The Girls are Back in Town!

Mark’s sister and our nieces are back in town from NY, which means tons of cousin time for Charlie! She has absolutely been loving her time with the girls. Whether it’s playing at home or at the State Fair or watching the girls run through the splash pad at the mall, we’ve been having a ball!

How cute are they…


Growing Up

My girlfriend, Kate, was back in town from Seattle this past weekend. On Monday, all of “the girls” got together for lunch at Kate’s mom’s house and of course to catch up like old times.

As we all sat around the living room, I couldn’t help but laugh at our “new normal.” Two of my girlies were rocking cover-ups as they nursed their newborns, while Charlotte and her baby bestie, Phoenix, played with toys on the floor.

It’s not exactly what lunches together used to look like, but I literally wouldn’t change it for anything.

I feel so lucky to be sharing the experience of raising my sweet girl with my closest girlfriends. Everything is so much easier when surrounded by people who totally get it. Not to mention the fact that I absolutely love my girls. These are friendships that go back as far as 24 years.

Plus, check out how adorable these babies are: