Weekend Snapshot

I have to get to bed, as Henry is already snoozing, but wanted to share some photos from our weekend! We took Henry to his first parade, which he slept through! 

And in full Charlotte fashion, the girl was totall straight-faced throughout the entire parade, until we got in the car and she was all smiles and chats about what we had just seen. Such a shy and timid little dear. 

Are these not two of the most sullen faces you’ve ever seen at a parade??

The dancing grannies (so silly)

Finally, some smiles!

After the parade, we dropped C off at my parents’ house so she could nap while we went to little Bailey’s first bday party with Henry!

C was excited to reunite with her brother!

The cutest little Henry pie in his denim romper. I could just eat him up.

Miss C was excited to head back to camp this morning.
Henry and Mommy snuggled at home… ALL day 

Weekend in Review

I’ve been terrible about keeping up with this blog, as the days and weeks are literally flying by. Regardless, here’s my little weekend in review…

We had a great (and busy) weekend. On Friday after work, we had dinner with my closest little love, Marci, her hubs and babes, her parents and one of Charlie’s classmates and his family. I cannot rave enough about how fun this was.

First, I absolutely adore every minute I have to catch up with Marci and smoosh her ADORABLE little guy. And second, it was a lot of fun to chitter chatter with the other family. I actually went to middle and high school with the dad, so it was just great to catch up.

Funny story… it was around 8:45pm and C was turning into a wild woman. Definitely still behaved, but hyper… my mom would refer to her mood as “punchy.”

Anyway, the dad, Dave, was laying on the ground next to his 7 or 8 month old baby (who C was OBSESSED with) and Mark was laying on a spot on the floor across the room. In C’s wild, happy oblivion, she climbed up on top of Dave and gave him loving, happy pats as she said “Dada.” At first I responded with, “Yes, that’s Eli and Ari’s dada.”

Then, as the others in the room started making comments like, “Wow! Do you believe this kid? Look how comfortable she is… etc.” I started to think, “Well, no… I don’t believe this actually.”

Me: Charlie, you know that’s not Daddy, right? Look at his face. That’s Ari’s Daddy…

Charlotte: (Starts backing off slowly as she looks at his face and realizes that she is not sitting on top of her own daddy.)

As soon as she realized her little mistake, she booked it to Daddy’s arms while I proceeded to cry from laughing so hard.

On Saturday, we went to gymnastics class, which was fun. I haven’t gone in a bit, so it was nice to see how much she’s progressed. Of course, the day I join, Charlotte takes a tumble off of a 3 foot high mat. Thankfully, she really is the toughest little girl ever.

We looked at her in shock and said, “Are you okay”… she thought about it for a few seconds and said, “yeahhh.”

  After gymnastics, we decided to head over to a local farm that welcomes guests. Unfortunately, they were closed for winter; however, the gentleman allowed us to come check out the few animals they had at this location… one chubby bunny, a ton of the LOUDEST, squakiest ducks and 3 pigeons.

Regardless, it was enough to entertain C. In fact, she’s been making duck noises nonstop ever since.




 Before C’s nap, we were also able to get her little art station hung up in her room. I LOVE how it turned out! Now, I just need to finish her table and chairs. 

 That evening, we went to my sweet Carrie’s son’s 2nd birthday party! It was a farm theme and absolutely adorable! Charlie loved it! She played with balloons and toy animals, ate applesauce, cake and berries and got to be with mom and dad. What could be bad? 

 On Sunday, we went to Home Depot and Whole Foods in the morning. HD gave away little plastic easter eggs with wrapped chocolate bunnies inside. We’ve never given C chocolate, so we just let her play with the candies assuming she didn’t know what they were. Sure enough, when we looked down at her, she was silently indulging in some chocolate. We let her take one more bite and then called it quits on the chocolate. 

After our errands, we went to my parents’ house for brunch and some playtime. Then, post-nap, Mark’s Dad and Step Mom came over for a pizza dinner. 

 All in all, it was a great weekend!

Some other cute pics: 


So Many Weekends…


I have been hoarding photos. So, here’s a review of some of our past few weekends through and excessive series of photos…



Weekend Review (& the First Night of Chanukah)!

We had another busy, busy weekend! On Friday, I met my mother and sister for a manicure (what’s better???).

I painted my nails “dutch tulips”… a nice Christmasy red for Chanukah 🙂

 I even made it back in time to play with my little bumpkins and put her to bed.

On Saturday, Charlotte had her very first gymnastics class! My little babes is growing up so fast. I can’t believe all of these new activities and experiences she’s been having.

Charlotte was a bit overwhelmed at class, but after getting some good bouncing in on the trampoline, she lightened up (her grip… she was a clingy koala for most of class). And of course, in her sudden, post-jump excitement, she started running towards all the people and stepped right off of the mats and faceplanted on the only foot of hard surface in the dang place.

 After gymnastics, I headed out for brunch with my girlfriends to celebrate one of my sweet girlfriend’s birthday! It was delicious and a blast.

 Then, we made our way back to the gymnastics place for open gym. Round two was really great for Charlotte. She had an absolute blast.

 That evening, my friend Jenna and her two boys came over for a visit. Mark took all three kids to the basement playroom and gave Jenna and I a good hour or more to chat and catch up. It was perfect.

 Then on Sunday, we headed to the nursing home to wish Mark’s grandmother a happy 97th birthday! Charlotte was a bit overwhelmed by the home. She wasn’t super comfortable, but did manage to give Grandma Dina a couple birthday smooches.

Finally, after Charlotte’s nap, it was time to go to Grammy & Grampie’s for the first night of Chanukah. And let me just say, Charlotte had a blast. We didn’t have a booster seat, so we sat her on top of a couple medical books and strapped her in with a belt. It worked perfectly and she loved sitting at the table like a big girl.

When it came time for presents, Charlotte absolutley LOVED opening her gifts and found a ridiculous amount of joy lugging around the gift bag containing all of her new items. In fact, she hasn’t stopped lugging around said gift bag.

 It was a blast! All in all, a very fun and eventful weekend.