Potty Training… Again

First of all, hi! Yes, we are all still alive and doing well! Somehow, the madness of school and travels and holidays has kept me from this happy, blogging place of mine. But, we have big things happening, which should be documented… Otherwise, they might as well have never happened. Note: this is not some millennial statement about the importance of the Internet, but just a confession of my inability to retain any information in my little fish brain. Just call me Dory. 

Back to groundbreaking events… my big boy is potty training!! I’ve been touting his impressive little run these past 5.5 days (but who’s counting?!), which has been echoed by Mark’s reminders of how much easier it was with C. Because, again, my memory is shit, I looked it up today and it does appear as if it was easier with our little lady. Not to mention the sheer fact that potty training a penis in general is just weird… and messy.

I digress…

Mark and I decided that “Winter Break” would be the perfect timing to work with Henry on his potty training (we did the same with C 2 years ago). So clearly, I spent a stupid amount of time making an overly elaborate potty chart, bought Thomas the Train stickers, bought over-priced Thomas the Train Trackmaster trains and voila… we were ready to go!


With Charlotte, she was naked for a solid 5-7 days. Tush out, adorable as ever. With Hem, not so easy. We attempted naked lunch on Day 1 and Henry seemed to spend more time hand sanitizing than eating due to his countless attempts to make balloon animals out of his man bits.

New plan: undies.


Do I need to clarify that these were Charlotte’s hand-me-down undies? He doesn’t care and I sure don’t need more things to spend money on, so Hem has been proudly sporting his Minnie Mouse/Pink/Purple/Little Mermaid/Etc undies, with that cute tush hanging out.

Anyway, on Day 1, Henry had two pee accidents right off the bat. This does not include the fire hose accidents… otherwise known as Henry peeing while on the potty, but losing control of his hose, which inadvertently leaves mommy with wet sleeves and a whole lotta clean up.

Still, Day 1 would be considered a success. Not fun… at all. But successful.

It should be noted that in between all the pee was SO MUCH POTTY SITTING. Like, 75% of my day just sitting on a stool singing every possible potty song I could make up… I even came up with my own Frozen Rendition… Let it Flow, Let it Flow… Don’t hold it back anymore… etc, etc, and on and on and on…

The boy was taking FOREVER to let that potty go.


Day 2 Henry made it the WHOLE day with no accidents. He even woke up dry from his nap and immediately made poop and pee on the potty upon waking up. Go, H! Unfortunately, he did end up having an accident on the bathroom floor.

Oh! And, at some point on some day, he had to poop. We ran to the potty, I stripped off his clothes and swung him onto the potty only to hear a plop on the floor followed by Charlotte saying, “it looks like a ball…”

1/2 a poop right on the floor.

But at least the other half hit water.

Since that, he’s been great! No accidents for 3 days now, spending less time on the potty, and just telling us when he has to go! AKA: Killin it!!


Go, Hem!

Aww! This is random, but in the beginning, Henry would be sitting on the potty, trying SO hard and crying, saying, “mommy, help me pee/poop.” Poor bud. Check out this cutie pie little video of buddy working hard and giving mommy some love…

Clearly the winner in all of this is Henry. He went from 2 trains to 5 and is LOVING his new, train-rich life…

Here are some other photos from our little winter staycay..

Potty Training Update

We are on day 4 or 5 of Operation Potty Training, which in our home, means that Charlie has been running around in the nude for 4 or 5 days. It’s funny how a little tiny tush can bring a laugh to most situations.

Honestly, the whole thing has been going wonderfully. As of Day 2, we put training during sleep times on hiatus. AKA: C wears a diaper for naps and bedtime. HOWEVER, all other times, it’s potty. And guess what? NO ACCIDENTS!

Besides the pre-hiatus sleep time accidents, C has only had one pee pee accident on the first day. We stupidly put her in undies and pants and she wet herself. That was 4 or more days ago and she’s literally done all other potties in the toilet since.

She’s quite proud and has hopped around the house saying, “I’m cited” (aka I’m excited) on more than one occasion.

She also loves singing the Daniel Tiger song. This morning she added a line to the end of the song…

If you have to go potty, STOP and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way… and get a treat!

Here’s another little Charlotte original. I call it, “Makin’ PooPoo.” It should be mentioned that no poopoo’s were made during or surrounding the creation of this number.

And for those of you who have 7 minutes to spend watching my hilarious child delay bedtime and be a goof, here’s a silly video…

(Please note my face at exactly 6 minutes in when I realize that I’ve just been played by a 2.5 year old. Please also excuse my attire… I must have forgotten to wear my fancy PJ’s that day.)

What do you want to do today?

What do you want to do today?

Should we potty train C? It’s probably the last long weekend we have for awhile.


Okay, so maybe there was a little more convo, but at max, maybe 10 minutes. We decided to go cold turkey. Farewell, diapers!

Charlotte was reluctant at first, but actually did a really great job yesterday. She went pee in the potty twice (for the first and second time ever) and poop once! She had an accident during her nap and later this evening. 

I’m super impressed with her! She did SUCH a great job!

This morning is also going well! She woke up wet at 7:15a, but it seemed like she had just peed. Then, within an hour of being up, she pooped and peed on the potty – both of which she prompted. She was playing with her toys and yelled, “I have to go potty!”

Go, Charlie!

In terms of details, we’ve been giving her either chocolate chips or mini m&m’s after each poo or pee (2-5 each time… we ask how many she wants and she responds with some number in this range).

We’ve also spent most of the time with no bottoms on (no undies/pants/diaper). In fact, her one non-sleep accident happened when she had undies and pants on. 

When she’s actually on the potty, we’ve been watching family videos on my phone, reading books, and singing. She tends to want to get off right before she goes potty. 

As implied, we also cut out diapers at night and during nap. Hopefully, after a couple days, we’ll be doing less laundry. Fingers crossed!

All in all, she seems to be enjoying the process! She’s happy and excited (and adorable with her tiny butt cheeks hanging out). 

Pant-less dance party!

Guess Who Pooped in the Potty!?

Yep! It was this girl…

Before you start thinking things like, “are you f’ing nuts!? Potty training 4 weeks before your due date!?”… Settle.

It was a complete accident.

Charlie has had a bad diaper rash for a week now. Last night we decided to give her some naked time (after dinner), so I simply said to her, “if you have to go pee pee or poopy, tell mommy and we’ll go to the potty.” Mark added that she could point to her lady bits.

Then, she ran to the bathroom. 

Me: we don’t have to be in here. Do you have to go potty?

C: yah!

So I put her on the potty and she immediately started pushing out her FIRST toilet-bound turd.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! She pooped in the toilet!! 

She was so proud. I let her look at the poop and then flush the toilet.

After that point, she seemed a little turned off by the toilet, which is just fine! As mentioned, I’m not prepared to potty train right now.

But, I’m proud of her tiny turd!

Diapering Our Toddler

One of Charlotte’s new skills is her understanding of pooping. It’s probably more exciting than it sounds.

When she is making or has just made a poop, we can say, “Charlie, did you make a poop?” And, when she is or has pooped, she will reply with a “yup” (usually in the form of a dramatic head nod) and confirm by pointing to her butt. (I find it impressive.)

The next question is always, “should we go change your diaper?”

Sometimes she says yes and walks to her room… Tonight, she literally ran away and hid under the table…  

I should clarify that even if she walks her little tush to her room to be changed, changing her is pretty much never easy unless she just woke up and is in a daze.

The girl hates the changing table. There are so many better things she could be doing. She will scream and twist and cry and attempt to escape. Most times, we can tame her by singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider 75 times or giving her a new random object to distract her… But let me just say, she is not the only one who dreads diaper changes.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about potty training…