The NY Fam

Over the past 11 days, we’ve had Mark’s sister, brother-in-law (for part of the time), and two nieces in town! Charlotte absolutely adored her time with the cousins and all of the many outings we had. 

Here are some photos from the visit!

It’s no wonder why one of C’s favorite new words is “cousins”… The end of her summer has been jam-packed with her favorite people: the cousins (all 4 of them!)

Zoo Day!

Another fabulous day of mommy daycare, thanks to my amazing sister! We took all the kiddies to the zoo and honestly, it was a blast! 

I absolutely love watching the cousins play 💛

I was really anxious about taking care of (and being able to entertain) both babes for 2.5 weeks straight with no breaks, but honestly, we’ve been having the best time! I feel like a very, very lucky momma. 

After lunch, we went to portillos with my parents and coworkers! 

💛💛 All the feels 💛💛

Pool Day!

Today I took the kiddos to an amazing little “water park” with my sister, niece and nephew. I’m not going to lie, I was so anxious about it. 

Charlie is still at an age where she needs someone in the water with her at all times and that’s not exactly easy with an infant on shore. Anyway, my sister was amazing (thank you, thank you, thank you!!). 

She took Charlie in the water and on the slide about 7,055 times. The weather was perfect, the pool temp was great and it was just a magical day. Also magical, Henry slept the whole time (except for the 10 minutes when we required a little mid-nap milk snack). 

So much fun! 

Also fun this week… We had a great play date yesterday with a group of neighbor mommas, a lunch date with daddy, and another lunch date with grandma, grandpa and daddy!