Charlie’s First Talent Show

Charlotte had a talent show at school on Monday and lucky for her, her asshole parents signed her up to play the nose harmonica and ukulele. 

If you’re not familiar with my daughter’s adorable talent, here it is:

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, butCharlotte is really timid in new situations. Let’s just say that the talent show was no different.

Charlotte’s name was called and Mark carried Charlotte to the stage. She then proceeded to sit and stare at the audience as they sang twinkle twinkle little star (which was supposed to be accompanied by her ukulele and harmonica playing).

Despite the fact that she didn’t actually perform, I was really proud of her for getting up in front of everyone and staying put for the entire song. 

After her “performance,” the entire school was invited on-stage for a song and dance. Charlie joined…

After the performance, our tot enjoyed a delicious fruit snack.

Already healing

Charlotte’s battle wound is making huge improvements. It’s unfortunate for Chloe that she picked such a fair-skinned victim. Yesterday was looking pretty brutal, but today, she’s looking much better.

And better yet, through it all, she hasn’t seemed to be in pain at all. I literally haven’t seen her touch her face or wince once.

I forgot to mention, we also got a text from C’s teacher checking in on her today (Saturday). After a little discussion, she sent this text: 

Oh I’m so glad she’s a bit better today. She IS tough but I still plan to protect that little girl like she was my own. Tell her I’m thinking of her! 

Just a few scratches (and crumbs) left on the chin and then some decent bruising across the cheek and chin.

And to show C’s mega healing capabilities, the initial photos (taken apx 1-2 hours after the incident) and the second pics (taken 4ish hours after the incident).





Chloe the Crab Strikes Again

No, I’m not about to recommend a cute children’s book… I’m talking about Charlie’s baby bestie in class… the biter.

I got a voicemail from the administrator at Charlotte’s school at around 11:45 this morning (about 15 minutes before I typically arrive on Fridays – I go early on Fridays for the weekly school song session). The voicemail went something like this:

Hi Melissa, it’s [the school administrator]. I um wanted to check in with you and talk with you if you have a few seconds to call me that would be amazing. Hope all is well and I’ll talk to you soon. Buh Bye.

Instantly here’s what went through my head:

  • I’m sure she’s okay. That’s too weird of a message and doesn’t sound urgent at all. But weird…
  • Shit, am I about to get yelled at for sending Charlotte to school when she’s sick? (I was debating keeping C home today because of her cold/cough, but ultimately decided to send her because she seemed fine and didn’t have a fever.)
  • Oy. I wonder if she did something naughty… or did she get bit? Ugh. She was pretty crabby this morning. Maybe she was being mean.
  • I wish the administrator would call me back…

I got to school right around noon and lingered in the car for a few minutes. I was feeling nervous that I/Charlie & I were about to get reprimanded. (High school all over again.)

I walked straight into the administrator’s office who jumped up and said, “Everything is okay! Charlotte is okay, but I want to grab Carolyn (C’s teacher) to talk to you.”

Charlotte’s teacher, who I absolutely adore, came in and explained to me that during gym class, she and one of the teachers were dealing with a situation between a few of the kids and the third teacher was working with another student. Charlotte was playing/crawling through a play gym when Chloe “attacked”… she bit Charlotte’s poor cheek. The teacher tried to break it up as quickly as possible, but because they were in this little play gym thing, it was a little difficult to get a hold of the situation.

Regardless, Chloe was immediately removed from the situation and little Charlotte was taken to get cleaned up and iced. She has a tiny area of broken skin and her face is puffy (and looks to have a bruise forming).

Poor little babes. Not a fun addition to her cold.


 The teachers are going to be working with Chloe and keeping Chloe and Charlotte apart until they can get a handle on Chloe’s little outbursts. She’s such a sweet little girl. I honestly think that her lashing out on Charlotte purely stems from her wanting to be Charlotte’s friend and not being able to express herself.

Regardless, Charlotte will survive… she is in fact the ULTIMATE tough girl 🙂

First Day Back to School


  Today was Charlotte’s first day back at school post-Winter Break. Her school was closed for two full weeks.

I was a little nervous about her going back… not that she wouldn’t love it once she was there, but that she would cry when I dropped her off, etc.

Well, our little love proved me wrong.

She was SO excited to go back this morning. During the break, we had been reading the book her teachers made for her that has a picture of each student on a page with a little comment, ie: “Charlotte loves playing…” 

When we got into her classroom this morning, I put Charlotte down and her teacher said, “Let’s go check out the activity table!” (Each morning they have a different activity set up for the kids… painting, a game, etc.). Charlotte literally just turned to the table and started walking towards it. I had to say, “Excuse me little Miss… what about a kiss for momma?”

She turned back, gave me my smooch and walked away.

Well then! haha But really, it makes me so happy! How special for her to have so many loving people and places in her life…

She has mommy and daddy, she has Nana who watches her 2 mornings and one full day a week, she has Grandma & Grandpa who she saw daily for the first 13+ months of her life and now sees in the afternoons, she has Grampie & Grammy Amy who she plays with weekly and now, she has school with friends and teachers who absolultely adore her and teach her such wonderful things.

She’s a very lucky little munchie.

Here’s an adorable card they made for C’s school bestie (aka Cujo – Mark’s nickname for her, as she’s bitten Charlotte twice), Chloe, who has been out sick this week.

Chloe Card 1

2015 Chanukah MJP Party

Can you see little Charlie hugging her bestie, Chloe?

The Next Chapter

Tomorrow is a big day for our little love. Tomorrow is Charlie’s meet and greet at her new preschool. She will meet her class and her teachers… She’ll get to check out the school. It’s a whole new world for this little lady… 

So maybe I should just be honest and say that tomorrow is a big day for mommy. I keep thinking about my little love being at school all morning without mommy or daddy or nana or grandma or grandpa or grampie or Grammy. None of her peeps. 

What will that be like for her?

Will she connect with her teachers? Will she make friends easily? Will she love school? Will she hate it? Will she cry when I drop her off? Will I cry?

Oh my goodness. 

(Here comes the pep talk…)

I know this will be so good for her, but I can’t help this pit in my stomach. The thought of her looking around for her family. Mommy? Daddy? 

Woah. Okay. This will be good for her. She will get over any initial hesitation (as will I). She will love it… Right?

All we have to do is have fun (together) tomorrow and then I’ll… Errrr… We will have the rest of the week and weekend to prepare. Not too bad. We can do this!