Dare I Say She’s Back??

Charlotte has been… out of sorts this past week. Yes, that is my polite way of saying she’s been kind of a jerk all dang week.

I’m not 100% sure what the cause has been, but I’m sure it has to do with the fact that for the past 3-4 nights, she’s woken up in the middle of the night hollering like a banchee and not subsiding without a little love from mom and/or dad. And I’m talking 1-2 hours of hollering per night. I’m tired.

Beyond that, I believe she is working on more teeth… it could be the molars on her right side (she has the top and bottom on the left) or it could be some other set of teeth. Either way, the intense amounts of drool and jamming her fingers in her mouth (and down her throat) leads me to believe that teething is playing a role.

The last little smidge of fun is what I’ll call “toddlerhood.” Miss Charlotte has been exploring the art of whine crying and tantruming. Over the past few days, she’s literally transformed from our sweet babe who barely cries (except during diaper changes) to a little todd-monster who is loosing her shit over everything!

I’m bored playing with this toy… TANTRUM!

I want to eat this piece of food, not that one… <throw everything on the floor> TANTRUM!

Don’t touch me… TANTRUM!

This is fun… TANTRUM!

You’re so funny, momma! <Laughing>… TANTRUM!

Get the picture?

We literally ate dinner last night to the sweet hum of Charlotte’s hysterics. After 3-4 full days of whining and/or spazzing tantrums, we decided it was time to just ignore her. So we ate and chatted while she went from blank stares to tantrum and back again.

However, last night, instead of waking up around 2, the sweet princess slept until 5… whined like a goon and then settled after Mark wound up her music box. I’ll call that progress. We were awake for maybe 10 minutes.

Even bigger progress has been her mood. She has been SUCH a love today. Who knows if it’ll be Jeckyll or Hyde when she wakes up from this next nap, but at least we had half a day with our sweetie pie.



4 thoughts on “Dare I Say She’s Back??

  1. She’s so cute! Maybe something is up this week?? Palmer has been out of control with the whining and crying. She has some teeth coming in but daaaannng… I am exhausted from all the tantrums.

  2. I just can’t get enough of those cute piggy tails! Welcome to toddlerhood-where moods bounce like crazy, but just remember every emotion of theirs is BIG…. Big tantrums, big screams, but on the flip side you get big laughs, big hugs & big love when they are feel in’ it 😉

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