My Sweet Boy

Before Henry arrived, I was worried. As cliche as this sounds, I literally was concerned about being able to love him enough. I have spent the past 2 years falling more and more in love with Charlotte. Would there be this noticeable disparity between my love for Charlotte versus Henry? I was feeling so many levels of guilt. For Charlotte who would no longer be my one and only… for Henry who might never know the full capacity of my love… just guilt..

Fast forward to today, four days later. There is no worry left in me.

I am four days in and instead of stressing over being up all night, I’ve been loving every night time feeding with my guy. Taking advantage of the time I have alone with him… every cuddle, every kiss. I am absolutely smitten.

And during the day, I’m trying my best to share the moments with my sweet C. I am literally blown away by the love I am feeling. Watching Charlotte love Henry, watching my husband be this amazing father and husband, just everything. I’m blown away.

I’m sure this honeymoon period will fade into reality, but for now, I’m simply enjoying every moment.

Plus, how cute is this little man???


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