33 Weeks, 3 Days Update & Ob Check


Like that im wearing the same shirt/blazer as last week?

 How far along: 33 Weeks, 3 Days – Another week has flown on by and I can officially say that I’m having my little babes NEXT MONTH! Can’t wait to meet you, little man.

Total weight gain: Over the past 2 weeks, I gained 4 lbs… this puts me at a total weight gain of 27.8 lbs. Not too shabby… especially after the foodie weekend I had!

Maternity clothes: I think I’m done with maternity clothes. I mean, clearly not done wearing them because every non-maternity shirt I sport rocks a little midriff, but I’m done getting new stuff. I’m just going to tough it out with what I’ve got and move on!

Can you tell that I feel like I’m in the home stretch? Hopefully I’m not too premature in feeling this way. I mean, 6.5 weeks is a long time, but not.

Stretch marks: Nada! What I do have is a VERY splotchy belly. There is just so much pressure on the skin that my blood vessels are out in full force.

Sleep: This weekend I took TWO 2-hour naps. Heck yes. But seriously, I’m exhausted. Definitely don’t have that second trimester spring in my step these days. It’s third tri sluggishness all the way.

Best moment of this week: This weekend I took Marky out for his birthday, which was a blast. Really, any amount of time that I get alone with this man is wonderful. We ate a delicious dinner and met his boys out for drinks. It was a lot of fun! 

 Miss anything: I could go for a cocktail… and I would just LOVE to put my socks on without thinking… or struggling.

Movement: The little bugger continues to move all over the place. Doc thinks he’s head down, which is great. I absolutely love feeling him. Even more than the kicks, I just love when he butts a little foot or knee or limb up against the front of my belly. I take the opportunity to give him a nice little massage. 

So sweet, my little guy.

Food cravings: I feel like I’ve been indulging a decent amount lately… Not really feeling the NEED for anything lately.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Remember last week when I said I recovered from my cold? Well, the damn thing came back! I’ve had tightness in my lungs and just yuck. And I’m exhausted and foggy. Dang it! I’m ready for it to pass.

Also, tonight we had fish for dinner. COD to be exact. It was good, but simultaneously made me a little queasy.

Oh! And last week I ate a jimmy johns sandwich with extra hot peppers. I’m literally still regretting it. Ever since, I’ve had terrible pain in my esophagus. The first couple days it literally felt like I swallowed a jolly rancher. Now it’s just a little sore. Stupid hot peppers.

Have you started to show yet: a little.

Gender: Mister, mister.

Labor signs: Still having a decent amount of Braxton Hicks contractions. I’m hoping that they’re helping my body to prepare and not the cause of dehydration or something like that. Come on body, we can do this!

Speaking of, I went to an ICAN meeting this weekend. ICAN is a c-section support group. I went hoping to hear positive vbac stories or meet other women who are trying for a vbac.

There were three other women there and honestly, it wasn’t totally my thing. Not sure I’ll go to the next meeting.

Belly button in or out: The belly button just keeps getting weirder. Now it’s a weird little line that protrudes a bit. It’s slowly disappearing. 

Wedding rings on or off: Still on!

Happy or moody most of the time: Last week I had some crabby moments. I’m definitely feeling much happier, but I definitely wasn’t myself last week.

Looking forward to: This weekend we’re headed to Chicago to go to the aquarium with my brother and his new gf! I can’t wait to show C all the fishies and to meet the new gf. 

Should be a blast!

33.5 Week Check Up

Bp: 100/60

Heart Rate: 96 bpm (high again)

Weight: up 4 lbs

Baby’s heart rate: 145 bpm

The fun stuff: I asked my doc if she could please be at my labor and she assured me that she’s going to do everything she can to be there. She said she really thinks I’ll do a lot better with her and that her partners will likely appreciate her being there… Aka: her partners might not appreciate an extremely stubborn vbac patient.

I left feeling really happy about that. In fact, I should bring my doc a dessert treat next appointment.

Oh! I also asked her if I’d get checked next appointment (at 35.5 weeks or if we’d wait until 37.5 weeks – typically cervical checks begin at 36 weeks)… She said that I could get checked next appointment if I’d like, but that we can look at our schedules at my next appointment and schedule an additional appointment for 36.5 weeks. I think waiting until 36.5 weeks is probably a good thing for me mentally. 

Those appointments have the potential to be so frustrating.

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