21 Months of Lovely

Somehow I never got around to posting C’s 20 month update and now she’s 21 months old! I cannot believe our baby is now considered, “almost 2.” When did that happen? Once they turn 2, do you officially stop counting months and they just become “2”???? Oy.

The past two months have been filled with increased skills and SO MUCH PERSONALITY. Charlotte is most definitely her own person and has such character. She absolutely LOVES to laugh. She’s sweet and loving, but also spirited and goofy. She adores babies. That feels understated. She has a severe obsession with babies (can’t wait to see how that translates when new baby moves in for good). She really enjoys coloring… especially with markers.

Being outside and everything nature just tickles the girl. She literally screams with glee when she sees a bird. She loves to take walks (she walks and holds our hand).She gets a huge kick out of carrying or pushing things that are bigger than her.

She LOVES music. She loves to sing and dance and play (piano, harmonica… with her nose, etc), and listen.

New Words: Charlotte’s vocabulary continues to grow and she now strings together 2- and 3-word sentences. I’m constantly surprised. Here’s a list of what I can remember; although, I’m sure I’m missing many.

  • Mama, Mommy, Mom
  • Daddy, Dada
  • Nana or NANNY!
  • Daby, Taby (Toby)
  • Itty (Oliver the Kitty)
  • Peees (Please)
  • Teeee (Tree)
  • Birdije (Bird – she loves to point out the birds)
  • Cheeesss (Cheese)
  • Ide (Outside)
  • MORRRRRR (More – this is C’s most common word)
  • I wan da moooorr (I want more – this is C’s most common phrase)
  • Baby, Bebe
  • Baa (sheep)
  • Die/Tie (Bye)
  • Wan (want)
  • Shhh – lotion
  • Liii – Lights
  • No
  • Yah (Yes)
  • Eyeeee (Eye/sunglasses/sun – a word with many meanings)
  • Head
  • Ball Ball (Ball)
  • Ba Ba (Bowl)
  • Spp (Spoon)
  • Me (Me/Charlotte)
  • Mia (Milk)
  • Chee (Cherrios)
  • Hat
  • Teddy (her teddy bear)
  • Ba (Balloon)
  • Haaa (Hug)
  • Hiii!
  • I’m sure there are more new ones, but I’m blanking.

New Tricks:

  • She sings songs on her own
  • She can put her pants and certain shirts/vests and mommy’s embarrassing undies on by herself
  • She’s a zipper master
  • She buckles the carseat on her own
  • She can climb into the car on her own
  • She’s a master swimmer (the girl blows bubbles and kicks and scoops)
  • She did a flip on the bar in gymnastics (assisted of course, but she held onto the bar the whole time)
  • She can open and close just about every door and cabinet in the house
  • She knows even more songs and nursery rhymes (thank you, Nana and Pandora!)
  • She can climb up steps unassisted
  • She loves to cut things… give the girl a knife (butter of course) and she’ll cut for days
  • She has a serious passion for frozen berries and will literally drink every last bit of the juice.
  • She helps check out at the grocery store
  • She can put her sunglasses on herself
  • She can put her hat on by herself 
  • She LOVES playdough
  • She’s mastered the sassy, “no” face
  • She STILL LOVES to carry items that are entirely too big for her to carry (little person chairs, push toys, her baby stroller, etc)
  • She’s working hard on patience! We’re making progress 🙂
  • Aint nobody better get in the way of her and a baby
  • She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses
  • She loves to twirl and dance
  • She can climb onto the couch by herself
  • She loves the outdoors
  • She’s mastered the, “I wan da mooorr” phrase/look
  • She’s actually making great progress in the quality of her teeth brushing
  • She loves balloons
  • She can jump
  • She loves the piano
  • Charlotte is really well behaved. I mean, don’t get me wrong… she definitely has her toddler moments, but she’s a really great kid. She does a lot of testing, but is generally responsive to our feedback and/or discipline. She’s so easy going and SUCH a joy to be around. She brings happiness and light and love and laughter into every day.


Book: Corduroy (the girl loves anything teddy)

Toy: Still Teddy & Baby (both of her babies)… and probably her stroller.

Food: Berries, Cheese… hmm. Milk? She’s definitely gotten way better with food, but these are her faves.


Clothes: In the process of transitioning to 24 months / 2T – they’re definitely a bit big, but her 18 month stuff is getting small

Diapers: 5

Shoes: Moving onto Size 5

Daily Schedule: Ugh! Lately her schedule has been totally off. I feel like she’s been going through a developmental growth spurt, but who knows. She literally gets in bed around 7 and for the past couple weeks, will stay up playing in her crib until 9 or later! It’s so frustrating.

  • 7/7:30: Depending on when she goes to sleep (although today she slept until 9:50 a)
  • 8/830: Breakfast
  • 10: On non-school days, Charlotte has some milk and “quiet time” with Nana, then a snack. On school days, snack time.
  • 12: Lunch
  • 1/2: Depending on her mood, Charlotte’s afternoon nap falls somewhere between 1 and 145. She will typically sleep anywhere between 2-3.5 hours. Usually it’s around 2.5..
  • 5/530: Dinner, Bath (on bath days – she bathes every other day and on swim days)
  • 7: Charlotte goes to bed most often around 7/730 (lately, she falls asleep anywhere between 830 and 10)… oy.

Schedule: Charlotte goes to school from 9-12:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (on these days, she eats a snack and lunch at school and does not nap in the morning). Charlie is with Nana (at our house) on Monday morning, Wednesday all day, Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon.

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