka mommy snuggles) within minutes. This pattern has been nonstop until mommy the sucker finally gave in. Now, we’re here…


If you need me, I’ll be on the couch. Today is going to be a lazy… whatever day it is.

Earlier this morning, I sent daddy this pic of his sweet girl nursing with the caption, “This is where I’ll be today. Don’t bug me or I’ll scream.”


Within seconds, she confirmed my interpretation with this giant, “f you, mommy.” Such a princess 🙂


The Milk Monster Gives a Gift

So, after being chained to the couch all day with the milk monster (I’m talking literally 7 hours of nursing… I tracked it!), and barely getting anything done (I made dinner… And watched a TON of this teeny bopper show), the Milk Monster decided to be VERY nice and give back to her very desperate mommy.

Yes, I’m talking about the greatest gift for a (breastfeeding) new mommy: sleep! Charlotte went down super easily last night and literally slept 5.5 consecutive hours (and then another 4 after that)! I probably slept a little longer than that because for the first time, Mark actually got her down (aka, she didn’t require a boob to go to sleep; although I had just fed her a few minutes before her last changing).

This extended period of sleep was sooo needed, as the prior two nights were not so lovely. LOTS of nursing… Like, 2+ hours at a time nursing throughout the night. Not fun.

So, from the bottom of my heart and the tip of my sore nipples, thanks baby girl for throwing mama a bone. I’m not sure we would have survived another nurse marathon last night.