MARKch: A Celebration of Mark

My hubby turned 30 on March 30th. In celebration, I showered him with gifts throughout the month of March, which ended in a finale celebration a couple weekends ago.

It was nothing too crazy, but we will continue the celebration this October in Nashville! We’re headed there with 15-20 of Mark’s closest friends and their spouses.

Yes, our new babe will only be about 5 months old. Yes, I am insane. No, I don’t want to discuss.

Anyway, here are some photos from the many celebrations!

Celebrating with Milly
The best video ever:

Daddy Went out with Friends While Mommy & Charlie Played at Home

Mommy / Daddy Birthday Celebration Date Night

A surprise get together with his favorite boys.

Picking Up Mini C from Grandma & Grandpa’s After her Sleepover
 Family Walk to Round out the Weekend

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