Day 1 – The Pick Up

Okay, so that was WAY better than the drop off. Although still far from perfect…

Mark met me at the school so he could see Charlotte before his 1pm meeting. (I made him promise not to go in without me because I really wanted to see her in her “natural setting” before she saw either of us.)

When we got in, we peeked in the window to find little Charlotte sitting like a cutie patootie, listening to the teacher read a story.


All of a sudden, Charlotte looked up and caught my eyes. Cue the puckered lip and tears.


“Oh no! Really now? I swear she was happy all day!” -C’s teacher

I went in and picked up my little bunny and gave her BIG hugs. The administrator had printed out the following papers to go in C’s classroom memory book (and one copy for us). C and I read it together and she started to calm down… although I was not permitted to put her down.

 Not even Daddy was allowed to hold or hug her yet.

Today was gym class. Charlotte supposedly had a blast playing with the balls. She collected a handful and handed them out to her tiny friends.

Then, the kids went outside to play. Charlotte played in the Cozy Coupe… anyone else not surprised? She also played AT the slide… although did not go down it.

Charlotte’s teacher said that from across the playground, she pointed at her teacher and waved. Such a sweet pie.


As we left Charlotte’s classroom, we made a mandatory stop at the piano that’s in the lobby. C played us a little tune. Man does this girl love music.

From that moment on, she was ALL smiles and chats and cuteness. I really do think that she had a fun day. It almost seemed as if us coming back to pick her up confirmed that she had a good day. Like, “okay, now that they’re here and I know they’re not leaving me here forever, I can admit that I had a blast.”

Ya know, if she could talk… I’m sure that’s what she would say 🙂

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow’s drop off goes a bit smoother and doesn’t take such a toll on this momma.

Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Pick Up

  1. Aww glad it went good! Looks like she had a fun time!! It keeps getting easier and easier and then the day will come when she will wave goodbye like “hey, mom I’ve got this” and then you’ll get sad all over again haha!

  2. It sounds like you found SUCH a wonderful place for baby Charlotte to spend her day! AND it sounds like she did have a wonderful first day!! 🙂 I’m so glad!!!

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