We’ve survived the first 11 days! And honestly, it’s been going really well. There have been moments where the exhaustion sets in, but really, it’s been going well! 

Mark just went back to work today, so we’ll see what tune I’m humming come Friday… But for now, things are going well.

Charlotte is still LOVING her brother (aka “my baby”). She loves to hold him and give him hugs and kisses. She’s been a great helper and is even making improvements in terms of being more gentle. Progress! 

As for Henry… The boy loves his milk. LOVES his milk. He sleeps 2.5-3.5ish hours at a time during the night, which isn’t too bad! I think I get up 2-3 times per night? Maybe more? Honestly, I have no idea. I try to pay attention, but never seem to remember. I haven’t been tracking his nursing, which I think is part of it. But whatever it is, it doesn’t feel too bad. Although, tonight, he’s literally been nursing nonstop. Maybe he’ll sleep a longer stretch? Haha I’m not getting my hopes up.

 He also has reflux. Poor cookie. He’ll howl out cries when his tummy hurts. Mostly it affects him at night. I’ve been trying to nurse him in an upright position and then hold him upright for 10-30 minutes after. 

Regardless, he’s a super chill little man. Such a lovey. Also, he has the softest head and is just a total sweetie pie.

Anyway, here are some photos from the past week or so…

Photos from Henry’s Bris

A couple preview pics from Henry’s newborn photo shoot

Fun at home…

Our little ice cream outing

Cake Smash Sneak Preview

After a solid month since Charlotte’s birthday, we FINALLY got our sh*t together and went for her cake SMASH pictures. My amazing photographer, Nicole Sherman of Pics by Nic, ordered a special pink backdrop for the photos… so nice, right?

Then I sent the following photo to the bakery at Metro Market and asked that they decorate a 5″ double round cake with the flowers from the picture, but in an ivory/VERY pale pink frosting.

The pic I sent:  

The cake we got for $11!!!  

When we got to our photographer’s house, Charlotte got to play (aka: stare and point at) with Aubrey, our photographer’s 3 month old. So cute!

Then, it was time for the smash.

I typically consider Charlotte to be on the rougher side, but that was not the case today. Girlfriend literally ate her cake one pin-prick-sized dollop at a time. I had to shove her hand in the cake and then chunk off pieces for her to eat. Miss Prissy did not want to get dirty.

 But, all-in-all, we had a great time, Charlie LOVED her tasty cake, and I can only imagine how great the pictures turned out.

Check out a few I took with my phone…   


Charlotte’s 6 Month Professional Photos… Prepare Yourself…

In honor of Charlie’s 8 month birthday today, I will be sharing the CUTEST PHOTOS THAT HAVE EVER EXISTED. I’m exploding inside from the ridiculous amount of cute captured in these photos…

Thanks to Pics by Nic for taking such amazing photos of my sweet baby girl and our little fam.

IMG_9259 IMG_9264 IMG_9271 IMG_9274 IMG_9286 IMG_9296 bw IMG_9305 IMG_9311 IMG_9323 bw IMG_9325 IMG_9332 IMG_9343 IMG_9356bw IMG_9364 IMG_9380 IMG_9399 bw IMG_9408 IMG_9415 IMG_9427 IMG_9448 IMG_9449 IMG_9453 IMG_9455bw IMG_9460 IMG_9476bw IMG_9482 IMG_9493

Charlotte’s Newborn Pictures

I realized today that I never actually shared Charlotte’s newborn photos (or my baby shower pictures – those will come another day). SO, with our 3-month pictures coming up this weekend, it seems appropriate to share some of our favorites. All photos taken by the wonderful Nicole of Pics by Nic and many of the cute headbands and the two hats were made by the fabulous Lisa of Kiki & Bee.


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