Charlotte’s 1-Year Photos

Yes, guys… I know. GF is almost 3 years old. So, why am I posting her 1 year photos now? Because I finally got access to all of them. For whatever reason, I never downloaded them from our photographer’s site and it took her a bit to get them back up on the website.

Here’s the sneak peek I posted 2 years ago! haha

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of my favorites…



I just love this one…



So funny!!



Little bunny!


Umm okay. Hello, cutest little lady face!

Cake Smash Sneak Preview

After a solid month since Charlotte’s birthday, we FINALLY got our sh*t together and went for her cake SMASH pictures. My amazing photographer, Nicole Sherman of Pics by Nic, ordered a special pink backdrop for the photos… so nice, right?

Then I sent the following photo to the bakery at Metro Market and asked that they decorate a 5″ double round cake with the flowers from the picture, but in an ivory/VERY pale pink frosting.

The pic I sent:  

The cake we got for $11!!!  

When we got to our photographer’s house, Charlotte got to play (aka: stare and point at) with Aubrey, our photographer’s 3 month old. So cute!

Then, it was time for the smash.

I typically consider Charlotte to be on the rougher side, but that was not the case today. Girlfriend literally ate her cake one pin-prick-sized dollop at a time. I had to shove her hand in the cake and then chunk off pieces for her to eat. Miss Prissy did not want to get dirty.

 But, all-in-all, we had a great time, Charlie LOVED her tasty cake, and I can only imagine how great the pictures turned out.

Check out a few I took with my phone…