THE Shoes

Remember how I mentioned that my cousin made Charlotte THE cutest shoes that have ever existed? SO amazing that they would require an entire post dedicated to their greatness?

Well, this is that post.

My cousin, Stefanie, is a very talented lady.  If you’re interested in your own fancy shmance pair of the cutest converse sneakers EVER, let me know and I’ll connect you with her greatness. 

Without further ado… The shoes:


Yes, she even bedazzled the adorably mini converse box and the converse label on the shoe (on the back and the tongue)!

Here’s the pair she made for my niece (as if making one pair with HUNDREDS of magical crystals wouldn’t make you crazy)…

This is what it looks like to receive shoes of such greatness:

Charlie’s shoes are still a little too big (thank goodness – with her being a new by walker, she’s constantly falling, etc.). I’m hopeful that right after our nasty winter, when things are nice and dry, Miss C will fit in her glamorous kicks!


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