Another Exhausted Slip-Up

My world seems to be filled with weird little slip-ups these days. I’m pretty much always missing the punchline. Why? Because I’m exhausted.

Today’s was kind of funny…

I’ve been staring at two wedding invitations for at least a month with the intention of sending in the RSVP’s. I’ve moved the RSVP cards a million times, in hopes of getting them closer to the mailbox. Throw them in my car, my purse, the diaper bag, etc.

Today I decided enough is enough.

I went looking for them and the damn RSVP cards are MIA. Thankfully, for one of the weddings, you had an option for RSVP’ing online. Done.

However, that still left one. Embarrassed, I told Mark that I had lost the card and he would need to text his friend (apologetically) our RSVP.

Mark: Name, I’m really sorry and I know this is annoying, but we can’t find your wedding invitation. Melissa and I will be there.

Friend: Haha I already got your RSVP.

Mark: Yikes. We haven’t slept in three months and I guess it shows.

Well shit. I guess I found the RSVP cards…

Zoo Day!

Another fabulous day of mommy daycare, thanks to my amazing sister! We took all the kiddies to the zoo and honestly, it was a blast! 

I absolutely love watching the cousins play 💛

I was really anxious about taking care of (and being able to entertain) both babes for 2.5 weeks straight with no breaks, but honestly, we’ve been having the best time! I feel like a very, very lucky momma. 

After lunch, we went to portillos with my parents and coworkers! 

💛💛 All the feels 💛💛

Pool Day!

Today I took the kiddos to an amazing little “water park” with my sister, niece and nephew. I’m not going to lie, I was so anxious about it. 

Charlie is still at an age where she needs someone in the water with her at all times and that’s not exactly easy with an infant on shore. Anyway, my sister was amazing (thank you, thank you, thank you!!). 

She took Charlie in the water and on the slide about 7,055 times. The weather was perfect, the pool temp was great and it was just a magical day. Also magical, Henry slept the whole time (except for the 10 minutes when we required a little mid-nap milk snack). 

So much fun! 

Also fun this week… We had a great play date yesterday with a group of neighbor mommas, a lunch date with daddy, and another lunch date with grandma, grandpa and daddy! 

A Nice Saturday

I mentioned that my Saturday began with an amazing stretch of quiet “me time”… Well, the day followed suit.

When Mark and Charlie got home, we got ready “quickly” (nothin is quick with two children and sleepy parents) and headed to a nearby city with an adorable downtown.

Our new thing: simultaneous diaper changes on the floor 💙

 The plan: walk around, grab lunch, burn energy. And that we did…

When we got back to the house, we put Charlie down for a nap and Mark struggled to keep the little man happy while I went for a run. 

Yes, a run. 

Not an activity in my repertoire, but I did it… It’s time to get back in shape. So, I kicked off with a 3-3.5 mile run/walk (run 60 seconds, walk 90, repeat).

All in all, good day for mommy.

Mommy Daycare

Don’t make fun, but for the first time since Henry was born, I had to wrangle both kids on my own for the entire day (on Wednesday and Thursday). 

Charlie came down with a super mild case of hand, foot, mouth (which honestly, we would have never known except for the fact that she happened to go to the doc that day for a checkup), so she was home from camp. 

I’m not going to lie, I was super anxious. Mark’s sister is bringing us a double stroller, but at this point, I don’t have one that works for our current situation. We have a sit and stand, but it just creates issues at this point. Charlie wants to sit where Henry is sitting, throws a mini fit and jumps off the stand platform thing while we’re moving. Anyway, not something I want to deal with alone. 

So anyway, I decided to face my anxieties head-on and take the kiddies on a little outing on Wednesday. I packed everyone up and we were Target-bound. Henry was running low on diapers, so it was the perfect excuse. Not to mention the fact that I have ZERO ideas as to how to put Henry (my boy who loves sleeping in silence) to sleep, while the noisy toddler is chatting up a storm… Unless we’re driving. Henry is no match for a moving car. He can’t resist a nap.

Anyway, I was SO PLEASED by our outing. I parked near a cart return and put Henry’s car seat in the shopping cart and Charlie in the seat. We were off!

Henry cried a bit, but let’s be honest, It was a Wednesday morning at Target… I wasn’t the only mom pushing a screaming baby through the aisles. Anyway, he fell asleep and Charlie and I had a blast. She was totally mesmerized. 

We looked at clothes and shoes and ended with an applesauce pouch, which we save for only special occasions. 

When we got in the car, Charlie said, “Momma, it’s fun!”

Despite being sick, Charlotte was an absolute angel. She was so fun to chat with and perfect in the car and at Target. When we got home, the good times continued. 

She was just so incredibly sweet and helpful with Henry. It was nice… We legitimately had fun together. Not just me having fun watching her… But fun together. 

Day two was another adventure! We picked up Nana in the morning to take her to the airport for a well-deserved beach vacay! Charlotte was a bit quiet, but as soon as we started pulling away from the airport, little Charlie burst into tears. “I want my Nanny!!!”

It was so sad and sweet and a little funny. Thankfully, after 5-10 minutes she got distracted by the trucks and a phone call with my sister and we moved on.

(I should also note that Charlotte keeps talking about the beach. “Nana beach” “I want beach” “momma, beach?”… The funny part is that it sounds like she’s saying bitch. Or at least beotch. My childish brain chuckles every time she says it.)

Next stop was to see my parents. We played a bit and Charlotte let us all know, “I want lunch.” 

So, off to lunch we went, which was hilarious. We went to a restaurant that’s filled with ladies and thus, Charlotte discovered the magic of ladies’ lunch. She sat staring at these two women behind us, randomly saying hi despite the fact that they had not noticed her and were not listening. 

After lunch, we shopped around the shopping center and her ladies’ lunch experience just went through the roof. She skipped from one display to the next exclaiming, “Ooooo what dis???”

It was another perfect morning.

Now, I’m not going to lie… Afternoon was a bit more annoying. Charlotte woke up crabby and was being a bit of a pest. AND, to make matters worse, after I finally got Henry to sleep, she woke him up by chucking my cell phone on the tile floor. 

C: “Ohh, Henry wa waa”

Me: “Yes, Henry is crying because you threw my phone on the ground and woke him!”

Let’s just say, I was happy when Daddy got home that evening.

But, all in all, I think I’m somewhat more prepared for full-time mommy daycare while C is off of camp before school starts, which begins next week. I have lots of activities planned and hope to have smooth sailings.

Wish me luck!

Baby Selfies

When I was pregnant with Henry, I wasn’t sure I would have that severe obsession with Baby #2 like I did/do with C. How would my heart handle that? 

Well, no worries… I’m obsessed. He’s the cutest little love and I just can’t even handle it. So much love and sweetness in my world! I’m a lucky gal. 

Oooey gooey rant over. Now, some pics of Henry and I playing today…

Look! Both kids napping at the same time again!

Successful Day!

Yesterday felt like a pretty successful day. After taking Charlotte to school late (oops), Henry and I stopped at our favorite coffee joint for an iced almond milk latte. Cutie pie was alert and adorable. We cooed as we waited for our caffeine.

After coffee, we stopped at the office. We like to go in 1-3 times per week in between dropping Charlie at school and picking her up at 12:30. (I also try to go in for a longer day on the days Mark’s momma picks C up from school.)

The plan was to go in for a short amount of time, drop Toby there, and go grocery shopping. Well, Henry’s refusal to nap kept me there until it was time to pick up C, so no grocery store.

But, on the positive side of things, Henry was able to get some good cuddle time with Grandma and some laughs with Grandpa.

Okay so I dropped C at school late and didn’t go to the grocery store… No successes there. And now that I think about it, when we all got home after picking C up from school, there was a decent amount of kitty vomit to clean.

But anyway, C went down for her nap and after I scarfed down some lunch, I swaddled Henry and put him down for his nap.

Here’s a success… Both kids napped simultaneously in their respective beds for 45 minutes!! Just enough time for me to cook dinner (my new survival habit is cooking dinner at 230/3ish during naps and reheating it when it’s time for dinner at 530).

During this time, I also checked my email and realized that the committee I volunteer for was meeting tonight. Since I had pumped for the first time over the weekend, I figured it’d be a great time to test out giving Henry a bottle and giving me a little freedom.

Thankfully, Mark’s day worked perfectly to sneak home by 415 and allow us to eat together and for me to feed Henry as much as possible before leaving.

I also had good playtime with the kiddies and got to watch Mark teach Charlie to change batteries and use a screw driver (damn battery-eating swing!).

Then, I was off to my meeting! I spent about 3 hours away… On my own… With my music blasting… It was nice!

When I got home, Marky and I say and chatted while I swapped a ton of Henry’s 0-3m clothes that don’t fit him for 3-6m. Yes, my 7.5 weeker is a giant.

At the end of the day, I’d call that a success. 

My New Favorite Game

It’s called, “Wait a Minute… I’ve Seen that Photo Before” and I’ve been playing for the past two days. 

Here’s how it works… I take a photo of Henry and as I’m admiring it, I realize… I think I took the same photo with Charlie when she was a babe. So I search and I find said picture and spend the rest of the day marveling at how my children look pretty damn similar to one another.

Here are the photos…