My Hemy Boy is 1

Why does today feel like such an emotional roller coaster for me? I don’t remember being so emotionally distraught when Charlie turned 1, but for whatever reason, as happy as I am to celebrate my boy and his beautiful, beautiful life, today feels hard. F*** those momma hormones.

How has an entire year flown by? How is my baby not a baby anymore? Seriously, when did that happen? Excuse me while I curl up in a corner…

Anyway, I have so many updates. My guy is such a little man. I will do the more formal update – I swear I will – but for today, just random thoughts.

My Henry Morris is just the sweetest, most lovable, soft, porcelain, angelic, destructive, curious, rambunctious, snuggly, loving little man. To say that I feel lucky to know him and have him in my world sounds almost silly. Being that little guy’s momma is unworldly. To be the momma of he and Charlie is just the greatest honor.

Oy. I’m not emotional at all, huh? But seriously, Henry is amazing and I’m lucky. The End!

In terms of Henry… he LOVES to smash. He’s just SUCH a boy. He lifts up the floor vents (I didn’t even know that was possible) and smashes them on the ground, tries to shove them down the vent and throws miscellaneous items down there. He takes any and every opportunity to mess with the dog’s food and water bowl or the dog himself. He loves balls (ba ba ba) and trucks. And, most of all, he LOVES WATER. This boy is a fish. Actually, he’s like a little Moana… but instead of longing for the ocean, he’ll settle for a bath, pool or the dog’s water bowl. Splashing is his jam. He’ll dunk his face in and kick for days.

Henry is a total hugger. He loves his mommy.

Ugh, okay! That’s the end for now… gotta go make my little boo a special dinner!

Cake Smash Sneak Preview

After a solid month since Charlotte’s birthday, we FINALLY got our sh*t together and went for her cake SMASH pictures. My amazing photographer, Nicole Sherman of Pics by Nic, ordered a special pink backdrop for the photos… so nice, right?

Then I sent the following photo to the bakery at Metro Market and asked that they decorate a 5″ double round cake with the flowers from the picture, but in an ivory/VERY pale pink frosting.

The pic I sent:  

The cake we got for $11!!!  

When we got to our photographer’s house, Charlotte got to play (aka: stare and point at) with Aubrey, our photographer’s 3 month old. So cute!

Then, it was time for the smash.

I typically consider Charlotte to be on the rougher side, but that was not the case today. Girlfriend literally ate her cake one pin-prick-sized dollop at a time. I had to shove her hand in the cake and then chunk off pieces for her to eat. Miss Prissy did not want to get dirty.

 But, all-in-all, we had a great time, Charlie LOVED her tasty cake, and I can only imagine how great the pictures turned out.

Check out a few I took with my phone…   


Charlotte’s First Birthday Party

For anyone that doesn’t know me, I just love throwing a good party. I love little details and I love hosting my friends and family at the house. So yes, I’ve been pretty excited about throwing my favorite girl a birthday party since at least Month 6.

I didn’t really select a theme… the only real guideline I had was that I was desperate to see all the tiny girlies in pink tutus. I don’t know about you, but I genuinely believe that there is not much cuter than babies draped in tulle.

The other big thing was that I wanted to have the party in the backyard, BUT, did not want to BBQ. BBQ’s create more heat (Hello!! It’s July!, hazard (babies and curious hands), and work during the actual event. It was important to me that Mark and I got to really enjoy our guests and our time with the little princess.

SO, with all of that in mind, we turned our backyard into an awesome little party venue, adorned with tissue paper pom-poms, pink beach balls (I ordered these sames ones from Rakuten, but can’t seem to find the ones I purchased for $14.99 including shipping) and an awesome (and inexpensive) DIY canopy. I made the cutest little tutus and rustic flower crowns for the 4 girls, crowns for the boys using gold leather I bought on Etsy that had a very “Where the Wild Things Are” vibe, and flower crowns for the adult ladies.

I’ll post separate blogs for DIY tutus, flower crowns, leather ‘where the wild things are’ crowns, and party canopies.

We also brought in a woman to do a little song session with the kids. She’s someone who used to work at my husband’s grade school and was SUPER affordable and wonderful!

For food, I made BBQ Chicken in the Crock (I skipped the corn starch/chicken broth step… but probably wouldn’t do that again), Tortellini Pasta Salad (SO DELISH!), Red Cabbage Cole Slaw (I can’t find the recipe, but don’t worry, I didn’t like how this turned out), Watermelon Salad, and then had dips/vegetables/fruit/chips/cheese/crackers/etc. I bought the cake and cupcakes from the store and made rice krispie treats.  


Happy birthday!!!!!

We got your gift from Grandma, Grandpa & Great Grandpa all set up (which took HOURS), went to the grocery store to get ingredients for berry pancakes and a special lunch, picked up 6 pretty pink balloons and one ginormous balloon that’s bigger than your whole body and barely fit through the door of the car… And now, we are all set for you to wake up (in a few hours) because TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!

I can’t wait to make today a very special day for you, my lovey girl! 


The Final Day of Infancy


To my sweet little bunny girl,

Tomorrow is your final day as an infant, as Thursday marks your 1 year old birthday! Over the past 12 months, I have fallen deeper in love with you than you will ever truly know. I have been the luckiest mommy in the world to have been able to spend almost every single day of your short little life with you. While bringing you to work has had its challenges, it was above all, the most incredible gift. I have had the privilege of witnessing every milestone and moment. From the first time you rolled over or crawled to your first time standing on your own to your first kiss. I have watched as you discovered likes and dislikes, everything.

I am so incredibly fulfilled by this amazing year with you. You are the funniest, happiest, most lovely little being I’ve ever known. Your little smile (and your big smile) bring me instant flutters. You literally light me up with your joy, curiousity and playfulness.

We have a bond, you and me. Our humor seems to have many similarities, which keeps us giggling constantly.

When you randomly smooch my face or give me a tight squeeze of a hug, I melt away. You’re just such a blessing and I’m so incredibly thankful for you.

So, let’s make tomorrow – your last day as my tiny little infant – just as magical as the days before… and remember, come Thursday, we start a new chapter. A new page in our little story. And come Thursday, I will love my tiny little toddler just as much as I do my tiny little infant.

Happy almost birthday, bunzo.



Birthday Tutus

The only real “vision” I’ve had for Charlotte’s first birthday party has been tutus. I desperately want to see Charlie bouncing around with her tiny friends, all looking adorable in pink tutus.

So clearly, the only thing to do was to make tutus for all the girlies coming to the party (I think it amounts to 4). 

I’ll make an official DIY how-to later, but for now, check out the sneak peek!


One Week…


My baby turns one full year old in a week from tomorrow. How in the heck is that possible? A big part of me feels like she’s always been a part of me… it’s impossible to think of how it felt when she didn’t exist, when I didn’t love her in the biggest way imaginable. Yet still, when I examine the fact that it has been an entire year, that my baby is a toddler, my head spins in disbelief.


I feel this internal struggle… part of me is sad because this year has literally flown by, but in the same breath, I’m so happy because my tiny little munchkin has turned into such an incredible, funny, spunky, loving, chipper, badass little bunny. This age is hilarious and amazing.

But seriously… where did this past year go?


Charlotte’s birthday is next Thursday. It’s a work day, so her actual special little day won’t be anything too grand, but I’ve been trying to think of things to do to make it a little more fun for her. She loves balloons, so I was thinking maybe I’d decorate her high chair with balloons… make her pancakes with fruit for breakfast… I was debating taking her to story time that morning, but I’d have to wake her from her nap, so I’m not sure about that one yet.

Maybe we can have a picnic outside for lunch… what to make for dinner? I don’t know…

Help! What are some fun ideas to celebrate her special day? And yes, I know she won’t remember later in life, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t enjoy each moment of her day!


Mini smirk.

Mini smirk.



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The magic sling.

The magic sling.