Another Exhausted Slip-Up

My world seems to be filled with weird little slip-ups these days. I’m pretty much always missing the punchline. Why? Because I’m exhausted.

Today’s was kind of funny…

I’ve been staring at two wedding invitations for at least a month with the intention of sending in the RSVP’s. I’ve moved the RSVP cards a million times, in hopes of getting them closer to the mailbox. Throw them in my car, my purse, the diaper bag, etc.

Today I decided enough is enough.

I went looking for them and the damn RSVP cards are MIA. Thankfully, for one of the weddings, you had an option for RSVP’ing online. Done.

However, that still left one. Embarrassed, I told Mark that I had lost the card and he would need to text his friend (apologetically) our RSVP.

Mark: Name, I’m really sorry and I know this is annoying, but we can’t find your wedding invitation. Melissa and I will be there.

Friend: Haha I already got your RSVP.

Mark: Yikes. We haven’t slept in three months and I guess it shows.

Well shit. I guess I found the RSVP cards…

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