I Do!

Three years ago today, my sweet hubby asked me to spend the rest of my life by his side. I was literally on top of the world… in love and overwhelmed with excitement.

The past three years have been nothing short of amazing. My love for my hubby is beyond anything I could have imagined and our life together is more than a dream. Over the past three years, we have grown so much together. Our weird has gotten weirder, are good has gotten better, and our love has gotten stronger.

I could have never imagined the full extent of what I was getting myself into when I said “yes” three years ago, but man am I glad I did. I literally have the most supportive, affectionate, loving, sexy husband and the most hands-on, caring, sweet, helpful father for my girl. I am lucky today and always.

Happy engagementaversary, sweet love.

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