Swim Class – Week 2

Charlotte really took strides in swim class this week! Whatever, I said it. I’m that mom. But really, she did so well (relatively speaking)! She was LOVING the water, splashing like a goon, kicking her little feet, and blowing bubbles in the water!

I decided to stay out of the water this time so I could take pictures. So, enjoy!

Mark attempted the water slide again… This time instead of whiplash, he dunked our tiny girl! Haha They’ll master it some day 🙂

Our Little Swimmer

Charlotte started her very first swim class on Wednesday! And not to be that mom (but I am…), she did SUCH a good job! And by that, I mean that she happily participated, had fun, didn’t cry when the teacher held her and didn’t cry even after being DUNKED under water.

The class is 30 minutes and is intended to teach young tots basic water safety, including, how to exit the pool, the importance of waiting for an “okay” before entering the pool, how to flip to your back instead of panicking, and so on. And the best part, you get to end with a speedy slip down the water slide!

Mark took C and gave her a good old fashion whiplash on the way into the pool… but our little champ didn’t seem to mind too much.

First swim class = success!