Two Weeks & 23 Months Old

Time is flying! Sweet Henry is already two weeks old and our spunky toddler is just one month shy of being a two year old. How is that possible?

I need to do a full Charlie update, but for now, she’s doing great. This past month, her language has just exploded and I swear, she’s just become a little girl. And seriously, such a big helper. 

As for Henry pie, he was SUCH a little love last night and decided to do his long awake time at 930pm instead of 2am! We were up together until 1130ish, at which point, I put him in bed awake (but sleepy). 

Little man didn’t wake up until after 4 am! 5 hours!! We were up for a little over an hour and then he slept another 3 hours. Such a good boy.

We’ll see what happens tonight… I’m not holding my breath. 

Otherwise, life with two has been great so far! With the help of my MIL (I would not survive without her here every day), our amazing family and friends and of course the hubby, we’ve had a pretty seamless transition.

Of course, there are hard and tiring days, but overall, things are happy and good. Loving our incredible family of four.

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