Cute stuff & updates

here are some random updates for you…

  • Charlotte is a chatterbox. Constantly talking (or screaming) about something.
  • Recently, she’s been shoving her dang fingers so far in her mouth, she’s making herself gag. The fingers go in the mouth because molars are the devil, but I think she keeps doing it because we tell her to stop. Defiant little one.
  • Charlotte officially signs “more” whenever she wants anything.
  • Charlotte loves chocolate chip cookies. Aside from her bday, we haven’t given Charlotte anything in terms of sweets… Until yesterday when we gave her a chocolate chip cookie. Needless to say, she was signing a lot.
  • Charlotte continues to be a total berry monster. She can easily eat a pint of raspberries at any given moment.
  • Charlotte’s sleep schedule has been a bit off this summer due to lots of running around, but she still seems to nap like an infant. She probably gets between 15-16 hours of sleep daily. 

That’s all for now!



4 thoughts on “Cute stuff & updates

  1. Jude still naps like an infant, too! I can almost always count on at least one 2.5-3 hour nap a day and another 1.5-2 hour. Glad to see he isn’t the only one snoozing all the time!

    Love that outfit in the first few pictures…too cute!

    • That’s a relief to hear! I had a friend who asked me if I’ve had Charlotte’s thyroid checked because she sleeps so much. Of course, I felt like that was a crazy comment, but you can’t help but worry at least a little.

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