35.5 Week OB Check

This weekend, we met with our Doula to talk about where we are at, what our goals are for labor, and activities/exercises that will help me to physically (and mentally) feel a little better.

One thing that I decided was that I have to let go of my labor with Charlotte. What I mean by that is that I need to stop comparing and (over)analyzing everything. My pregnancy and labor with C were completely independent of my pregnancy and upcoming labor with this babe.

In starting this process, it was time to write up a big long list of questions for my doc to make sure we were on the same page. Which also meant I needed to bake. I can’t grill her without simultaneously bribing, right?

In case you were wondering what I baked, only the BEST brownies ever. They were so tasty. I found this recipe on Epicurious. It was a little weird, but really easy and simple clean up. Not to mention, the best damn brownies ever.

Now, back to my appointment. My stats were all good…

Weight Gain: 1.2 lbs over the past 2 weeks, although it feels like more… for a total weight gain of 29 lbs. Considering by the end of my last pregnancy, I had gained something like 55lbs, I’m feeling pretty damn good. About my weight gain that is… physically, I’m feeling quite clunky.

Heart Rate: 99 bpm (I swear, my heart rate increases when I’m there. I can feel it. I don’t know if I get nervous or what, but the nurse said not to worry!)

BP: 98/70

Baby’s Heart Rate: 135 bpm

Belly: Measuring a perfect 35 cm

Now, my questions:

  1. What happens at 40 weeks? A: It’s really no different than first pregnancy at 40 weeks.

  2. I would like to push back cervical checks and start at earliest at 38 weeks, but ideally at 40. A: I don’t see a reason why we couldn’t wait until 39 weeks if that’s what you want. At that point, we can strip your membranes if you’d like. **NOTE: my intention here is to avoid the negativity, stress and anxiety that my weekly cervical checks brought in my first pregnancy. Ultimately, they’re completely unnecessary (it’s true, there’s NO medical purpose for them at this point) and don’t actually indicate labor.
  3. What types of things would prevent me from having a VBAC? A: The same things that would prevent you from having one the first time… if the baby is breech, etc. Also, I might call it sooner if we get into a situation similar to your first.
  4. Was Charlotte facing the correct way (posterior or face down)? A: I’ll have to check your file. I’ll let you know at your next appointment.
  5. Will monitoring be different this time? A: Yes. We will have to do continuous monitoring due to the increased risk. Sometimes we need an internal monitor if the outside monitor is not working; however, you don’t have the typical body type for this.
  6. Are there any minimum amount of cervical checks that need to take place during labor? We’d like as few as possible. (Ladies, I don’t know about you, but I HATED these during labor.) A: We will check only as-needed.
  7. Our doula recommended that we call the hospital on our way in and ask for a nurse who is interested in or enjoys working with unmedicated VBAC’s. Do you think that’s a good idea? A: Yes! That’s a great idea.

So, there you have it! Our 35.5 week appointment! Next appointment is in two weeks, at which point I will get my Group B Strep test. Joy.


31 Week Visit

Today I had my 31 week OB check. The coolest part was the fact that I now officially start going every two weeks. Crazy, right?

I’m in the home stretch(ish)! 

My stats:

Heart rate: 96 again… Seems so high. Nurse said maybe because of my cold, but it was the same last time.

BP: 100/50

Weight Gain: 2.5 lbs since last visit (3 weeks ago) – 23.5 lbs total

Baby’s heart rate: 140-145 

The only real question I asked was about whether or not I needed another ultrasound. I remembered her mentioning one, but couldn’t remember why or when.

Turns out it’s just for sizing purposes (to determine how big the baby is) and since I wouldn’t opt for a c-section regardless of how big they’d claim the baby to be, I opted out of the ultrasound.

So, another quick and easy appointment. 

OB schedule:

Every two weeks for the next 4 weeks, then every week. Only 5 appointments left!!

Time is going to fly.

28-Week Check Up

Last Monday (2/29), I had my 28-week OB Check. I meant to post this little update sooner, because I’m sure I’ve already forgotten things… but better late than never.

Glucose & HGB/HCT Test
This week was the ever exciting Glucose Test where I got to consume a ridiculous amount of orange drink in record time. Thankfully, despite getting in a fight less than an hour before my test, I PASSED!

Glucose Test Result

In terms of the HGB/HCT test, my results came in a little low; HOWEVER, according to the doc, they’re normal for pregnancy. Regardless, I have decided that I should try to make a concious effort to eat more protein/iron-rich foods.

Iron Level Test Results

Heartrate: 96 bpm (a bit high… maybe from the special orange drink?)

Weight: Up 21 lbs – Also, due to the endless amounts of comments I’ve received (you’re carrying bigger this time, you seem to be eating differently this time, yada yada I’m giant), I asked my doctor to compare my weight gain with my pregnancy with C and this little man. Brace yourself, folks! IT’S THE SAME.

Here’s the kicker… I started 4 lbs heavier this time. So, with that said, when you’re commenting on me looking bigger, it’s actually my non-pregnant self who gained the extra LBS and we would never insult a non-pregnant woman by saying she looks big, right? Moral of the story, back off!

Q&A Session
Q: I’ve had random soreness on what feels like the exterior of my belly. The pain is sharp like a bruise and comes and goes. Should I be worried?
A: No. This is likely just baby pressing on a nerve, etc.

Q: I seem to have an excessive amount of braxton hicks. Should I be worried?
A: No. Likely you notice them more this time. Not a concern.

Q: Let’s talk VBAC’s. If my pregnancy is looking different (aka I’m actually progressing, baby is engaging, etc), will you allow me to go late and/or have pitocin?
A: Yes. If everything is the same, it is my recommendation that you schedule a c-section. If everything is different, I have no problem giving you additional time past your due date. In terms of pitocin, I will use pitocin to augment labor, but not to initiate. Initiating labor with pitocin will put you at more risk.