Guess Who Pooped in the Potty!?

Yep! It was this girl…

Before you start thinking things like, “are you f’ing nuts!? Potty training 4 weeks before your due date!?”… Settle.

It was a complete accident.

Charlie has had a bad diaper rash for a week now. Last night we decided to give her some naked time (after dinner), so I simply said to her, “if you have to go pee pee or poopy, tell mommy and we’ll go to the potty.” Mark added that she could point to her lady bits.

Then, she ran to the bathroom. 

Me: we don’t have to be in here. Do you have to go potty?

C: yah!

So I put her on the potty and she immediately started pushing out her FIRST toilet-bound turd.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! She pooped in the toilet!! 

She was so proud. I let her look at the poop and then flush the toilet.

After that point, she seemed a little turned off by the toilet, which is just fine! As mentioned, I’m not prepared to potty train right now.

But, I’m proud of her tiny turd!

7 thoughts on “Guess Who Pooped in the Potty!?

  1. That’s AWESOME!!!!! 🙂 She’s a smart little girl! (I’m dreading the potty training days. I’ve heard it’s especially hard with boys… I guess we’ll cross that hurdle when we get there). 😉 I hope Brady takes a liking to his potty as quickly as your little one did!

    • She’s back to diapers today and I’m not going into any kind of training routine yet. I’m thinking I’ll pull out our potty books and read them now and again and just let her bring it up. I’m in no rush, but want to go 100% when we actually start.

      • That’s a good idea! Honestly, Brady is only 16 months, but I think he’d ‘technically’ be ready for potty training IF I was ready. 😉 He actually lets me and Nate know when he’s made a poop in his diaper, so that we can change him. His awareness is one of the signs, I know. But we’re going away for a few nights this summer, and I’m not ready to go into every single public bathroom with a little guy who isn’t yet 2. Ha, ha. So I’m going to keep an eye on it and keep him in diapers for now. 😉 At what age did you buy a potty, if you don’t mind my asking. I’ll probably have to buy one sooner, rather than later. But – like you – I’ll probably go 100% when I begin the process as well and stay home for a few days to let him sit on the potty whenever needed. 🙂

      • We bought a trainer seat that actually goes on our toilet. This thing: – the potty seats gross me out. And then you have to deal with the whole transition from potty seat to toilet. This seemed easier. But honestly, we haven’t “started” potty training. I just made a comment last night because I really didn’t want to clean poop off the floor and she magically decided to poop. Mark actually just put the new lid on last night. All we’ve done so far is talk about us going potty and let her be present when we are (sometimes) and talk in “one days”… One day when you’re ready, you’ll go poop and pee pee on the potty, but for now, you go in your diaper.

  2. Ahh that’s amazing!! We were thinking of venturing into the world of potty training (even though she’s a little young) as our pediatrician mentioned it at her last checkup. Palmer tells us when she’s dirty or has pooped but it’s terrifying even thinking about going there.

    P is pretty petite though so I’m not sure if the trainer seat will work for us. We may have to just try the gross baby toilet on the ground lol

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