Charlie’s Preschool Orientation

Guys, remember last night when I was having a mega dramatic mom meltdown over Charlie starting preschool? Well, today was the big day and Charlotte did SO well! We left feeling giddy and excited and just good, good, good.

When we got to the school, the administrator took us right to Charlotte’s classroom. Some of the kids were painting and some were playing with clay. There were kids from C’s new class in there, in addition to some of the older kids from the K2/K3/K4 classes. The Administrator explained to us that the kids are encouraged to intermingle. They may ask their teacher to spend some time with another class and their teacher then gives them a set amount of time, and off they go. I love how independent they’re allowed to be… and how trusted they are.

Anyway, the teacher immediately walked over to us with a couple of the little girls in the class to introduce themselves and welcome little Charlotte. They took her on the tour of the classroom, which got totally hijacked by the fish tank.

Charlotte LOVES fish tanks. A bunch of the kiddies stood by the tank with C and her teacher and pointed out different fish and other items in the tank. It was awesome watching her little head shift from the kids to the tank and back to the kids.

Then, it was snack time! Charlotte sat at the mini table with all of her little friends. They took turns taking crackers and apples from the plate and were all served a little bit of milk in “big kid cups”… AKA cups without sippy tops. Charlotte spilled hers all over the table… but whatever!

After snack, the kiddies sat together on the carpet and sang songs with the teacher. Charlotte was ecstatic. She joined in with the hand motions and of course, clapped and demanded more after each song.

Then, it was a big moment. It was time for Mommy and Daddy to fill out paper work and leave Charlie to play with her new tiny friends. I reluctantly walked out and turned around to see my little one’s reaction to us leaving… surprise, surprise, she didn’t even notice. She was too busy playing.

After we filled out some paperwork and talked to the administrator a bit more, we went to retrieve Charlotte. At this time, she had moved with the class to the Music Room. We stood in the window and watched Charlotte as she sat on her teacher’s lap, playing the double piano thing. She looked up and saw us, smiled, and continued playing.

I mean, could you make up a more perfect reaction?

We literally had to carry her out of there, she didn’t want to leave. It was SUCH a good and relieving feeling. I have a feeling that she’s really going to love it there.

And of course, Charlotte got home and was zonked. Nana held her and she just kind of melted into Nana’s arms. She also took her nap pretty early. Sleepy bunny with the big day.

Don’t worry, she had enough energy to throw her hair bands all over the floor and chase the kitty…   


4 thoughts on “Charlie’s Preschool Orientation

  1. I am sooooo glad that it went well! I didn’t comment on your last post (because I read it on my phone one night), BUT I felt for you… I left Brady in the church nursery for the first time, and I felt overwhelmed. Ha, ha. I can’t imagine how tough it must have been to think about preschool! But it definitely sounds as though all is going well, and I am SO glad to hear that!!!
    It’s tough, because – as mama’s – we want to always be there to protect our little ones. But at the same time, it’s healthy for them to also learn a certain amount of independence. I leave Brady at my mom’s once a week while I teach piano, and he’s there for 7 hours. It’s just one day a week… and he’s with my mom. But goodness, it was still really hard at first. Thankfully it does get so much easier with time!
    I hope that the preschool experience continues to go well!! 🙂

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