12-Month Vaccination Reaction

At Charlie’s 12-month check up, she got a handful of vaccines. The two that I believe are leaving her polka-dotted and feverish are the MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) and/or the chicken pox vaccine. 

They said that if she reacts, it will likely show up 10-14 days after the shots and sure enough, come day 10 – this past Friday – the little bunny woke up with a rash.

The rash was bad this weekend and even left her with a fever on Saturday, but seems to be on its way out. Besides the fever, she didn’t seem to be itchy or too bothered; although, she was crabbier than normal.

The biggest pain was that the vaccine warning said that in extremely rare cases, the rash can be contagious. That meant that little C had to avoid her baby besties during our weekend outings. 


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